Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 14

It had been two weeks since the fights, ever since that day, me and Maverick seemed to have formed a few more connections in our bond, linking us deeper together. He has stopped trying to avoid me and we want to spend more time around each other, even if we don't say anything. When he would see me, he'd always sweep the hair out of my face and behind my ear. He leave a kiss on my forehead. We'd always stand and sit closer than necessary and we would just find excuses to touch each other.

I thought it be best if we slept in separate rooms from now on, while we seemed to be getting along. I don't want to rush anything, he is so wary of being with me although he seems to be getting used to me and our age difference. I wanna show him I have control. I don't want to complicate anything we've built.

Well at least I'm trying not to. I feel like he has been teasing me for the last week. Like he wants me to be the one to break first. Oh how the tables have turned. I went from throwing myself at him, to trying to tame these intense erotic emotions that have been keeping me restless. Everyday gets harder and harder, I am about to explode honestly.

Even now as I sit in his office watching him talking on the phone handling business, I can't help but notice the lines in his jaw and neck. His manly hand gripping the phone, his bicep flexing under his shirt. Everyday it gets harder and harder to resist.

I am pulled out of my trance when I notice Mavericks expression go from stern to angry. He ends the call, stands and slams his phone in to the wall, shattering it into pieces. He knocks everything off his desk and throws his desk into the wall, effectively putting his desk into the hallway. His eyes have gone black.

"Maverick!! What's wrong? What's happened? You're scaring me" I say from my spot on the couch. Frozen in place after watching him flip his switch.

"It's nothing for you to worry about" he growls angrily and dismissively.

"Actually as you're mate, it is. What bothers you, bothers me. What's going on?" He scaring the shit out of me but I stand up and move in front of him, trying my best to crane my neck up and look him in the eye, despite our height difference.

He sighs and paces back and forth, running his hands through his hair. "We have had an increasing number of attacks ever since you've arrived."

"Okay, I know that. What else? I know there's more" he stops and looks me in the eye and my heart starts to quicken, nervous to hear his next words.

"I didn't want you to worry, but now things are getting out of hand. The pack that destroyed your old pack knows about you, and has put a bounty on your head."

"What the fuck?! Why?! Hasn't he done enough?!" I through my arms up.

"I know, I know."

"He took my whole family, wasn't that enough!"

"Nothing will happen to you Nick. I promise" He comes up to me and wraps me up in his arms. "Let me get all the bad news out at once, there's one more thing Nick."

He pulls back from our embrace but still holding me, looks me in the eyes. "Some of these attacks have been more planned out that some greedy bounty hunter attacks. We think someone may be feeding information to hunters, someone from the pack"

I gasp and pull away, "who would do that Mav?"

"I don't know, our pack is huge. We've been silently trying to conduct and investigation but it's time consuming, and time isn't on our side. They are consistently increasing the reward."

I began to shake in fear and anger, frustrated that I've gone so long in hiding to finally have a place I feel as if I can call home, and now it may be taken away from me. Maverick holds me as close to him as he can as he attempts to soothe me. Tears began to fall carelessly from my eyes. I haven't cried in so long, there hasn't been anything worth shedding tears over, until now.

"Listen, this situation is frustrating I know but we're handling it, I promise you. I will kill everyone on this planet before anyone takes you away from me."

He takes his hands and cups my face, using his thumbs to sweep the tears falling from my eyes away. He rests his forehead on my head.

"Nick, I promise, you're safe with me," he is so close to me. I feel so safe in his arms, like nothing could ever get to us. I know he is just trying to console me but my body has been lusting for him and this is the closest we've been in a while.

I am worried about the news he's just told me but the mate bond is making me feel like everything will work out, and honestly I am just feeling like our time is precious. We could die tomorrow! With everything going on, I don't want to waste time, waiting for the right time.

I take advantage of our position and look him in the eyes, glancing between his lips and eyes for a moment. Trying to build up the courage. He doesn't make a move, probably unsure of my actions, I take that as a green light and and lean in and kiss him.

