Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 5

We continue to walk in the forest, still in an awkward silence. We end up walking on a trail that wraps around his territory. It is huge, his pack contains about 50,000. The largest pack in North America. The people who live closest to him and in the pack house are just high ranking wolves and trainers. He points out a few places like restaurants and parks and some key buildings. After awhile we are just walking through the forest, not much we can see anymore as the trees have canopied us in. All though this lush green forest is very peaceful.

I finally decided to break the tension and find out more about my mate before I run out of breath from this long ass walk.

"So, don't you think it's weird the moon goddess would pair us together?" I say still wondering about our age gap.

"Why would you say that?" He gives me a hard look, not liking my question.

"Well, Sadie told me you are 29 and I'm 16. I've never really heard of mates with such an age gap." I tell him and I see his eyes widen for a moment but then he goes back to his impassive, stern look.

"I knew you were young, but I didn't think that young." He frowns.

Oh no, is he disappointed???

Don't ruin this for us! my wolf growls at me.

"Well I may be young but I'm strong, I won't need you to babysit me or anything, I've taken care of myself for a long time." I get a bit defensive but I don't want him to treat me like a child. He's my mate.

"We will see about that, you will start training tomorrow morning. Everyone in the pack is required to train Monday through Friday"

"I haven't had any formal training in a while" I say excitedly. Who needs formal training anyway when you have real life experience fighting for your life on a daily basis as a rouge.

"Well get prepared, the training is pretty intense." He warns.

"Nicki, why are you not with a pack?"

I know I need to tell him the truth but I'm not ready.

"Well my parents died when I was 11, we didn't belong to a pack so I've been on my own ever since" I really hope he doesn't question this topic any further. This mate bond makes me feel uneasy about lying to him.

"Hmm..." is all he says. Does he know I'm lying? A man doesn't become so powerful without being able to detect disloyalty rather well.

I am getting pretty tired of walking and begin to walk even slower.

"What's wrong?" He asks

"I'm fine, just still recovering." I try to keep my breathing easy as I talk, so he doesn't hear my tired ragged breathing.

"Let's get back to the pack house, you need to rest."

Without warning he reaches down and picks me up like I weigh nothing.

"Ahhh," I squeal, not anticipating his actions.

I don't make too much fuss because honestly I am in heaven. As he holds me to his chest I can feel the lighting electricity flowing through his touch. This simple gesture has my heart picking up pace. I look up at his face and he is truly the most ruggedly handsome man I have ever seen. He is huge and strong and I really hope he looks at me with the same desire and not as some immature little girl.

We get to the pack house after receiving stares from fellow pack members at the sight of there Alpha with his long awaited mate. Although he growls and I assume tells them to look away through mind link cause a moment later everyone stops with all the staring.

We get back to his room and he lays me on the bed.

"Rest, I will have your dinner bought to you later. Do not leave this room. You need to rest and I have work to do."

"Sure." I say. I'm tired as fuck. Won't get much fight out of me right now.

"Training will be at 6am. I will be training you for the first two weeks since you could barely manage a walk around the grounds, I don't want any trainer pushing you harder than necessary."

Good, the more time we spend together the better.

"That works for me, Maverick" I say while looking up at him, giving my best cute eyes I can. He has barely look interested in me today and I guess I just want a little attention.

Well might as well amp it up, he is my mate.

"Well if I'm gonna be in bed for the rest of the day I'm gonna get comfortable and take this dress off. Can I get one of your shirts to change into? I don't have anymore clothes."

He pauses for a second before walking out the room, returning a few moments later with a black shirt in hand.

I really want to break that stern look on his face. We're mates? Isn't he going crazy like me? He is an alpha and should have less restraint when it comes to me. He should be all over me.

"Do you mind helping me with the zipper? I'm still feeling weak and it's hard to reach" I stand up and turn around so my back is faced him, I sweep my hair to one side and look over my shoulder at him innocently.

He has a damn good poker face but I can see his adams apple moving as if he just took a gulp.

To be honest I've never tried to seduce a man. I've never even really been touched or grabbed by one. But I don't live under a rock. I've seen movies, read books and watched porn. I have sexual urges that I've masturbated to calm. And while trying to seduce my mate is intimidating and nerve racking as hell. This pull we have between us is making my brain constantly replay a loop of what it would be like if I had him inside me.

He seems to have made a decision in his mind and steps closer until he is as close as he can possibly be behind me. His hands come up and on either side of me and he grazes my shoulders, his touch cause me to shiver.

His takes his hand and sweeps my hair out my face before putting his fingers through my hair and gently pulling to give him better access to my neck. He puts his head in my neck and traces his nose from my shoulder to ear, breathing me in.

I lean into him and his other hand goes on my waist to pull me into him even further and I immediately feel his arousal pressed against my back.

His hand on my hip moves down and rubs and grips my thigh, his touch feels like I'm on ecstasy. I could probably come in my pants from this alone. This is definitely the reaction I was looking for. Although I will admit now that I got it, I'm not sure what to do next.

His hand come to my back as he backs away a little, he undoes my zipper and walks out of the room and I jump a bit as he slams the door.

I sit on the bed breathing erratically trying to recover from the intense feeling my mate gives me. I can tell he is holding back but I don't know why. I am basically offering myself up to him.

I lie back on the bed, frustrated. How am I suppose to rest after that?

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