Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 3

Nicki's POV

I slowly begin to open my eyes and do a quick analysis of my situation. Still in the room I woke up in earlier, my whole body is sore but I am feeling more awake now. And not to mention the man from earlier is siting in the chair near my bed, watching me with a plain look on his face.

"Finally" he says.

My heart picks up at the sound of his voice.

"Where am I?" I look around nervously. While this place looks nice I still have no clue where the fuck I'm at. And as fine as this man in front of me may be, I still don't know who the fuck he is.

Well I know he's my mate, I know that much by that delicious distracting ass smell he has.

He watches me like he's studying me and answers "We are in a room, in the pack house."

"And who are you" I question.

"Maverick" his voice husky and deep, he answers while leaning back in the chair. He just radiates power and seems so collected.

"Mate" I manage to spurt out.

Maverick leans forward and hovers over me as I lay in the bed. I can't help but notice every muscle that moves underneath his shirt. He sniffs my hair as he hand grazes my cheek. His expression turns relaxed and he looks less stiff and intimidating.

"Yes, my mate." He leans back and stands up straight.

"What is your name?" He asks.

"Nicki" I am so eager for him to know it, I can't wait to hear the way it sounds in that husky voice of his.

"Hmmm... go back to sleep."

And with that he leaves. I let out a huge breath not even realizing I have been holding my breath. This man is intense and kind of scary yet I really, really want him to do some nasty things to me.

To be honest I haven't given much thought to having a mate but I loved the idea. I have always been running and survival has been my only focus for so long.

I don't want to unload all my problems on him but the idea of sleeping in a comfy ass bed every night instead of the ground honestly doesn't sound too bad.

I shuffle around in the bed trying to get up because my bladder is weighing heavy on me and there's no way I'm gonna get to sleep like this.

At first everything was good as I swung my legs over the bed but as soon as I got to my feet I felt light headed and my body was way more sore standing up.

I fell on my ass, and on the way down my arm caught the lamp on the nightstand and took it down with me. I was making all kinds of noise.

Maverick bursts through the door and for a second I thought I saw worry on his face but when he saw me his expression went angry.

He picked me up, "I said go to sleep, have your injury's affected your ability to listen" he growls. I try to speak but can't. He makes me so nervous.

He sits me down on the bed and I look up at him apologetically. I want a place to live and he might not want me here if I'm just breaking all his shit.

"I have to pee" I shrug.

He sighs and then picks me up and walks me to the bathroom and sits me on the counter. He has a hand on either side of me on the counter, while his face is inches from mine staring at me. His gaze is intense, his whole presence gives off this strong feeling of power and dominance. I can't move. I mean, not like I want to. His mood seems angry? Is it towards me? How long have we been staring at each other?

I was wearing a bra and underwear with a medical gown over me. Still looking at me, he runs his hands up my thighs, taking my gown with me and and grabs me by the hips pulling me closer. I notice his eyes quickly shifting back and forth. His wolf is fighting him. The movement puts us closer together and I can feel his breath on my cheek and he leans in my neck. I can feel him breathing me in and I try my hardest to just keep breathing all together.

I feel him grab my underwear and slowly slide the down my legs until they are at my ankles.

I mean don't get me wrong as much as I want him this is moving way too fast. Mate bond or not, all I know is your name. That's not enough, as wild as my imagination may be I've never actually gotten that far with a man before.

I put my hands on his chest weakly because honestly I'm still not 100% positive I want him to stop. My wolf growling at me sure doesn't want that either.

"Wait..." I breath out.

He grabs my hips and again lifting me up and places me on the toilet.

Oh yeah I did have to pee, huh. I flush a bit from the embarrassment of my thoughts. I guess he wasn't trying to get in my panties after all.

He stands back up and I look up into a pair of black eyes.

"Hurry up" he snaps.

And once again, he turns and walks out. His wolf must be going as crazy as mine, no doubt he can smell my arousal.

I sit on the toilet for about 5 minutes. After all that excitement I wasn't ready to pee right away.

I wipe and flush and then said "I'm ready". Guessing he would help me back to bed.


I guess I'll have to do this myself. It actually wasn't that hard though. I was more prepared for what was going to happen and there was plenty to hold onto on the way there.

I got back in bed and just drifted to sleep wondering what maverick is doing.

The next day I wake up feeling almost back to normal. I stood up and noticed my legs have decided to start working again. My stomach turns in excitement. I want to see Maverick and figure out what's next. As strong as I have been all these years. I want a home.

I go turn on the shower, and notice on the bathroom counter is a bunch of new toiletries I'm assuming he had laid out for me. I pick up the honey and lavender fragranced items and got ready.

I walk out of the shower and back into the room and noticed a casual girly light blue dress laying on the bed. I hadn't heard anyone come in so I was surprised but the dress was beautiful.

I'm glad, I need to impress Maverick. Well, I need to seduce Maverick. The faster he marks me the safer I will feel.

I'm gonna try my best to be what be wants today but I also need to make sure he is trustworthy.

I have to tell him of my situation as soon as possible. He needs to know so no unnecessary harm comes to him or his pack.

I leave my hair damp cause I didn't find anything to do my hair with. I had a brush in my bag but I haven't seen any of my things in the room. The natural flush in my cheeks from the shower made my look good though. So I left the room, heading to find Maverick.

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