Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 11

We walk to our destination in a comfortable silence. When we reach our destination we arrive at a beautiful water fall, centered in a lush green forested area.

There's a picnic table settled in the grass that looks worn as if it's sat here for years.

He took of the backpack he bought with him and pulls out a brown paper bag stuffed full of something.

"This is fish food, this pond here has a bunch of Koi fish I like to feed. Me and mom use to do this a lot growing up. I come here a lot, my wolf likes it here too, finds it relaxing. I figured we could come here and talk." He says.

We sit on the edge of this gorgeous pond and start feeding the fish. This place is very serene, I see why he likes it here. They go into a frenzy once they realize were were throwing food.

"So, where are your parents?" I ask him.

"They live about 20 minutes from the pack house."

"You talk to them?"

"Yeah, were good. Well, now. My dad was a pretty tough man growing up. I used to hate him and we butted heads all the time. Still do occasionally. But when he stepped from Alpha he calmed the fuck down," he gives a small smirk, "and my moms the best, and has been begging to meet you."

"Why haven't I met them yet?" I ask

"I don't know, just still wanna get some things figure out with you first."

"I'm not gonna magically turn like 25 if that's what your saying" I roll my eyes.

"Where did you grow up?" He asks, avoiding the topic and changing the subject.

Reality starts to set in and I realize I still haven't divulged any information to him about my past. I decide to test the waters a bit and come clean about a few things.

"So have you ever heard of the Crescent Heart Pack?"

"That pick that was slaughtered? Yeah"

"I was in that pack, my parents were Alpha and Luna. They were murdered that night, along with everyone else I ever knew" I confess.

Another firsts as far as it goes for Mavericks expressions, as his normal stoic gaze is replaced with surprised and then quickly again with what I think is anger?

"After that pack was slaughtered, they hunted any survivors. There was a huge bounty on their heads too." He states.

"Well, they hunted all but one."

"You don't smell different" he comments.

"I've been hiding that part of my scent so long it's second nature to me." I relax and uncover my truth to Mavericks, allowing him to smell.

He pinches the bridge of his nose looking frustrated.

"I don't wanna ruin our time right now but Nick you should've told me this sooner. Some psychos believed your pack was gifted or something, and it wasn't look enough ago that people have just forgotten. I've met that Alpha and something definitely is not right about him. He came through my lands at one point asking if he could look around. I denied him not wanting to get involved. Those psychos are actually a pretty large pack that have made it known how much they are willing to pay if anyone of you were ever found."

"What do you mean gifted? From what I've heard it was like a fight over land or something?"

"I think it did a little bit. I'm not sure I'll have to look into it, but I heard rumors some in your pack were gifted, could draw energy from the lands your pack resided on. I don't know all the details but I'll look into it and get you some answers about your past."

"That would be great, I always wondered how I would go about finding closure about that time in my life. I ran away from there and never looked back." I say dreamily trying to piece together memories in my head to recreate my mother's face that has been slowly fading from my memory after all these years.

We stand up and head over to sit on the bench.

"So you haven't just been a rouge all these years, you've been hiding" he says.

"Yeah pretty much, that's why I've been pretty happy to find you," I look down, feeling nervous about opening up to him like this, " I've been on my own for a long time."

He looks at me and says "me too."

We sit and learn about each other just talking for almost two hours before Maverick says he has to get back to work.

The whole drive back I am on cloud nine. My wolf purred the whole way home while we played music back and forth to each other again.

Once we got back Maverick dropped me off at the house while he headed to go do some pack business. A few moments after he left the Gamma and another guy strolls into the pack house.

"Luna, Alpha has sent us to guard you until he can asses any threats you may have against you." They state.

"Oh, okay I guess." I guess that does make me feel better since that whole thing has been in the back of my mind since I arrived. I'm glad I got my past out in the open.

"We won't hover or anything, just let us know if you want to leave anywhere, we will have to go with you"

"Got it, no problem, thanks guys. I'll just be laying in the room." I tell them.

I head upstairs and lay in the bed and basically daydream for 20 minutes about the time

I just spent with Maverick and that electric feeling I get when I'm around him.

Feeling frisky, I decide to get real bold. I take off my skirt and tank top, which leaves me just in this all black bra and underwear and decide to take some pics to send to Maverick with my new phone.

I angle my body in some sexy poses, grabbing my breasts in a couple pics and even a lil nip slip in one. I flip over to take some ass shots as well. I've always been curvier, and curves scream I'm grown. Hopefully. Hopefully he doesn't look at these and feel as if I'm harassing him.

I test the waters and pic out the best pic and send it to him and wait for a reply.

A few agonizing and anxiety ridden minutes later.



DAMN GIRL! ๐Ÿ˜ Sorry mama I'm taken already.


Omg!!! Sorry not use to to having such a new phone! Lost on how to work it. I was sending that to Maverick


Haha! I figured. Well if it helps any, girl that pic is ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ!!


It actually does. Was definitely in need of some courage. Ha!


We'll be careful next time girl, that's child pornography you youngin.๐Ÿ˜‚


Shut your ass up!



I am extra careful during my second try making sure the picture goes straight to Maverick.

