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Ryder Dail Cryseler Prison holds the most dangerous criminals from the southern region of the USA. Hazel is an inmate here sentenced for attempted murder. However, Dracilo is a man with many faces. a man in charge of the Italian mafia who sworn off love But hazel Is different. Join Hazel and Dracilo on this journey of love and hate. each untying each other's secrets one by one.

Romance / Action
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It’s morning at Ryder Dail Cryselor Prison. How do I know? Well, I’m Hazel a 27-year-old inmate and I've been rotting in this jail for 7 years now. Every morning, one of the correctional officers comes ringing a loud ass bell. Up and down the stairs waking every single inmate up.

The officer ringing the bell is Mr. Derwittle he has a white and gray uniform on with a black belt and black shoes. Every officer here wears this attire.

But he’s the most annoying. He's an old man who likes to scream and spit in people’s faces like we’re trash. like we’re the lowest of the low.

I heard him before he even came to my cell.

“Hazel wake the fuck up ?" He slams his baton on my cell, creating a Doppler effect of rings that vibrate my ears

" I’m up Asshole. What the fuck do you want?” I say glaring at him

" Breakfast is ready, so get up.” he beeps the door open and grabs my arms, throwing me into the wall while handcuffing my hands slowly

“Did you have to do that, I would have walked peacefully to the end of the cell dumbass”

“Shut up,” he grumbled pushing me toward the cafeteria. The cafeteria was on the far side of the prison. One side of the prison are the inmate cells and the other side is the cafeteria and areas where other activities are held.

He beeps the cafeteria door open and pushes me in. Closing the door behind me. I immediately spot my friend Ruby, she’s jumping up and down looking at me

"Hazel, bitch, get over here”

I walk towards my table and sit down to be greeted by Ruby. Ruby looks exactly like me, it’s so crazy. She has brown curly hair, brown eyes, and heart-shaped pink lips, her skin is caramel just like mine, but instead of her being Hispanic and five feet eight she is mixed and five feet four. She’s like a mini-me. She has been there for me ever since I came here 7 years ago.

“Hey, Ruby, what’s up?” plopping down at the table

“Oh, nothing are you excited you’re getting out tomorrow”

“Yeah, I am, I’m going to miss you,” I said hugging her

“Me too,” she replies

We both sit down beside each other, hugging and eating silently.

Suddenly, the cafeteria door is slammed open. The whole cafeteria goes quiet. An officer is standing in the doorway, and he gazes over all the inmates. Looking for someone specific, and his gaze settles on me.

What the fuck did I do now? These bitches love to get me in trouble before I can open my mouth. He says

" Hazel Ramirez, You’re going home. So, come with me.”

I got up hugging ruby one last time. Practically running towards him. We exit the cafeteria and I follow behind him with a hop in my step.

Suddenly, he stops, and turns around looking at me. "do you need to go back to your cell to get anything?” he asks

“No, I don’t, but thanks though”

He nods his head turning around and keeps walking.

“Here, take this.” he hands me a paper with my name on it.

“They will know who you are and get you out of here. Just go straight down the hall and open the door. the guard will buzz you in. Then you sign your papers, collect your things, and leave. ”

“Okay, gotcha, thanks man”

“You’re welcome, I would walk you down, but I’m not cleared to do that, but be safe out there and make good decisions. I hope to not see you here again.”

“Yep, I gotcha, thanks dude”

“Your welcome, good luck out there hazel”

And with that statement, he turned around and walked away.

I make my way down the hall and I see a guard boxed in a cubical behind the window.

And he’s such a wonderful guard to be sleeping on the job. I can’t help but smile, as I slam my hand on the window. The natural reaction he jolts awake.

" Hey dude, I’m hazel. I’m getting released today.”

“Oh, yeah, um, uh, hand me the paper”

I slide the paper that the guard gave to me in a slit in the window. He grabs it and looks at it.

“Okay, Ms. Hazel you’re free to go.” He looks up and buzzed me out.

I open the door to see my belongings are on the table.

I walk through the door and The door loudly slams behind me

A guard is standing over my items with a clipboard I guess he heard the door slam and he looked up at me.

“Hazel right?”


“Okay, hazel, these are your belonging make sure everything is here and you can sign off and leave.”

“Okay, ”

I open the bag and checking off every item. “Yeah, everything is here” I check one more time just in case. “Yep, it’s all good” I close the bag, taking out my phone turning it on surprising it’s at 70 percent.

“Okay, um sign these papers and you can go to the bathroom and change.”


I grab the clipboard and the pen that he gracefully handed over and signed my name.

I placed the clipboard and pen on the table. Grabbing the bag I turn around and see the bathroom. I walk in, close, And lock the door. Placing my phone and bag on the counter. I take my clothes out. Disregarding my blue jumpsuit, And slip on my skinny jeans and my white T-shirt. I grab my watch and black tennis shoes out of the bag. Clamping the watch on my wrist and I slip the shoes on my feet. I look in the mirror and my reflection is horrible my hair is puffy pointing in every direction and I don’t have anything to straighten my hair out. I unlock the door and walk back to the counter and the guard has a comb and brush.

“Here these are for you,” he says softly

He hands them to me and I go back into the bathroom. I look in the mirror And comb my hair. I grab the brush to smooth everything out and I look better than I did before. I walk out feeling well-groomed and hand the brush and comb-over.

“No you keep it.” he pushes my hand away

“You sure, what if the other girls need it?”

“I’ll have another comb and brush by then. You’ve been held up long enough. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, bitch. ”

He sternly looks at me.

“Sorry, I curse when I get excited.”

“Yeah, I see that,” he says, cracking a smile. “But, after your interruption, I already buzzed you out just go out the door in front of you, and the gates are open ”

“Okay, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, now go”

“Okay, okay, I’m leaving dang, ” I open the door to be blinded by the light. I close my eyes and open them back up slowly. I finally see flowers and the sun for the first time in a long time. I walk out the gates completely amazed by my surroundings, and the gates closed immediately after.

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