Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 7

After I shower away the sweat from training, I go into the closet to grab some clothes. Sadie said the closet should be full but she didn't know what I liked so she asked a few girls to go to the mall and grab a few different styles. When I opened the closet it looked like they bought the whole damn mall.

After shoveling through the endless amount of clothes, looking through every piece thinking "will Maverick like this?". I decided on a dress that I felt like was cute enough to draw my mates eyes over my body. A simple, loose, flowery dress that falls in a way that accentuates all the curved lines of my body.

I miraculously make my way to the dining area and find it empty, free of the hustle and bustle like the other day. I can smell my mate around here though, I follow his scent into the kitchen where he is standing over the stove. He is stirring something in a pot with a wooden spoon and has a towel draped over his shoulder. He has showered from training and put on a black shirt that stretches over his bulging muscles perfectly. My eyes rake over the black of his head, his perfectly lined haircut, down to the completely lick-able soft skin behind his ear, tracing the sculpted edge of his jawline and-

"Sit down, it's just me and you for breakfast today." Maverick says without tuning to face me, continuing to cook. I jump a bit, startled from the sudden interruption of my thoughts.

"Where is everyone?" I say, taking a seat at the bar.

"The other cafeteria, I want breakfast to be just me and you from now on." He states.

I thought he was annoyed at me for being late to training this morning but I guess he's over that. He made the pack eat at the cafeteria which is like 10 minutes away from what I remember from the tour, just to eat breakfast with me.

He finishes up cooking as I just sit here, not really knowing what to say. He sits in front of me some french toast stacked high with eggs, fruit, and some orange juice. He makes a plate of his own that is double the amount of mine and sits across from me. It looks delicious and I am starving. He looks at me but I can't tell if he is as affected by my presence as I am of his. Does he even like the dress. I wish he'd be more open with me.

"Eat." He commands. I noticed he likes to boss me around. As hungry as I am, the stubborn side of me for some reason feels like I need to make a point that I am not to be bossed around. I am probably just defiant by nature but hey, no ones perfect. I just don't understand why he is acting like this towards his mate. So instead of using my words properly like an adult, I choose the less mature route.

Instead of eating, I sit back in the chair and cross my arms over my chest. He looks up from his food and raises an eyebrow at me.

"Is there something wrong with the food?" he asks in a bored tone.

"I love french toast, but I will eat when I am ready." I say. He sits his fork down and looks at me, studies me.

"You have issues with authority. Leave the rouge in you behind, you are Luna now." He stands and walks around the counter to stand behind me. he leans down and I feel his breath against my neck, and his lips go to my ear. "But I am Alpha, which means even you, my Luna, will do as I say. There is no need to fight me for wanting to make sure you are fed. Now," he takes my hand and makes me pick up the fork "Eat." he speaks with finality.

I use my other hand to push the food away from me, because... well because I don't know! I guess I am defiant and like to see how far I can push things with people. Especially people I don't know. To gauge them I suppose. I think its some primal instinct in me to figure out who's in charge. Who has the upper hand.

He sweeps my hair to the side and sniffs up along my neck, scenting me. He places a small kiss on my temple before standing up, taking my plate of food with him. He walks to the trashcan and dumps all that delicious food into the trash. Wordlessly, he sits back down and continues eating his food as I sit there, stunned.

"You don't eat at all then, we will try again at lunch." He states and continues to eat in front of me.

Well aren't I a genius, now I've pissed him off and I'm starving. I know I want to get on his good side but I can't help the nature of who I am. Stubborn and defiant. I guess I am used to being on my own and doing things my way. Now, I've been given schedules to follow, times to be at places "or else" and orders from what is turning out to be a demanding mate. I can't help myself. I want him to want me, but I am not below him. We are equals because he is my mate. My wolf does not like being told what to do. He wants me to listen to me, and I need him to hear me as well.

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