Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 19

*Nicki POV*

The next day we are preparing to head to the location of the group of people who have put this bounty on my head. Maverick was quick to put a plan together for us to move out as soon as possible.

Thank goddess because after being marked, I have a deeper connection with my pack and I can't imagine losing a single one of them. I'm ready to try and get out on the front of this.

I walk up to one of the trucks we will be taking and throw my bags into the back. I feel antsy and nervous about what's to come these next few days. I'm gonna go seek out my mate for some comfort.

As I'm walking to his office I'm going over the plans in my head about mission, mumbling to myself.

"Luna? You okay?" Says a guard I've seen around, he works in the prison.

"Yeah? Why?" I asked, confused.

"You were talking to yourself."

"Oh, haha. Just going over stuff in my head." I smile.

He looks at me skeptically and walks away. Weird.

I continue to Mavericks office with my head up so everyone doesn't think I'm crazy for talking to myself. I can't help but notice I was getting stares from guards the whole way there. Maybe Maverick is more nervous about this mission than I thought. Probably has everyone watching out for me, not wanting anything to happen to me.

As I reach his office and I hear hushed whispers coming out of his cracked open office door.

"Think Mav. How long have you really known her... I'm just saying make sure. Don't let the bond make you blind."

I push open the door without knocking and find Maverick and Beta Jackson at his desk. Both of their faces etched with worry. As soon as they see me they stop talking. Everyone is being so weird.

"Hey guys."

"Luna." Jackson nods then immediately stands and heads out the door.

"Is something wrong?" I ask Maverick.

"No, come here." He scoots his chair back and pats hit lap. I'm all to eager to comply. I walk over and sink into Mavericks warm embrace.

"Something doesn't feel right and you seem worried. What's going on? Is there something your not telling me? Don't lie to protect me I can handle it." I tell him.

"It's nothing for you to worry about"

"Don't do that. I'm not blind, I can feel the shift. The guards are staring me down, you and Jackson whispering, he barely looked at me when he walked out. I thought we were past you seeing me as just some 16 year old."

"I am, Nick."

"Then treat me like it, tell me what's goin on." I tell him and he sighs and sits back in the chair.

"The rouge we captured had a lot to say..." he sighs again, running a hand through his hair.

I shake his shoulder "Tell me, Mav."

"He claims they have a video of the day your pack was massacred."

My eyes widen in response and I can tell he is interested in my reaction.

"That's a good thing isn't it?"

"The video is of a small dark-haired girl murdering her pack."

I stood up from his lap as confusion ran through me. A little girl? I don't remember a little girl at all.

"I don't remember a little girl being involved but I could be wrong. My mind has always been a little hazy of that day." I start trying to visualize every other child I use to see around the pack trying to come up with an answer. Although she could've been with the pack who attacked mine.

"No, Nick, listen... they claim that little girl is you." He says looking at me with uncertainty on his face. Why would he be uncertain.

"You don't believe that do you?" I look up at him, eyes begging.

His face hardens. "I don't want to."

"What? Are you serious?" My voice begins to start to expose the hurt I feel from his words. He doesn't believe me.

"Nick, you yourself can barely remember what happened that day. I watch you Nick, you space out often."

"So that makes me a murderer!" I yell.

"Your brain scans were abnormal."

"Brain scans?" Confusion clear in my tone.

He sighs again and begins pacing the room.

"When the doctors were treating you when I first found you, they told me they saw some odd stuff on the scans while checking your injuries."

"It's my fucking head why didn't anyone tell me!"

"All your vitals were good, they assured me it could likely be nothing. I didn't want to worry you over nothing, but adding everything up now I don't wanna rule it out just in case you might've done something you maybe can't remember." He sighed and continued pacing.

I take a seat, trying to find a way to process all this new information I've been hit in the face with. I don't even know what to say. My mate, then man that has gotten to know me and is suppose to be with me for the rest of our lives thinks I'm capable of murder.

"Alpha" Gamma Karter walks in without knocking.

"I apologize for just barging in here, I couldn't get through your mind link and but we got new intel. We need to go ahead and get on the road as soon as possible."

Maverick gives Karter a nod in confirmation and Karter leaves.

"Look lets talk after stop this bounty on your head."

I leave Mavericks office and head to the trucks with my head down. I don't understand. My memory has always been foggy from that time but I have never doubted the things I did remember. Could I somehow be wrong? I'm ready to get on the road and get some answers.

As I am walking on the path back to the trucks I notice the a change in the air. I whip my head around in every direction before my eyes land on a familiar bitchy red head.

"Hey there, luna." Holly spits out in disgust.

"I don't have time for your shit, go back and hideout wherever you were during the attacks." I move to walk around her but she steps in front of my path.

Holly shoves a gun in my face causing me to step back a few steps.

"What the fuck are you doing." I yell at her.

"Ridding this pack of you before you kill us all." Her eyes look crazed.

"I am not a murderer!"

She waves the gun in my face, yelling "I saw the video bitch, I know what you did. So I'm gonna turn you in, rid this pack of its biggest threat and finally open Mavericks eyes to who you really are. And as a bonus collect the reward, which doesn't require you to be brought in alive." The gun clicks and before she could pull the trigger I lunge for her throat.

We end up on the ground in a struggle for the silver bullet gun. After a few minutes of struggling I get on top of her and take the gun pointing it at her. As I look down the barrel of the gun at her, he face contorts up into a smile.

I feel a sharp force at the back of my head right before my vision goes black.

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