Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 6

The next morning a banging on my door woke me up. I looked at the clock next to me and it was 5:30 AM. Ugh. As much as I want to train, why couldn't we do it at a more reasonable hour. If the suns not even up why the fuck am I.

"Wakey, wakey Luna! Alpha says be downstairs in the training room in 20 minutes, I'll leave your clothes by the door!" Yells a voice I recognize as Sadie. I groan and force myself out of bed.

20 minutes later I'm dressed and walking aimlessly around this huge place trying to figure out where the training room is. I had laid out for me some all black bike shorts and a sports bra with a jacket and sneakers. I'm basically still asleep, yawning and rubbing my eyes when I run smack into a blond head of hair.

"shit, there you are! where have you been? your late!" Sadie scolds me.

I give her a death glare, not meaning to be so bitchy but don't talk to me crazy before the sun comes up.

"I don't know why you assumed I knew where the fuck I was going." I shot back.

"Look, lets just go. The Alpha hates being late." Sadie turns around and starts walking and I follow her.

We arrive at the training room which is huge, like every other place in here. As we walk past people training I noticed they are grouped up by age. We walk past some older men sparing, then past some younger men doing conditioning, then to women learning what looks like some self defense techniques, past teenagers and then I get this fluttery feeling in my stomach as my eyes finally land on Maverick. He is teaching toddlers how to prepare for their wolf.

"Alpha! I hope my wolf is as big as yours!" Yells the cutest voice from a small boy looking about 4 years old maybe, holding on to Maverick's leg.

"hmm, let me look at you.." Maverick says. He leans down and studies the boy. The boy tries his best to look as big as possible. His small hands in fists, with his chest poked out.

After studying the boy, Maverick raises his eyebrows and tries to look surprised by his findings.

"Well look at that, you know what, I think you might get even bigger" Maverick says approvingly.

The boy's faces turns beet red and Maverick stands up and turns and immediately makes eye contact with me. His look turns stern as he gazes at me, and awakens me immediately. Even when he looks at me disapprovingly, I can't help but to admire how handsome he is. It is impossible to not notice it. He strides towards me confidently. Every step he takes towards me, I struggle further to remember what breathing is.

"Do you think the day starts when you wake up?" Maverick asks me.

"It would sure make more fuc-" I look over at the kids and decide to clean up my vocabulary. "It would sure make a lot more sense if it did ok."

"Get in line!" Maverick yells at me angrily using his alpha tone causing me to jump and my heart to pick up pace. All the kids immediately scurry into formation. How dare he use that tone on me. I am his mate!

"In line?" I question.

"yes, this is you're training group." He waves his hand, gesturing the group of toddlers. "You are still recovering, were starting slow. You would be smart not to question me any further." Maverick says with such a sense of finality. Geez, what is up his ass? This isn't going how I want. I need him to want me to stay. I need to make a better effort before I'm out on my ass as a rouge again.

Making me train with the kids though? I'm not an invalid. I could've done more today. I wanted to to show him his mate is strong. Worthy of being mated to an Alpha. To him.

I get in line next to a red-headed wide eyed toddler who looks up at me. I give her a smile and a small wave, then she stick her tongue out at me. I grimace and look forward waiting for Maverick 's orders.

After some "intense" training I decide I wanna figure out when are me and Maverick getting some more alone time. I need to know what goes on in that head of his.

Maverick seems to have already left before I had a chance to talk to him. I feel a bit sad about that he would just dip from training without saying bye. Before I have time to process my feelings Sadie comes up to me.

"Hey, lets go get showered and then we will head to breakfast." Sadie says.

Ugh I guess I'll see him later.

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