Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 17

Me and maverick head downstairs for taco night with the pack. The dining hall was not exactly what I was expecting.

"The pack don't like tacos? I thought more people would come to dinner tonight" I look around and see maybe fifteen people. There would even be more people hanging out here during non-dining hours.

Loud coughing comes from a pack member at a table near by. Her coughing grows more and more aggressive and she suddenly begins coughing up blood. Everyone is suddenly moving to help her. We all begin to worry frantically.

"Get her to the hospital!!" Maverick commands.

We follow behind the group rushing her to the pack hospital, concerned for our pack member. A young girl maybe sixteen who I recognize was out helping build the fences earlier.

As we slam open the double doors to the pack hospital the scene before our eyes shocks me frozen to my spot. The hospital is in a frenzy. Doctors and nurses running around from bed to bed to help numerous pack members who look visibly in pain, hunched over coughing up blood or passed out. Every bed in the building with a sick pack member in it.

"Alpha, something isn't right." A man in a white coat walks up to us, stress causing his forehead to crease up.

"Why haven't I been alerted" Maverick growls viciously at the doctor.

"All the pack members seem to have gotten sick at the same time and flooded the ER in a span of ten minutes" the doctor looks shaken.

"Do we know what's going on" Maverick questions as a nurse walks up to us.

The nurse hands the doctor a clipboard. "We just did bloodwork on a few of the members, look at the results."

The doctors face twists into shock.

"Poison. They've been poisoned."

"Do we know what with?" Maverick says remaining calm while I am stuck in shock.

Before he could get an answer, the doors slam open and more pack members are hauled in, coughing up blood and throwing up.


An explosion erupts somewhere on the territory.

"What the hell was that?" I say as we race outside and see smoke in the air. I see a scouter sniffing the air then say "Alpha, it's rouges. A lot of them."

"This is all a diversion" Maverick states seriously.

He starts barking orders menacingly ordering all who are able to fight to start sweeping the area in formations.

"Nick, I need you to go lock yourself in pack house, you're still recovering"

"No way, it's been weeks. I'm stronger now and I'm not leaving your side. You go, I go." I fold my arms over my chest, I wasn't going to take no for answer.

"No! I don't have time to argue!' He waves over a few warriors. "Escort your Luna back to the pack house."

"Maverick they are here for me! I will fight! Either I go with you, or I ditch these warriors later and still go, without you."

Maverick is fuming, knowing he just wants me safe. "Do not. Leave. My side."


We make our way to the fight and immediately find ourselves in battle with rouges. They're so many of them! This is the largest attack we've had yet. Maverick rips through them like butter though. Barely stopping to breathe as he rips his way from one rouge to another.

I kept up easily, fueled by the adrenaline. Sinking my teeth into the neck of a rouge and swiftly dismembering it. I suddenly hear the sound of a gun click, preparing to fire. The rouges in the clearing have moved, gathering behind the creepy eyes that I've had one me since the day I got here. Zac. Holding a gun, barrel faced right at me.

"Luna, I just want you to know this isn't personal" He sneers with a wild look in his eyes.

"What are you talking about? what are you doing? I don't understand.." I yell at him.

"You know, I knew exactly who you were the moment I saw you. I know where you come from."

"What the hell are you talking about!"

"I'm just like you Luna. You weren't the only one who survived. It just looks like you got the better end of the deal." He laughs menacingly before continuing. "I was the beta's son, he disowned me because I was a runt. He thought I'd never be nothing, that I wasn't good enough, but when I turn you in and collect the reward on your head I'll be-

Zac was cut off by an arrow going through the middle of his forehead by Maverick. I gasp and shock and am frozen still, taking in what he said as the rest of the warriors in the pack come and kill the remaining rouges.

Feeling emotionally drained by everything I fall to my knees, drained and exhausted. Maverick is by my side in a split second, checking me all over, seeing if I'm hurt.

Wordlessly, he picks me up and carry's me back home.

I can't believe the lengths someone is willing to go to harm me. It's no coincidence all the people who helped build fences got sick at the same time. Zac was the one who came with the water truck. I never actually drank the water he gave me but the others did. Their were pack member of all ages out there. He fed that water to pups.

I know that his death isn't even the end of all this. Whoever has this bounty on my head needs to be dealt with.

Maverick sets me on the bed and kisses my forehead.

"How's the members in the hospital?" I ask.

"Everyone's recovering, I'm guessing it wasn't there target" he frowns. "How are you feeling?"

"Like it's not over" I sigh and so does he.

"I hate it but it's not. Although, we've captured some rouges who gave up the location of their HQ if we spared them."

"Good, I mean look at all these people who have been hurt, even poisoned because of me and shit I dragged in! I can't keep seeing my pack in distress over me. We need to take the fight to them and end this before anyone else gets hurt."

Maverick pulled me into his arms and held me as tight as I needed him to.

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