And now I wait.

And wait....

And wait....



What the hell? I check the time and 12 minutes have passed. I recheck the recipient to verify he has gotten the message. And it also says "delivered".

I decide to just send a bunch of the pictures I took from different angles. Sending about 10 pictures.

Almost instantly he replies



I grown and almost faint from the fucking embarrassment I feel. I inwardly Shame myself as I put my clothes back on.

We had this nice time out and here I go running it by being a hornball.

I try and fail over the next hour to get my mind off of what I just did but my mind keeps wanting me to reply the scenario. So I decide to go for a run.

I walk downstairs collect Gamma Karter and the other warrior. We head out and run for hours. I let my wolf completely tale over and give her all the time she needs. My wolf loves to hunt, so my two guards take turns as we basically play a game of hide and seek.

Time flew by and I barely noticed the sun was about to set. I ran back towards the pack house. After we were clothed we headed back in the house.

"Luna you are fast! I couldn't catch you for nothing, you gaped us by miles" said Karter.

I look them over and notice they are huffing and puffing and sweating like crazy.

"Hey guys!" Says a familiar voice. I look up to see Sadies smiling face.

"Y'all just in time for dinner let's go eat!" Sadie grabs me by the arm and we head to the Buffett.

"So my little sex kitten did 'you know who' enjoy the 'you know what' " Sadie winks at me.

"He told me to stop" I tell her.


"Can't you feel the embarrassment" I cringe.

"He definitely couldn't have meant that, you're seriously hot, you may be young girl, but that body ain't" she smack my ass.


"Oh yeah, he's gonna love that" Sadie giggles. Honestly making me feel better.

We all joke around and stuff our faces at dinner. Jackson come to eat as well and let's me know Mav will be running a bit late.

So after dinner I head up stairs to shower and get changed in to a cut off tank top and shorts and lay in the bed wait on him to get back. Although it's still a bit early the long run I took made me tired and causes me to fall asleep.

I wake up feeling slightly groggy until I realize a noise has woken me. I am a light sleeper so it doesn't take much. It was dark in the room, the soft glow of the full moon scattered light in and There was also a light coming from the bathroom, the door was cracked. The source of the noise coming from there.

I stand up being extra quiet and on gaurd, as I rip toe over I realize this noise sounds like grunts or maybe moans?

I'm confused now. I peek through the crack of the door and almost fucking faint. Maverick is shirtless, he only has on a pair of black boxer briefs that are pushed down around his thighs. His hand is clenched around his cock, stroking up and down. My panties immediately become drenched in my arousal. My pussy contracts painfully, desperately wanting him to be inside me to ease the aching need pulsating through me. This man was built like a Greek God. Perfectly sculpted.

In his other hand he holds the towel I used earlier to dry off with and he hold it up to his nose and inhales deeply, tossing his head back in ecstasy with his eyes closed, squeezed tightly.

His phone is laying face up on the counter with the picture I sent him pulled up on his phone.

He's masturbating to me. I did this to him. I am the reason this man is becoming undone before my eyes.

I push my way in and he finally senses my presence and I make contact with his black eyes, racked with lust.

He jumps a bit when he notices me but doesn't make any move to hide any of what I've caught him doing.

I walk over to him and it's like I'm having an out of body experience as I take my hand and place it on his dick, my hand looking small barely able to wrap around his full grown member. He gasps a bit at my actions and reaches out and puts a tight, almost painful grip on my wrist.

I notice his eyes almost shifting back to normal. He's fighting with himself, unsure if he should let me continue. Hell, I'm unsure of what to even do, so I try and follow the motions I saw him doing.

I stroke him up and down as I saw him doing, keeping eyes contact with him. He eyes stop shifting back and forth and go completely black again. His grip on my wrist begins to loosen and he allows me to please him. He snakes his hand around my head and into my hair and pulls me into him and kisses me roughly.

He pushes me back against the wall and my hand continues to please him. He takes his hand and shoves it in my panties going feeling my wetness, he groans in approval. He massages the folds of my pussy with his hands as he kisses me. He starts to move his hips after within my hand, pumping in and out of my grip. The attack his fingers is doing on my clit has me becoming undone almost instantly. A pressure that has built up over these last few days waiting to be released.

He breaks apart and sats me on top of the counter and rips my shorts and patines off. He leans down and as his hands trail my thighs, pushing them apart, he puts his tongue on my pussy, licking a sucking my clit. I am moaning uncontrollably at this point. He uses his mouth to make me come undone and the dam finally breaks and I am bucking my hips under his mouth riding the wave of my orgasm.

He keeps gently licking and rubbing my thighs until i am finished. He then stands up and continues to stroke his cock while staring at me spread on the counter. Soon after he comes undone as well, groaning outloud as he shoots his cum across my stomach and pussy. As he strokes out every last drop, he uses his other hand to rub his cum all in my pussy. Liking the way I looked, covered in him.

His eyes finally go back to normal and he looks like his fighting something within himself.

"Clean yourself up and go to bed" he commands me. He walks out of the bathroom and room and I don't see him again that night before I fall asleep.

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