Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 8

Maverick disappeared again after breakfast so at about 3pm Sadie suggested me and her should go hang out in town so I am not sitting around the house all day.

This town is so pretty and you can tell everyone knows everyone. Huge area with a small town vibe.

Sadie is driving and pulls up to a pub called "Jacks".

"Let's get day drunk!" Sadie cheers.

"Sadie I'm 16 remember" I say laughing but looking at her like she's crazy.

"This place is owned by one of us and wolves got higher alcohol tolerance. The same rules don't apply." She explains.

"Well, I mean still, I've never drank before." I say feeling embarrassed for some stupid reason. I'm not even old enough. I just kind of feel inexperienced since everyone around me is older. Sadie is 24 herself.

"No way! Yes! Don't worry, I'll show you the way, follow me grasshopper." She laughs and we head in.

We take seats and the bar of the sports style pub and an older, buff man with a long dark beard and kind eyes comes up to us.

"Sadie! Good to see you princess" the man has an Irish sounding accent, he high fives Sadie and then looks to me, "Luna, it is an honor to meet you, my name is Jack."

My wolf loves to hear a pack member call me Luna. It feels good, it feels right.

"It's good to meet you, nice bar" I say.

"Thanks, it's actually my dads. He is Jack too. It's a family name." He explains

"We need shots!" Sadie yells.

Jack sets two shot glasses down and pours in a dark liquid.

I pick up the shot a smell it. I gag at the smell and can't help the grimace that comes on my face.

"Whoa, whoa don't smell it, haha," Sadie says "shoot it back as fast as you can, so you don't really taste it, this liquor is a special mix for us because our tolerance is so high so it's a bit bitter than regular alcohol"

"Well why are we drinking it if it's nasty?" I ask.

"Let's take a few shots, and then you'll know." She states.

I feel like I know Maverick will be pissed if he finds out I've been drinking or will he even care? He clearly doesn't care about what I do since he leaves me alone all day, and when he is around, he just yells at me and barks orders. I may as well enjoy myself here with Sadie. So I decide to let go of the obsession I have of getting Mavericks approval and focus on having fun with Sadie.

A few shots later I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to liquor. As we have been drinking we have become surrounded by a group of people who have started drinking with us. It's gotten loud in here over everyone talking and telling stories. They are members of the pack and they all seem really excited to meet me and normally all these people would make me super defensive and dip out of here but the liquor is making me feel real friendly.

Talking to the pack members I've learned that everyone thinks Maverick is a hard ass but does whatever it takes to keep his pack safe and in order so they all seem to have a huge amount of respect for him. Many of them stating they would die for him without hesitation.

One skinny, brown haired guy that looks like your everyday school shooter sticks out to me from the crowd because he has been silent the whole time, not drinking and keeps staring at me. From what I gather from others though he an omega who works in one of the cafeterias. I am getting an odd feeling but shake it off, wanting to enjoy myself.

"Another round of shots!" A man from the crowd yells.

I take another shot back with ease this time. A few shots in I stopped tasting the alcohol all together.

"I am having's sucha good time sadies!!" I slur out to her.

"Meeee too! I am killing it in beer pong! Haha, you really bought the crowd girl, I never seen it so packed during the day like this. Everyone wants to see you Luna"

The crowd did grow very quickly after we came inside, I'm guessing everyone midlinking each other about my appearance. I really am having such a great time. Sadie is a lot of fun, we are definitely growing a friendship fast, we seem to have the same sense of humor and into the same things.

"I have to pee!" I squeal

I stand up to go to the bathroom and find myself stumbling, holding on to everything on the way there. I get a few laughs and "you good?" from the crowd on my way to the bathroom.

"Luna! Come take a shot with us!" Say a group of girls.

"I guess one more wont hurt!" I say and head over, I notice one girl at the table as Holly. She looks up at me a bit of a surprised look on her face.

"Oh wow Nick, you are the one causing all this commotion? I just heard the pub was the place to be at right now."

Grrrrr tell that bitch it's Luna to her my wolf growls.

Since I am drunk and still recovering, I decide not to pick a fight and just ignore her instead, I am having a good time and don't want something petty to ruin my good mood.

"You know's what ladies, let me pee, then we shall drink!" I slur out.

I stumble into the bathroom and whew sweet heaven! I had to pee. I finish up and stare in the bathroom mirror. Taking my hands and opening my eyes trying to figure out why everything is so blurry.

My senses begin to start to start going haywire. I focus in and notice that I don't hear anything anymore. The previously loud bar is now quiet. How long have I been in here?

I put my guard up as best as my drunk ass can and slowly open the door.

As soon as I open the door, I'm looking into the eyes of my mate.

And he doesn't look happy.

Oh shit.


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