He doesn't respond at first, and at first it felt like he was gonna push me off of him. I keep kissing him, and even begin trailing kisses and sucking down his neck. I can feel his hands gripping my sides harder, digging into my skin. Our skin touching together feels like lighting and I know he can feel it too. I move back up his neck to his lips leaving more kisses but yet, he still doesn't kiss me back and pushes me away. Torture written all over his face.

I pull back panting and looking down, embarrassed.

"Nick, look, maybe it's just not the righ-

"No, no you're uhm, you're right it's fine. Uh, I'm just gonna uh, go help with lunch" I turn with a sniffle and wiping my the rest of my tears away with the back of my hand and walk out of his office as fast as I can without looking back at him.

Maverick ends up coming down for lunch, although he usually doesn't, probably to gauge how I am feeling. We probably spoke six words to each other in total. I basically inhale my food so I can get out of there as fast as

With nowhere to go I decide to track down Sadie, in need of some serious girl time and someone to help ease this feeling of embarrassment. We have been getting so close, I would even call her my best friend. I feel like I can always go to her with anything and she listens. Plus with her being a little older, her input is always nice to hear when it's based off experience.

I call her up and she says to come swing by her house. I walk down the road from the pack house and per her instructions, tell her I'm outside instead of knocking on the door.

She opens the door and she's standing there looking a bit disheveled holding a sleeping baby in her arms.

"How did I not know you have a baby?!" I say in a yelling whisper.

"Because I don't! I told Alicia i'd watch him. I just got him to sleep, let me lay him down real quick." She whispers back before heading up the stairs.

I go and take a seat in the kitchen. Sadie runs back down, looking relived to not be carrying a baby.

"I love kids, I swear I do, I can't wait to be a Mom, I mean it." Sadie starts blabbering out.

I look around the room before saying "Who are you tryna convince here?"

She says nothing but silently goes over to the bar and brings back two glasses and a bottle of whiskey.

"Can we just" she motions and the liquor and starts pouring and I hold my hands up in defeat as if to say 'I ain't gonna stop ya'.

"Honestly your reading my mind, I think this is just what I need right now .

"Sounds like you're day was much more interesting than mine. I need adult conversation. So spill!"

I detail the story of my epic embarrassment and by then we've started making up margaritas and baking cookies.

"So what you're saying is, he didn't want to take advantage of you in your vulnerable state? Oh yeah Nick! What a fucking monster!" She says while laughing and mixing the batter.

"Well maybe I wanted to be taken advantage of!" I say giggling.

"He waited a long time for you, he's trying not to fuck up."

"I mean honestly, I don't even know what I would do if it came down to it, I just know I want it."

"He's experienced, he'll know what to do."

"Ugh, that doesn't make me feel any better." I sigh, not wanting to think about his other conquests.

"Okay look, wanna know some moves?" She says all giggly, then tries to look serious but fails.

"Yes! Please!"

She come over to wear I'm sitting on the stool and stands in between my legs.

"So when things are getting hot, grab his hair like this and do this"

She puts her fingers in my hair at the base and yanks my head back to look her in the eyes.

"Wolfs love it a little rough, I mean we're animals" She laughs and we fill the kitchen with giggling.

"Okay show me some more sensei." I say.

"Well, you just gotta do what feels right. You could grab him by the head again okay, like this, then do this."

Sadie goes all for it and lean in a kisses me before taking my bottom lip between her teeth. I'm mentally trying to take notes before I'm

interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

"Uhhh, should I come back?" Jackson says standing at the entrance of the kitchen with an amazed look on his face.

Me and and Sadie gasp and pull apart before looking back at each other but out dying laughing. We laugh so hard we're wheezing.

Jackson steps over us takes a few cookies before walking back out. Sadie tells me a couple more tips and we end up talking for another couple of hours.

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