Lost Love

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the story of a relationship before/during and after. This is a nonfiction story of my relationship i had with elice olalde May be more added in the future but for rightnow this is all

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Austin Watson
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Drifiting Away

I once was with the most beautiful girl I had ever met. this is the story of our life during and after the relationship.

the girl’s name was elice Olalde she was and still is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. it all started sometime in 2016 when we went to church I was helping in the children’s class that where I met elice for the first time than after 4yrs I received a follow request from someone named elice Olalde it took me a second to recognize her. I sent a message just saying hi, we started talking and at the time she was with another boy so I was trying to not be too flirty even though I had started liking her when I first met her then after talking for a while I had asked if I would be able to go to church with her and her mom that is how I started to get to know her more after a month of going to church with her I finally got up enough courage to ask her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. I still remember how happy I had been when she said that it was 07/07/18 at around 10:30. after church, she came over to my house and we went down to the school and just spent time together and talked about random things and we laughed about the most random of things, I was so happy that I had finally found someone I could be myself around and I finally had someone to call mine, for then on I was going to church with elice and her mom every Sunday when Christmas came around I got elice a necklace with a glass sphere that when you shined a light through it, it reflected the words “I Love You” in 100 different languages than sometime before Christmas I rode my bike up to her house and man was it a long and hard ride I still remember how out of breath I was. when I arrived up to her house she introduced me to her family and then she took me down to a dock that her family shared with some neighbours it is a light blue dock with two-person bench in the centre it was the most perfect spot her and I just sat down there and talked and watched the sunset it was so beautiful than after we went back up to her house and she took me down to her room where we cuddled and watched the first movie in the twilight saga because that is one of her favourite movie series it was that and harry potter that she enjoys about 2hrs later her mom called down and said dinner was ready so we went up and ate dinner though I don’t remember exactly what it was I do remember it was very good. after we ate her parents drove me home because it was too dark for me to ride my bike home as the weeks went by elice and I became very close and what used to be just crushes turned into a serious relationship I knew she was the one I wanted to be with the rest of my life and I had thought that she was my soulmate and she thought as well she is the only girl I that I had ever loved so much she was perfect in every way and she still is. soon the months turned into 1 year and I was so happy by then we had become so close that we thought nothing could break us apart for our 1-year anniversary I had gotten her a promise ring and a beautiful necklace that was made form 6 different stones that were fused into one crystal it was very beautiful. once school started we were so happy that we could see each other every day now once Christmas rolled around she gave me a sweatshirt and long sleeve shirt that said: ” Her Buck” and she had gotten a shirt and sweatshirt that said, “His Doe” on it she also gave me a mug that said “Her Buck” and it had our anniversary date on it. I got her a late Christmas gift I don’t remember exactly what it was but it was simple. in February the night before the dance she message me saying that she wanted to take a break and that she likes another boy, I was so heartbroken I cried myself to sleep that night though she still went to the dance with me but after that, she started talking to the other boy after about a 2 weeks she gave up on that boy than she learned that someone else liked her and they started talking after a week she moved and started talking to someone else which is who she is dating now. I never knew it would so hard to watch someone you love more than anything in this world after a little people close to me started to notice signs of depression along with that my anxiety became increasingly worse. though I still love her more than anything in this world or the next. I will always be there for her no matter if she is with me or not I will still defend her no matter what the cost and I will always be a shoulder for her to cry on. though it is still heartbreaking to see her happy with someone else. once you truly love someone that love will never disappear though it can still change but remain the same. when we stopped texting each other, I left her with the best advice I could and it was to “always listen to your heart it will never deceive you.” I also told her that if there is ever a time when she wants me back that I would take her back in a heartbeat, but until that I day I will just sit in the background and watch life go by.

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