Days of Discovery

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A Goodnight Like No Other

“You want an answer now?” she asked disbelievingly.

“Ideally, but I will make one concession.” He looked at the clock that showed it was half past eight. “You take my number and I will give you until midnight to make your decision. You text me a simple yes or no. If it’s no, then goodbye and if it’s yes I will see you here at six tomorrow night.”

“What should I tell my boyfriend?” she asked but was unsure who she was asking.

Marcus laughed lightly. “You could try the truth. Maybe he will forbid you from doing it.”

“He would be horrified, he’s quite conservative but he wouldn’t forbid me from doing it. I wouldn’t allow him too,” Kate said, outraged at the idea of being forbidden from doing anything.

Marcus laughed louder and more heartily at her reply. “Oh, Miss Milner, a month with me may not be long enough for you because I favour forbidding and foreboding, so I’ll give you until midnight.”

“I may text you a no by midnight,” said Kate, almost challenging his arrogance.

Marcus laughed again and shook his head. “No chance. I can smell you from here and you are beyond turned on at the prospect of what I can show you.”

She flushed with embarrassment at the crudity of his words but more so because of their accuracy.

“Okay,” was as much as Kate could reply.

“Now, I can’t call you Miss Milner for the next month so how should I address you?” he asked more gently now. “What should I call you?” he said, well asked, but more of himself than her.

“Kate,” she offered, but he ignored her response.

“Katherine?” he asked her now. She nodded as he thought some more. “You have very beautiful eyes, almond shaped, feline in appearance, Katherine, Kat, Kitty-Kat.” He continued to muse and she shook her head as she thought she could see where he was going with this and she didn’t like it one bit.

“What?” Marcus asked, apparently distracted by her expression.

“Please don’t continue with the Kat, Kitty-Kat thing,” she almost pleaded.

“Why? Where do you think I will end up?” He was obviously aware of what she was thinking.

“Pussy! That’s where this is going isn’t it?” she asked with a sigh.

Marcus roared with laughter at the notion of it and her expression.

“Dear God, you need to get out and mix with higher thinking people if you think that is the way my mind works. No, not pussy, although part of me is tempted to go with it just to spite you now, but I am better than that. Plus, when I do call for your pussy it will be a little lower on your anatomy that I am summoning to rather than addressing you.” His smirk made her hate herself a little more for the way her stomach flipped, her breasts heaved, her breathing increased and her sex pulsed. He still watched her, and Kate was sure he knew exactly how her body had reacted to that comment.

Kate said nothing, she didn’t know what to say, or what not to say, so allowed him to continue.

“Now, where were we? That’s right, thinking about pussy,” he said staring her down now. “Mmm, oh yes, you’re excitable, naïve, in need of some training and likely to need some boundaries and consequences…I will call you Kitten.” He smiled proudly to himself then leapt up and retrieved a card from his desk and passed it to her, “Midnight.”

Kate got to her feet and with a hand in the small of her back he led her to the front door.

“Thank you,” Kate said instinctively as her hand reached for the door handle.

“You are very welcome,” said Marcus, almost in a whisper and very gently brushed her lips with his.

His lips were soft, and she allowed them to mould to her own until they were open and she was panting. He stopped briefly and smiled at her, a sinister, cold smile, triumphant almost, not a warm, happy smile. She was all set to leave in protest at his expression as well as her own reaction to him when he spun her around and pressed her front firmly against the back of the door. He pinioned her there, pressed firmly between the door and his rock hard body. He littered a path of kisses from her ear down her neck before replacing the kisses with gentle nips that became more bite like making her cry out quietly.

She wasn’t sure how, but she became aware of a hand fisting in her hair, pulling her head back roughly so that with his height advantage he had greater access to her neck and throat. Unsure and not caring where his other hand was, she moaned when she felt his fingers beneath her skirt, tugging it up while his knee wedged between her thighs, forcing them apart.

“In the interests of you not feeling abused, victimised or violated, if I do anything you don’t like, anything you’d like me to stop, for one night only your safe word will be judgemental, just like you.”

With a graze of his teeth across her ear, his fingers continued their journey until they were breaching the barrier of her lacy briefs and rubbing along her length, spreading her arousal before thrusting his fingers between her soft folds finding her wet, aching sex, first with one finger, then two and finally a third.

She was no longer in control of her own body. He was playing it like a concert pianist played the keys of his piano, making the notes and sounds merge until he and the instrument were one. She could feel the first ripples of an orgasm building in her belly, rising and flowing. The liquid seeped from her body and coated his fingers, confirming exactly what this smug, arrogant, dominant prick of a man did to her. As the three fingers inside her began to open her up her climax picked up speed and momentum, causing her to whimper and whine as he bit firmly into her ear lobe forcing a cry of pain from her, yet it just added to the pleasure she felt too. She knew that it wouldn’t take more than another touch or a gentle stroke for her to go beyond her tipping point.

“Does this feel perverse? Or kinky? Tell me Kitten.” He stilled completely.

“No,” she moaned as she began to force some movement in her own hips to gain the release she desired now, needed.

“Good. Do you need to call judgemental?” he asked, mocking her but waited for an answer.

“No, no, sorry, please,” she muttered, unsure what she was saying or why she was mixing her pleasantries.

“Do you like how this feels? How I make you feel?”

“Yes,” she whimpered as another pool of liquid escaped her, reaffirming her answer. With a sinister and derisory laugh, he freed himself from her, releasing her from between him and the door as he spun her back to face him. “Now, I have a prior engagement with Claudia and you should have enough time to go home and let your boyfriend reap the rewards of our evening before the deadline for your message expires.”
She stared at him and felt a mixture of emotions: lust, anger, humiliation, desire, confusion and jealousy, jealousy towards Claudia who was going to reap the rewards of her frustration with Marcus as much as Aiden would.

“What happens if I miss my deadline?” she asked expectantly.

“You would need to miss the deadline to find out, but if you decide to be cautious on this occasion I can assure you that there will be others where you will discover first-hand how I respond to you failing to meet my deadlines.”

“Like with Claudia?” she asked without thinking.

He smiled his triumphant smile again, “Goodnight Kitten.” He ushered her through the now open door.

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