Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 4

As soon as I leave the room I see a pretty blonde coming up the stairs. She looked friendly enough but I immediately tense and feel defensive. After five years as a rouge I'm not particularly open to meeting new people.

"Hey, Nicki right? I'm Sadie, I'm glad to see the dress fits." Says the blonde.

"Oh... Thanks." I mumble out, still keeping my distance. She seems to notice me feeling uncomfortable.

"Just so you know you're safe here, we are all really excited to finally have a Luna."

My eyes go wide as I stare at her in surprise. Luna?? I guess it should've been obvious Maverick was in charge the way he was telling me what to do.

"Haha" Sadie laughs, "Sorry, didn't mean to freak you out. It's just Maverick has been waiting awhile, he is already 29. I can't believe you haven't found each other sooner, surprised he hasn't marked you already."

I just stand there not knowing really how to respond. Would fate have been brought us together if I wasn't on the run? I'm surprised he hasn't been more forward with me, he is an Alpha. They usually take what they want.

"But hey lets get downstairs, I was actually coming to get you to bring you to breakfast. There's a cafeteria on the other side of the pack house." Sadie explains.

We head down the stairs, then down another set of stairs, through a hallway, up another set of stairs, down a few more hallways and then finally arrive at the cafeteria. Yeah, I don't think calling this place a "house" was accurate at all. It was huge, more like a resort. Sadie was keeping conversation the whole way. I like her though, I didn't mind.

When we finally arrive I'm a bit winded. While I was feeling stronger I wasn't ready to start running marathons.

I lean one hand against the wall to catch my breath.

"You good?" Sadie says and places a hand on my shoulder for support.

"Yeah.... I am.... just... whew... what the hell..." I struggle to breathe out.

"Oh I'm sorry!! I'm so dense, of course your still recovering! no more far distances till your more recovered I promise! I'll get someone to carry you next time." Sadie promises.

I start to breathe in that sweet smell once again. Maverick.

I quickly stand up straight and fix my hair a bit to appear as if I'm not dying on the inside and look around searching for him. Sadie notices my actions and giggles a bit before pointing behind me.

I yelp and turn around and look up too see those intense hazel eyes piercing in to my fucking soul.

Not only have I found my mate. He is a whole grown ass man. It intimidates me but yet I love it. I just don't know if he will see me like I see him. I'm 16 and he probably has already slept with plenty of other women in his 29 years of life that know way more about pleasing a man than I do.

"Fuck him" my wolf growls at me. I roll my eyes at her.

How am I suppose to seduce a man when I'm just a girl? What if he is sickened by our age gap? What a confidence killer-

"Nicki" he says.

Oh yeah maybe I should speak words out loud.

"Uh.. Uhm.. I.. we... uh.. hi.. the... food?" I stutter out. I think I'm just gonna go hide in a corner somewhere after this.

Maverick eyes look down at me with confusion. He ignores me but takes my hand and leads me to the Buffett of food. He grabs two plates but doesn't bother to ask me what I want. He just starts loading the plates up with eggs, bacon, butter biscuits, fruit, pancakes.

Once he's done he walks towards a table where Sadie and a few other people I haven't met are sitting.

I sit down and notice all the laughing eyes at the table looking at the huge plate of food Maverick sits in front of me.

"Someone's got an appetite" Says the guy sitting next to Sadie. Pretty closely, I'm guessing there mates.

Sadie hits the guy playfully in the arm. "Let her eat in peace"

"Yeah, I'm wondering who has this appetite too, cause it ain't me." I say.

"Yes it is" Maverick commands. "The doctor said you need to eat to help fuel your body to recover"

"Well I be eating a horse for lunch?" I joke.

The table laughs but maverick just looks up at me for a second before continuing eating his food. I start eating mine too.

"So Nicki, I wanna introduce you to my mate, Jackson" she says.

"Hey, I'm the beta of this pack" he gives me a small wave and a smile.

Jackson then introduces the two others at the table "And this is Gamma Karter and Cade, he trains the pack warriors." They both give me a smile. It's easy to meet new people sitting next to Maverick. His presence makes me feel safe.

"Oh and there goes Molly, she's one of our best pack warriors" Sadie waves over the girl named Molly, a beautiful red head.

"Hey guys, wow is this our Luna. Aren't you pretty." Molly gushes. A little too much for me but hey, I like compliments.

She sits down on the other side of Maverick.

Ok, this girl is getting on my nerves already. There was so many seats open and she chooses that one. I could be overreacting but I think it turns out, my wolf has some serious jealousy issues.

Push her off the seat! my wolf commands me.

I focus on my food to not give in to my wolf.

I listened to Molly talk about a fighting tournament the pack has with some of the sourrounding packs. Molly made it into the finals and asked everyone if they were coming. She makes sure to make me feel included. She's actually kind of nice. Life as a rouge has made me judgy and skeptical.

I've started to just pick at the food on my plate and Maverick notices.

"Eat" he commands.

"I can't, I'm so full. I'll throw up if I eat anything else. Matter of fact, I need to get up and walk off some of this food." I complain.

"I'll show you around then" Maverick says.

I do blackflips on the inside. Alone time with Maverick.

I throw my trash away and say my goodbyes to the friendly new faces I'll be seeing around. Maverick leads me outside and we start walking towards the trees. It was quiet at first. I didn't know what to say. I don't wanna sound more like an idiot than I already have.

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