Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 13

I storm out of the tent with no destination in mind. I can't believe Maverick would treat me that way. We haven't known each other long but his actions don't really line up with what his pack members have been telling me. He is known to be fair but wouldn't even hear my side of what happened. I was more than fair to that bitch Holly, I should have killed her. I am so blinded by rage I don't even realize when I accidentally bump into someone. I turn around to apologize.

"Sorry about that, I, uh, didn't see you there."

I look up to see a creepy looking man, muscles everywhere but yet he wasn't huge man and his face scarred up, he had a bunch of douchebag tattoos running up his arms and face, with "Sorry Mom" tattooed on his forehead. By the descriptions I've heard, this is the Alpha of the land we're on, the one Maverick doesn't like. He looks every bit as much as he asshole he is rumored to be.

"I see the rumors are true, Alpha Maverick seems to have finally given up on finding his mate and adopted a rouge child."

Grrr he is no true alpha, we could take him my wolf isn't feeling his disrespect and neither am I. Maverick was right, he is mouthy.

"The rumors seem to have you spot on, the weak alpha, a loud mouthed asshole."

His eyes go black for a second before he starts laughing , "Oh Luna it's a joke lighten up" He pats the side of my shoulder to show a sign of friendliness but the force of his touch is anything but. His whole presence offers a wave of uneasiness. Before I could react, Maverick steps from behind him and grabs his arm and pushes the annoying alpha away from me.

"Alpha Ian, Thanks for inviting us on your land. Don't put your fucking hands on my mate again" Maverick seethes, he must have came after me.

Alpha Ian raises his hands in surrender. " haha oh she's all yours Maverick, besides I doubt that little thing could handle this," He grabs his dick with one hand over his pants "I'm sure you're a perfect fit."

Maverick reacts immediately punching Alpha Ian in the face. Alpha Ian stumbles to one knee, and Maverick hit him again until he's on the ground. Maverick canines have came out and his eyes are glowing. I am shocked by Mavericks actions. He can turn this violent switch on in a second. No wonder he has the reputation he does. I can't help be turned on by watching my mate stand up for me. The sick fuck on the ground is staring up at us, face bloody, smiling and laughing.

"Watch how you fucking speak to me, next time i'll take this pack, you're land and your life" Maverick grabs my hand and drags me off to the woodline of the field, we step just into the forest and he puts my back on one of the trees and leans in, scenting me. He is trying to calm his wolf down, so I let him touch me, even though I am still pissed at him.

"tsk tsk tsk, Maverick you're actions were extremely childish, you've downright embarrassed us, how do you think we loo-

"Not now Nicki" Maverick growls out and I laugh a little. He takes ones more deep breath and pulls back and I go off, ranting and a million words per second.

"You have some nerve yelling at me and then turning around and practically doing the same thing. You're anger is justified but not mine oh okay, good shit Maverick, real go-

"shh shh Nicki, Nicki, listen. You were right."

"Well yeah, I was" I say, my anger already depleting.

"Look, I fucked up. I guess I've been feeling nervous about you being a young Luna but to be honest I have never doubted your capabilities of taking this position. There was just still some nagging thought in the back of my head. As Luna I need you to be the one to not get angry and show control. You are the leader. But I gave it some thought and I think I have some idea of what could have went down." He has the decency to look some what ashamed. I told him word from word about what that bitch said about me and him. He was furious.

"You slept with her" I accuse.

"Yeah, I did. It was years ago. I think maybe when I was 22 or 23. We had sex a few times thats it. Never anything more than physical, at least with me. I knew she was getting to attached even though I told her what it was from the beginning. So I stopped sleeping with her."

"You told me you had a past, and I understood. I just didn't think your past would be around actively trying to get you back."

"I don't care about Holly outside of anything besides her being a pack member. I will have her punished for what she said to you. Disrespecting the Luna and my mate is never okay... Nicki, I'm sorry"

"It's okay, but listen it's me and you okay. We need to be able to communicate, don't shut me out like that again."

"I won't. You're younger, but you sound more mature than me right now, haha" Maverick says, lightening the mood.

"Well you know what they say about women maturing faster" I tease. "Now what about you giving Alpha Ian that two piece combo with a biscuit."

We laugh and link arms, heading back to the fights.

"That fucker had it coming. He always has some slick shit to say. I usually am pretty good at ignoring him, he likes getting a rise out of people."

"Looks like today you couldn't hold back" I tease.

"I'll never hold back when it comes to you"

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