Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 2

Wasting no time, I shift into my wolf and almost laugh as I can see their eyes widen in surprise. My wolf stands tall and intimidating. It is not what you would expect considering my 5 '4 athletic frame. She shakes out her black fur and bares her canines letting out a deep threading growl.

All three rouges jump to attack me at the same time. I lunge to take out the wolf in the middle first. I rip his neck out with my teeth, making easy work of him. I feel a claw scratch my back and I quickly turn around and reset my stance and lunge, using my claws to rip his face apart.

And now the third wolf... looks like he took himself out? He is laying down and whining on the ground. As I walk towards him pain radiates from my back where I was scratched.


With a closer look, the rouge was foaming from his mouth and his claws were deteriorating. Understanding settles over me and I realize that he had dipped his claws and canines in wolfsbaine.

My ears pick up footsteps a few miles out, and I grab my bag within my teeth and run. This wasn't some random rouge attack, they were coming for me. What the hell. I'm not sticking around to figure this out.

I keep running putting as much distance as I can in between me and the wolves behind me, pushing my muscles to their limits. I can hear these wolves running spread out evenly in a formation. I can tell they are organized. I almost want to just turn around and deal with this now but as I run my vision is getting blurry. The wolfsbaine is working it's way through my system.

I just keep running focusing all my attention on putting one paw in front of the other. If I'm caught I will be too weak to fight off what sounds like ten to fifteen wolves. I'm not sure where I'm going and I keep running into trees and branches, my balance all fucked up. I start to slow down as I notice the amount of footsteps I hear start to lessen. What's going on?

But it looks like I won't be awake long enough to figure it out, I feel everything going black as I pass out from the poison but not before getting whiff of the sweetest most intoxicating thing I have ever smelled.

For the next few hours I can sense myself coming in and out of consciousness hearing things here and there. I'm not sure if I am dreaming or what.

"WHO WAS SUPPOSE TO BE ON GAURD" I hear a man yell. His voice deep and commanding.

Then I go black again.

I awake again. That smell, that sweet smell all around me, holding me tight to its owner. My wolf growls weakly, mate.

"Get us to the pack house NOW!" The voice growls. Angry yet comforting to me.

Black again.

I awake again, this time a few moments longer. Long enough to finally see the face of that sweet, sweet smell. And I reallllyyyyyy hope I live through this because I have to know him.

I take a beat to asses my situation and I am laying in a bed, with an IV in my arm. There is a machine next to me monitoring my vitals. The room is cozy as hell with brown and gray interior, blankets and fuzzy rugs.

The man stands at the foot of my bed. His eyes have been piercing into me, analyzing everything about me. He is tall with an extremely muscular build without being bulky. His hair is black and he has it styled in a short professional looking cut. His eyebrows are thick and help frame his face into the intimidating glare I bet he wears 98% of the time.

He is wearing black slacks and and a dark gray sweater that is loose but falls on his body nicely . His expression looks dark and almost scares me. He walks around the bed slowly towards me, never taking his eyes off of me. I hear the increasing beep from the monitor. With every step he takes my heart beats faster and faster until I fall back into darkness again.


"Alpha, there is a rouge breaching the north east perimeter, and there is a whole group of rouge wolves following her." Jackson, my Beta mindlinks me.

"How did they get in?" I growl out threateningly.

"I don't know yet, I can't get in touch with Gamma Karter"

"Never mind that right now, just handle those rouges. I'm on the way"

I walk out of the pack house and run towards the sight of the breach. I release my wolf and he takes over, moving lighting fast towards the rouges. After just a few feet, a smell wraps around my nose and my wolf goes crazy.

I am sniffing the air like crazy. MATE!

Wooooooooo!!!! My wolf howls and then fights for control. I take off full speed towards the source of the smell.

29 years I have been alive and have been waiting for my mate since I became alpha at the age of 18. Alphas are suppose to find there mates faster than most wolves because a Luna helps make the pack strong. Yet years passed and I still remained alone. The more time went by, the more irritable I've gotten, my patience dwindling. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and now it's here, I'm not sure how to feel. What's taken so long for us to find each other?

As I run the smell grows stronger. I can see a staggering black wolf in the distance and about 5 wolves about to gain in on its position.

Save her! My wolf yells. Let me save her!!

I let my wolf take over. I usually refrain from letting him completely take over because he is quite ruthless. Don't get me wrong, I love it. My wolfs dark energy is a rush like nothing I've ever felt. But I can't rip everyone's neck out all the time.

I sit back as my wolf kills two of these rouges at just one movement, beheading them both with one swing of his claws.

He rips through the next two violently. Giving no mercy to the ones who dare to threaten the life of his mate. I turn to my mate and a wolf is standing over her in a defensive position. My mate is passed out underneath him, hear heartbeat is weak.


My wolf gives him no time to react and goes full speed towards him and jumps. My claw reels back and delivers a punch to the rouges chest. I am now standing behind the wolf, with his heart clenched in my paw.

I change back to human, and walk over to my mate. The members of my pack come into the clearing of the forest where I'm at. They all look at me surprised, understanding the situation. A pack member passes me a shirt and some sweatpants.

"Alpha the perimeter is secure" says Jackson.

"Good, get someone from the pack to bring a car around, now! " I say.

"WHO WAS SUPPOSE TO BE ON GAURD?" Jackson yells at the gamma who is in charge of security.

I stand and walk over to the members of security. I speak calmly.

"It's okay Jackson, I know who is at fault. All of you are. Every member of security who was on shift tonight. You have all failed your Alpha. And you will all be punished."

I nod at Jackson to take over and he starts barking orders at the security.

I turn and my mate starts turning back to human. I take my shirt off and put it over her. It fell just above her knees. I pick her up and walk to the nearest road where a SUV is waiting, I get in the back with my mate.

"Get us to the pack house NOW!" I growl.

As we drive back, I look down at her taking in every inch of her. Her body feels amazing pressed against my chest. Her body is fit, but she is still so feminine. Her face is so innocent with her long black hair framing her face in waves. She has a few freckles sprinkling her nose and natural rosy flush on her cheeks with full lips. Although, she looks a bit young.

My wolf growls in desire. I need her awake now.

Once at the pack house, the doctor is already inside waiting, I walk past him with my mate in my arms and take her upstairs to my bedroom and lay her down. The doctor has followed me up.

"I believe she's been poisoned doc" I say.

The doctor starts checking her out and injects something into her.

"This medicine usually cures the most common poisons against wolfs, it will be hard to tell if it's anything more than that until we do some bloodwork. For now we will have to give her fluids and monitor her." Says the doc.

"Doc, this is your first and only priority right now understand?" I say menacingly.

"Of course Alpha, I understand"

I walk up to the end of my bed and admire my mate. I can hear her heartbeat beating stronger and stronger. I can't wait for her to submit to me. I have already waited far too long. She starts to move a little and then her eyes slowly open. Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue.

She has a confused look on her face as she analyzes me from head to toe. I stand silent, allowing her to take me in. I try to remain impassive but I can't help hope she is pleased with what she sees. I wanna be close to her.

I walk around the bed to sit next to her and I can hear her heartbeat going crazy. She passes out and I sigh as I watch her sleep once again.

I lean back in the chair next to her bed. Now we wait.

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