Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 10

I slowly open my eyes and take a few moments to figure out where I am through the loud pounding in my head. Is this a hangover? Ouch. The pain in my head intensifies as I sit up, looking around noticing that I am in Mavericks room. I yawn and my hand falls down over a note that lays next to me on the bed.

"You are excused from training today. Get dressed and meet me in the kitchen when you wake for breakfast.


Thoughts of last night rush vividly back into my mind. Remembering the feeling of my mates lips on my neck, and the feel of my hand tracing the line of every muscle on his shoulders and arms.

Then, remembering the disappointment of having him reject my advances. Reject me.

I wanna say I don't care. That I don't need some man I just met a few days ago. The bond that has us tied together is making me feel uneasy and unwanted. What does age matter? Our age difference isn't gonna change the fact we are mates.

Feeling sad, and defeated I go shower and change to meet Maverick downstairs to eat. I dress in a short jean skirt and a cropped tank top. Might as well keep dressing like a hoe just in case he does give in. I'll be a sad hoe today but I gotta try and keep my head up around him. I have to try and be as emotionless as he seems to be able too.

I pad my way down the stairs barefoot with my hair still wet from the shower. I spot Maverick moving around the kitchen, setting up some food on the table. It smells delicious! Stuffed french toast covered in strawberries and cream with syrup. Maverick looks up at me with an unreadable expression.

"Come sit and eat" he says.

I take unsure steps toward the table and sit next to him. Ugh, he looks amazing as always. He has on another fitted black t-shirt and some dark jeans with boots.

"Eat." He urges me, waving over the food he has laid out.

I awkwardly pick my fork up and begin eating. This food is exactly what I need right now but the taste is being over powered from this tense ass energy Maverick is giving off.

I put my fork down and look up at him.

"What's going on, why are you being so weird this morning?" I ask.

He sighs and puts his fork down as well.

"Look, we need to talk. Maybe you had a point last night." He says.

I sit up straighter in my chair, perking up at his confession.

"I know how you've been feeling, I've been feeling it too. Look, that's not to say I'm going to have sex with you or anything. That's gonna be something we still need to work out. Though, I think I should make a better effort with you. I've had your things moved into my room, you will be staying with me from now on."

I feel a blush creep across my cheeks. Sharing a room with him.

"Ok, good. That's al I want.Well, I want you to take me as well but like you said, we'll see. I will probably go into heat soon anyways so we will have to address it." I state.

"Nick, I've waited a long time for you. Trust me I want you. The age thing, I can't help how that makes me feel. I don't want to take advantage of you."

"It won't be taking advantage of me when I want this just as much." I reach my hand out to place it over his on the table. He briefly tenses before accepting my touch.

"I can't. I wouldn't be able to control myself with you. You are so eager, have you been with other men?" He asks.

"No, don't many people lingering in the woods." I flush, embarrassed for my inexperience. I see a flash of relief in his eyes before they turn dark. He's pleased.

"What about you?" I ask.

"What about me?"

"Have you been with women?" I ask. He shifts a bit in his chair looking uncomfortable.

"Nick, I have been waiting longer than normal to meet my mate. Yes, I have been with others,"

Grrrr we need to mark our mate. They need to know he's ours. My wolf says, her voice possessive in my head and I can feel my eyes shift.

"Dont worry about any of that. They didn't mean anything, only a means to pass the time. So many years passed, I wasn't even sure I'd ever find you" He says, attempting to ease my butthurt feelings.

"It's okay, I understand. I guess what would I expect, with you being older." I say looking down. Not really meaning the words I spoke. But if I am trying to show Maverick I'm mature, I need to suck it up.

"Finish eating, were going to spend some time together before I leave to finish some work I need to do complete before the weekend.

I take no time at all scarfing down the delicious food in front of me. Maverick confessed that it wasn't him who cooked up this amazing breakfast but a new chef in the kitchen. He told me since I liked it so much he will have her here from the other cafeteria a few days a week.

I stand up to clear our plates off the table.

"Someone will do that, go ahead and get your shoes."

"Maverick, we're capable of placing our dishes in the sink."

He rolls his eyes and leaves to grab somethings for our outing.

As I pick up the plates, a man comes out the kitchen asking to assist me. I look up and am surprised to notice it's the man from the pub who was staring at me.

"Oh hi, didn't we meet yesterday? At the pub?" I ask him, curious to know about this odd man.

"No, I don't think so." He quickly snatches the dishes from my hands and runs back into the kitchen.


I race upstairs to grab some sandals and meet Maverick outside.

I climb in to this huge, lifted, black truck parked out front. You can tell this truck is brand new.

"Here," He hands me a black brand new iPhone. "I've programmed mine, Jackson and Sadie's number into it."

"Wow, never had a phone this nice." I say.

"Call me whenever you need something. Once I mark you we'll be able to mindlink but for entertainment as well, you'll have it." He states.

"So where we going?" I ask.

"You'll see."

"Oh no, I'm gonna need to know. You've been acting too calm today. Are you gonna go bury me in some far away dungeon?"

"Why would I give you a phone just to lock you up?" He questions.

"False sense of security, get me comfortable, make me trust you."

"You don't trust me?"

I look down and brush some hair out my face and behind me ear. "I don't know you"

He reaches to the middle console and connects his Bluetooth and music comes over the speakers. He scrolls through his phone and changes the song.

"We got a little bit of a drive so, I'll show you something's about me."

He turns the music up and plays a song called

Exchange by Bryson Tiller.

He's trying to show me who he is through music. Show me his vibe. I listen and enjoy this new insight to my man.

'So gimme all of you in exchange for me

Just give me all of you in exchange for me, for me'

Not knowing much music, but wanting to show him some of what I like. I play Girls Need Love by Summer Walker.

'don't think I can wait

I just need it now

Better swing my way

I just need some dick

I just need some love'

I see him smirk a little bit, guess he's getting the message loud and clear.

We go back and forth with the music and I learn Maverick is Mr. Cool. He knows a lot of music and is in to all genres. His favorite seeming to be r&b. Sending vibes of a chill laid back man which is most definitely the opposite of how he comes off. He throws in a few rock songs and even one country song, which I catch him humming along too.

I try to impress him with my limited knowledge of music but I haven't really had much access to music over the last few years.

We pull up on the side of the road in a forested area after driving for about 45 minutes I would guess.

He turns the music down and I notice this nervousness between us in the car. I feel as if we've finally took that step to getting to know each other on a deeper level and I think we're both feeling the effects of that.

"Uhm, where exactly are we?" I question.

"It's about half a mile in through there, we have to walk from here, don't worry there's a path to take."

We hop out the car and he nods his head towards the forest as if to say 'follow me'.

So I follow him, unknowing of where we are headed, into the forest.

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