Saved By My Alpha

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Chapter 9

So Maverick looks pissed.

But you know what? I don't care. He has done nothing but ignore me since I've been here anyways. Giving me only a few scraps of his time. My wolf has been whining for our mate.

"Lets go. Get. In. The Car. NOW!" he commands me.

I walk out of the bathroom, not afraid of him or have any plans of getting in the car. But very curious to see why the bar got quiet so fast. The packed bar has now become a ghost town with abandoned drinks scattering the tables. The only people left in the pub was Jack, and Mavericks Beta. Instead of heading for the door I take a seat at the bar.

"Jack, another round!! The clear stuff this time!" I shout excitedly. Jack looks back at me nervously, the his eyes cut around the room to Maverick. "Oh don't worry Jack, Maverick says he 'll take a shot too."

I can feel Maverick is now standing behind me, too close. Without a word, out loud at least, Jack and his beta walks out of the pub leaving me and my mate all alone.

"Well, now we'll have to pour it ourselves." I lean over to the counter to grab a bottle from behind the bar but a hand on my wrist stops me.

"What the fuck were you thinking. You are recovering and decide to get shit faced in the middle of the day? You are 16. You shouldn't be drinking in the first place. Fuck." Maverick says, throwing my wrist away from him, then pinching the bridge of his nose.

"So what? Why do you care what I do? You have barely given me any attention since you met me. All our interactions seemed forced on your part. What is it Maverick? Whats wrong with me? Why don't you want me?" I say as I pour all my impatient pent up aggression from out beginning encounters.

He steps in between my legs as I sit on this bar stool. He takes my head in his hands and snakes his fingers through my hair, gripping tightly. Then, for the first time since I have met this domineering man I see emotion etched across his face. Desire, want, need is what I see in the fire raging behind his eyes.

"Me wanting you is the last thing you need to worry about" His breath comes out ragged, his face so close mine, he rests his forehead against mine. His next words come out angry and accusing. "You don't think I want my fucking mate! I can't fight fucking fate Nick! Every cell in my body is screaming to make you mine. To fuck you, and mark you while my dick is inside you. Making you mine in every way possible." He growls at me, with a struggled pain in his voice. As if he doesn't want to give in to what he wants. I don't understand why. His grip on my hair gets tighter, almost painful but I don't care. My hear begins to race. In a way, his words scare me, they are exhilarating. I reach up and wrap my hands around him, pulling him closer into me until I can feel his arousal pressing into my pussy.

"Then show me Maverick, please. Don't make me beg." I grind my hips into him, wanting him to lose control and become undone. I look up at him, I'm sure my face is flushed and cheeks rosy from the alcohol. I lean in and place a soft, slow kiss on his lips. And again, and again.

He doesn't react at first, hesitate to even move a muscle. I keep kissing him and I finally break through whatever mental barrier he had up and he starts kissing me back, hungrily. My wolf howls in appreciation, our mate finally showing us attention.

He oh so perfectly devours my mouth and I am in heaven. Our bond causing jolts of electricity to pass through my lips and straight too my pussy. Urging us to complete the bond that the Moon Goddess intended. His hands move from my hair to my ass, pushing my hips forward so he can rub his dick up and down my core, driving me crazy. My hands are everywhere, his lips are everywhere, making their way down my neck, sucking and licking anything he can on my body.

He kisses into my neck in a spot just right that makes me moan. The noise unfortunately causes him to snap back to reality and he pulls back and he steps away from me. We are both left breathing heavily.

"You're 16!" He screams, and almost looks disgusted which causes my wolf to immediately sadden, feeling as if our mate is rejecting us.

"SO WHAT!" I stand and walk over to him. "We are fated, I am old enough. I am young but I'm not child. Take what is yours Maverick. I want to be yours"

"No, I can't" He storms out of the pub, leaving me there all worked up and sad. A few moments later Beta Jackson walks in to the pub.

"Uh, Mav left in the other car, so we'll ride back in my car" He says awkwardly. We were pretty loud so I ams sure he just heard the whole argument and the uh, other stuff.

We drive back to the house and I struggle to

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