Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 18

*Maverick's POV*

I held Nick in my arms until her tears ran dry and sleep took her. Some sense of peace finally showing on her face. I would do anything to make her happy.

As soon as I could get up without disturbing her, I got up, ordered four guards to cover all entrances to the room and then got to work. I mind link Jackson and tell him to gather everyone in the conference room so we can begin forming a plan. I wanted Nick to wake up with more solutions and less problems.

We worked all through the night, no one even bothering to rest yet we were all wide awake, determined to help. Nick has made quite the impression since she's been here, everyone fell for her almost as fast as I had.

We ended up getting confirmation from scouts on the enemies base of operations from the info we got from captured rouges. It seemed to be a colony of people living in a valley a few clicks south of here.

We wrote up battle plans as thought out as we could before we had a something feasible to put to action. By the time we got to a stopping point the sun had already rose in the sky.

I head back to my room to find Nick standing by the dresser wrapped in a towel, fresh out the shower. I can't help it when all the blood rushes to my dick at the sight. I feel the quiet growl of my wolf in my chest. I tried to resist some of the things I ache to do to her. She's young and inexperienced, which at first I didn't like the age gap and at times I'd wonder why the moon goddess would make it that way. But how could I ignore how the curves of her body fit my hands perfectly. Everything about her puts me and my wolf in a frenzy. I tried to hold back before taking her as mine, but the mate bond paired with her relentless teasing had me ripping through her innocence sooner than I'd anticipated.

I walk up behind her I press my front to her back and wrap my arms around her. We both breathe each other in, feeling worried about what's to come, hoping the other one stays safe, not needing words to express this.

She turns her head up at me with her big worried eyes and I look just as deeply back into hers letting her see all of what I feel for her, without breaking contact I lean in and press a gentle kiss to her soft lips. I couldn't help myself when I went in for another, needing to get a taste of her bottom lip between my teeth.

The kiss went deeper than I intended and I realized my grip on her had tightened and I had her pressed up against the dresser with my dick, hard as a rock, digging in to her back. My hands go to her hips as I start leaving open mouth kisses down her neck as she leans back into me.

I guide my hand around her hips to feel her pussy dripping wet and hot. My body shudders in pleasure and I begin rubbing slow rough circles on her clit while pressing open mouth kisses on her neck. Her sweet moans like music to my ears. I pick her up and lay back on the bed with her laid back on top of me as I continue the rubbing her. My other hand grabbing and squeezing her inner thighs, coaxing them open. I can't help the labored breathing coming from me as I ache to feel the pleasure of making my mate come in my hands.

I slip two fingers in as I pump into her while continuing to rub her nub with my thumb. Her small delicate hands hold on to my hand so she can roll her hips against my fingers, begging me for more.

Her breathing gets more erratic and I pound my fingers into her harder until she comes in my hand, her body withering and bucking on top of me, my other hand groping her everywhere up and down the hills of her body.

I place her on the bed and quickly remove my clothes and free my raging member before running my hands up her thighs and settling in between her soft legs. I position myself and sink into her without giving her clenching pussy much time to recover. I feel like my emotions have been on a roller coaster over her from what has happened. I just needed her to feel what I'm feeling.

So I slam into her over and over again, my bruising grip on her hips not letting up.

I slow my pace a little as I run my teeth across her neck, silently asking for permission and she stops me, making my wolf growl in possession at her refusal.


"I thought-

"Yes and I want it. But is now the right time? It feels like we're at war. What if something happens to me? Breaking the bond would kill you." She gazes up at me with an emotion in her face I can't describe.

I can feel my expression darken and my wolf push to the front, taking over.

My hand goes to rest around her neck as I slide out of her and ram back in her hard making her cry out.

"I would rather die..."

I reel back and slam into her again "than live without you."

I move her head to the side and expose her neck, on the next stroke as I slam in to her again I sink my teeth into her neck. A feeling of pure ecstasy washed over my body as her moans and screams fill the room. We both come together in a fiery passion as our mate bond runs through us stronger than ever. We laid there for hours, suspended in bliss. I didn't think I was capable of feeling this possessive of another person. I would do anything for her. My life belongs to her.

A few hours later we're running around the territory trying to prepare everything to go on the mission first thing in the morning. As I walk to my office Jackson comes through the mind link.

"Alpha, a rouge we captured is feeling pretty talkative. Not sure if what he's saying is true but just in case you wanna come and check it out first?"

"Yes, I'm on my way. All information regarding this matter comes straight to me."

The smell of blood is thick in the air as I enter the pack prison. I gloss over the fear ridden faces of the captured. They should be scared, because none of them will be leaving here alive. Attacking my mate is punishment by a slow and painful death.

I enter the cell at the end of the hallway and there sits a scrawny rouge in a metal chair, his face beaten bloody by my men with a sick smile on his face.


His words are cut off by my fist connecting with his jaw.

"You do not speak unless you're spoken to." I speak calmly.

He spits out a mouth full of blood before looking back up at me with that same sick smile.

"What do you know about Nick?"

"Clearly more than you" he sneers earning himself another brutal hit to his temple. He coughs out more blood.

"I know how this ends, you will just kill me, so do it." He wheezes out, even with his brave act I can hear how scared he is.

"You will not leave here alive, that is true. But you could either die fast, or you can be chained to this wall by silver and be tortured for as long as I feel necessary."

The rouge looks around, after seeing the pack prison I'm sure it's obvious my words aren't empty threats. After a beat the rouge speaks, "Look, we never saw who was behind it all, he always sent other people to handle business."

"How many of you are there?" I question the rouge.

"The bounty on the girl was posted in every underground rouge spot. There's probably thousands of people in on it. He offered millions in reward money.''

"What did they tell you about the one you're hunting?" I question.

"They showed us security camera recordings of a little girl killing her whole pack. It was.... weird. It- It- it was like she had summoned a sort of poisonous cloud out of thin air, choking everyone around it. They said that little girl grew up and is here."

My face remains impassive allowing him to continue, yet I'm not sure if I'm ready to hear what I think he's going to say.

"You are protecting a murderer" he spits out.

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