Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 12

I woke up with a strong arm wrapped possessively around my middle. Maverick must have snuck in after I fell asleep. I roll in his arms to face him and gaze upon my handsome mate. He really is perfect. I'm so glad our little encounter didn't drive him away from me.

It was my first sexual experience, and as brave as I felt seducing Maverick, I had become a little nervous now. My body responded in ways I have never felt. His hands on me mixed with the pleasure from his tongue was so erotic. I can't imagine how much better it could feel, and he hasn't even been inside me yet.

I can't help but take my finger and start tracing every line on his bare chest. He starts to awaken and soon dark piercing eyes are boring into me.

We lay there wrapped up in each other for a while, enjoying the sparks and electricity flowing through our touch.

Maverick breaks the silence.

"Let's get breakfast" He gets up and throws on some sweats.

"Good morning to you too" I say forcing my limbs out of my burrito of comfort.

"Aren't we gonna talk about what happened?" I question as I slip into some sweats to head to the kitchen.

"There's nothing to say, drop it." He snaps back at me.

"You can't just put your mouth on me like that then act like nothing happened" I state.

"Breakfast, Now." He says before he walks out leaving me in the room, expecting me to follow.

Maverick clearly has some serious issues when it comes to showing his feelings. This is more than just about a stupid age gap that's putting him off. He can't open up to me at all.

After breakfast, Maverick trained me, teaching me new fighting skills today. He has became more aggressive with my training every passing day and I love it. As we finish up I'm drenched in sweat, but and glad to be feeling stronger.

"Hurry and get dressed, we need to go support of our warriors in Fighter Finals today." Maverick says.

"The competition Holly was talking about?"

"Yes, but we also have eleven other warriors participating." He states.

"Also, the pack who runs the fights, I am not a fan of. Their Alpha is a loud mouthed prick, and his pack members seemed to want to follow his lead."

"So this should be fun" I say sarcastically.


A couple of hours later we are standing on an extremely busy field, with numerous fights happening all around us. The energy here is insane. Packs from all over the nation compete in this tournament so there are hundreds of people here. There is a huge ring set up in the middle of the field, where I'm guessing the final fight is going to take place.

"Get ready to see out pack kick some ass, our pack has taken home the most wins from this tournament" Sadie yells at me over the roaring crowd.

I laugh and look over to a Maverick who has had a death glare on his face since we stepped out the car. He really does not fuck with these people. Seeing him like this, I can't even tell this is the same man I saw sleeping beside me this morning. It's like he can flip a switch.

"ALRIGHT LISTEN UP YOU FUCKIN MUTTS!" The whole crowd growls in anger. I turn to see a man standing in the middle of the huge ring with a megaphone.

"Haha, I knew that would get you fuckers attention. Alright, we got the preliminary fights wrapping up so we can start the main event. The names of the final fighters will be posted on every tent in 30 minutes, champion fights start in an hour"

"Let's head to our tent and see how our fighters did." Maverick said.

"I'll meet you guys there, I need to find a bathroom or some bushes out here" I say.

"I'll come with you, we'll meet you guys" Sadie says while leaning up to peck Jackson on the cheek then looping arms with me.

"Fine, Be. Careful." Maverick says staring directly in my eyes causing chills to run up my spine. He really has the whole "look at me wrong and I'll kill you" vibe down,

As we head to find a bathroom, I pick up some girls talking and could have sworn I heard my name. I stop, causing Sadie to stop too with her arm hooked around mines. She looks down at me with a confused face, and I told up a hand to stop her from talking so I can listen.

I look around and see the group of girls with Holly that I saw in the bar the other day talking. They are standing a good bit away, so they can't really see us unless they were looking. I perk my ears up to zone in on their conversation. Thank goddess for wolf hearing.

"I was wondering how Alpha found out about the party so fast!" One of the gurls surrounding Holly say.

"As soon as I found out I texted Karter to tell him how his mate or child bride or whatever is making a fool of herself."

"I think she's pretty cool." Says a tiny blonde haired girl in the group.

"Oh please, I feel so sorry for Maverick, he waited this long only to get her. He deserves a real woman. I mean at the least, a woman, not a girl." Holly seethes.

"Seriously, what was the Moon Goddess thinking."

"Maverick should have been mine." Holly says, her voice getting angrier.

I'm fuming at this point, but keep listening.

"Didn't you guys have a thing?"

"We did, and once he realizes what a disappointment she is, we'll be together again."

At this point I am shaking in anger. Who does she think she is? Maverick is mine!

"Nick, whats wrong!" Sadie panics. I haven't realized she's been calling my name. She puts her hands on my shoulders, trying to lock eyes with me. All I see is black.

"I need to go put a bitch in her place" and I take off in the direction of a red headed bitch.

I see her and her little click giggling until they look up and spot me stomping towards them. There smiles fall but Holly has a smirk on her face.

"Well Nick, glad you could make it." Holly says with knowing in her eyes. The bitch knew I could hear her.

"It's Luna to you bitch." I rear my fist back and punch her in the face full force. She stumbles back and grabs her nose, that is now bleeding. Her eyes are on fire as she looks up at me.

"You. are not. my. Luna." She lunges at me and tackles me to the ground. We roll around fighting for dominance to be on top. I win and immediately send punches repeatedly into her smug face until I'm pulled off by two familiar arms.

Maverick is holding me, while Hollys little posse comes in to help her off the ground.

I jerk to release myself from Maverick, still mad as hell.

"What the hell is going on here!" Mavericks roars. If I thought he looked scary before, I was wrong. THIS Maverick is scary as hell.

"She disrespected me and my position. She deserved what she got." My body was still shaking with anger.

"Let's go, Now" Maverick drags me across the field into our tent. He gives everyone in the tent a look telling them to get out. With his hold on my arm, he throws me on the couch.

"What were you thinking! Do you know how you have made this pack look. You are the Luna now Nick, you can't act like that. You need to keep your anger in check"

"Do you know what that bitch said-"

"I don't care! You can't go around acting like a child cause you got mad."

"Wow, maybe you two do belong together" hurt, I stand up and walk past him, bumping shoulders.

"What are you talking about? Nick get back here now" he uses his alpha tone on me, letting me know he's serious.

"Why do you care? You immediately snap on me not even knowing the situation. Go ask your girlfriend since you don't want to hear what my childish ass has to say"

With that, I storm out of the tent.

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