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Lost Love

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A Healing Heart

its had been what seems like forever since she left, in reality, it has only been three months since she left me for someone else and in those three months, nothing much has happened my heart still hearts but not because she left but because she broke her promise that she made with me over a year ago she promised to never leave and that nothing will ever break us apart. but has fate may have it she broke that promise without hesitation and now I'm stuck watching her be happy with someone else whom she once claimed she would never date and they have been together a month now. It is strange how you never know how many people know me and know what happened I've heard multiple people say that she was wrong to leave me for someone else. I never knew how many people knew me and yet I've never once spoken to them. After she left I thought for sure I would be going to prom alone but during a friends birthday, I had asked one of my female friends who she was going with when she replied that she was going alone I asked her if she wanted to go with me as friends I was so happy when she replied yes that she would go with me and it is nice because like me she wears dark colours such as black so it will be easy to dress for prom. the Sunday before the birthday I was on the phone with my older brother and while we were talking about what happened he gave me the best advice I have ever received he told me that "you are not a second choice and you are not a bandage" when he told me this it immediately had me thinking about how this whole time I had been a second choice for elice that's when I realized that I had second thoughts and saying that I would take her back in a heartbeat because I could never truly trust her again not after she broke her promise this whole time I had been prepared to be a second choice or a bandage when I should've realized that sometimes God puts people in your life to prepare you for something far better and that may be well I had thought elice was my everything God had put her in my life to prepare me for what my future may hold and to teach me what mistakes not to make and what things not to do. elice change me for the better she taught me what it is to be loved and what it is to love someone else. so now the only pain left from her leaving me is the feeling of broken trust. which can be healed though it isn't fast it is healing all I had to do was just calm down and listen to my heart and listen to what God what was telling me though it still pains me to see her happy with someone else but deep down I know it is better this way she deserves to be happy I need to see that. I know that somewhere there is the perfect girl for me who God has been preparing me for. well, unfortunately, the covid-19 virus has shut down school until sometime in may so, unfortunately, prom will most likely be postponed there is talk of it happening during summer so that is something to look forward too and from now on I need to look at the brighter side of all this.

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