Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 15

Me and Sadie keep talking for a couple more hours and as each minutes passes the crazier I seem. I've cried, got angry, then we danced. My emotions are everywhere.

"I love you girl, but you're going nuts" Sadie says.

"I feel like it. It's getting late, I should head back to the pack house anyways." I get up off the floor from where we were sitting and headed off back home, to Maverick.

I got back to my room and showered and changed in to nothing slutty but something that said "why would you deny this". Some booty shorts and a too tight tank top with no bra. I shaved my whole body and made sure I smelled good. I wasn't gonna go to him to have sex, I just wanted to say goodnight and show him what he is missing.

I got home late, so by the time I passed across the hall to the room Maverick was staying in it was a little past midnight, so I hope he was already asleep. I pulled my tank top down to make sure my chest was poking out, and pinched my cheeks to make them looked rosy and flushed before knocking on his door.

I heard footsteps come to the door and then the door opens and Maverick is standing there in nothing but his boxers, also looking like he just got out the shower. Beads of water still rolling down his perfect chest, his eyes looking dark and sleepy from his shower. Okay, who is seducing who here.

"Nick, hey come in" he says in his rugged voice.

Trying to stay confident, I waltz in and sit on his bed. "I know it's late but I was wondering if you wanted to watch a movie or something, since I haven't seen you all day."

"Sure put something on." He looks at me a bit puzzled but doesn't say anything and tosses me the remote. He climbs in bed with me and lay down, so I cuddle to his side and he wraps his arm around me.

"Glad to see you're not freaking out too much about what I said earlier. You know you're always safe with me right?" Maverick says.

"I know, honestly, I feel really safe with you." I decide to just start up one of the John Wick movies and let it play.

I start making lazy circles with my finger on Mavericks chest. I can feel the sparks between our touch. I start tracing every curve and line before moving down to his ever so defined abs. This man truly is perfect. I decide to push it a little further and trace my finger along the waistband of his boxers but he immediately tenses and grabs my hand. Something starts stirring within me and is pushing me not to stop. To make him take me.

Make mate take us, we need him my wolf purrs.

I start to feel my heart pick up and I can feel my eyes going black. An intense wave of emotion passes through my body. I feel like I've just taken a drug. Oh my, heat. Well this explains a lot of feelings and the emotional roller coaster I've been on for the last week.

"I don't think you're watching the movie" his voice comes out husky and a bit broken. Things like this reminds me that he's actually attracted to me too and that he is feeling the mate bond as I do.

"I'm not" I say. I get up and swing my leg over Maverick so I'm straddling him and immediately rub my core on his length. I can tell he is surprised by my forward action and honestly, so am I. I am now panting looking for relief and I can feel my canines elongating.

"Nicki, listen to me. Your heat has started, that's why you're acting like this, you don't want it to happen like this." Maverick says through clench teeth.

He groans and grabs me hold me still.

"Maverick please," I whine and look down on him with my dark lustful eyes, pleading and keep trying to create friction between us. "Please don't make me beg." I moan.

He groans in torment and I see his eyes keep flickering back and forth from normal to black. I can feel his internal struggle, his wolf is trying to take over and claim me. He needs a little push.

I lean in and dig my fingers in his hair, pulling it roughly, forcing him to look me in eyes.

"Make me yours"

I watch maverick lose the fight as I watch his eyes flood completely black. I can feel the shift in his personality as his whole demeanor changes from struggling and worrisome, to dominate and in charge. He flips me over and is hovering over me on the bed. Eyes dark and canines out as well, he is looking at me with a passion I haven't seen from him before.

He has been so patient and controlled with me these weeks since we've known each other. My heat is making me crazy but I'm still here and I'm now a little worried about what I've done releasing Mavericks wolf like this.

My breathing gets heavier as he moves to the crook of my neck kissing and sucking, before moving down to my breast. He pays extra attention to the part of my neck which I know he where he will eventually mark me. He rips my shirt and shorts off in one fluid movement and tosses them to the side.

While one hand is holding my neck, he rubs his other hand down from neck, massaging my breast, down my stomach before using his hand to spread my legs open. He rubs the inside of my thigh first, teasing me with soft torturing motions all around my core before he finally makes contact with my pussy.

He looks me in the eye as he makes contact and makes slow agonizing circles on my clit. As I gasp, he claims my mouth, kissing me deeper than he ever has before. He slides a finger inside me moving in and out, when he feels I can handle more, he slides in two more but it's a tight fit causing me to run up the bed a little but Maverick has a tight hold on me pinning me down.

"Baby I need you to be ready for me" he says before leaning in and kissing my neck. Leaving bruises and hickeys all over my body. He fingers pump inside me as he uses his thumb to continue the assault on my clit. The pressure builds up and he begins to speed up the movement, seeming to understand what I need. I scream out in pleasure as the dam finally breaks and I climax.

My heat intensifies every feeling, and sensation I'm having. His fingers aren't enough to subdue my heat, I needed him inside me. A throbbing pain only he can take away. Mavericks touch feels like fire against my skin. A welcoming heat that I want to be consumed by.

Dazed, I watch Maverick stand and take his boxers off. I become alert as I take in his length. That's suppose to go inside me?! I could barely handle his fingers?! He positions himself in between my legs and rubs his dick along the folds of my pussy before slowly pressing his tip into my opening.

He pushes in slowly and I'm barely able to take his tip, he eases in and out but it is an agonizing process to fit him inside of me. We both get a bit frustrated. He stops and takes both my wrist and pins them over my head. He places a kiss on my forehead and then leans in and gives me a deep kiss before entering in one swift motion causing me to scream out in pain, ripping through my virginity.

He stills and remains inside while placing loving kisses all over my face and down my neck. He slowly pulls out and then eases back in.

Maverick groans and leans into me "you are so perfect, and feel so good baby"

He continues to rock in and out of me until the pain turns into pleasure. While one hand is still holding my wrist he leans down and uses his other hand to rub my clit, sending me spiraling into another orgasm.

He pulls out and flips me over so my ass is in the air and I'm on all fours. He slides back into me and his pace is faster and he roughly pumps in and out of me. He reaches up and grabs a fist full of hair in his hand.

That same pressure starts to build up in my pussy again as his movements start to push me over the edge, I am moaning wildly and I can tell he is becoming undone as well. He takes two handfuls of my ass starts slamming me against him with deep and powerful strokes. We both become undone as he empties himself inside me with a satisfied groan.

Still inside me, he turns me around and holds me to his chest. We are both panting, trying to catch our breath while relishing in what we've just done.

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