My Favourite Flavour ✔ (COMPLETED)

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WARNING ‼️ THE STORY CONTAIN HEAVY MATURE CONTENT ‼️ "I've never tasted anything like you before. You're different from those girls, I spent my nights with." A story which comes with outstanding thrill of romantic fantasies, a flood of romance and emotions, angst and a touch of crime and sexuality. A world where, a man named as Jeon Jungkook, falls in love, with a pair of lips of a hostage, named as Yuni. From there on, the bridges of romanticism started to build. An air of few tortures blows and a river of lust bursts up. ________ DISCLAIMER ©️ GOLDENMAKNAE5620   DO NOT COPY OR PLAGIARIZE THIS WORK WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER OR ELSE IT WILL BE REPORTED.   THIS BOOK IS CLEARLY FOR THOSE READERS WHO ARE COMFORTABLE WITH READING HEAVY SMUT, SWEAR LANGUAGE AND CRIMINOLOGY. IT IS A WORK OF PURE FICTIONAL AND IMAGINARY THOUGHTS THAT ARE RELATABLE TO THE MINDSET OF THE AUTHOR. ALL OF THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY SHOULD BE TAKEN AS BY THE MEANS OF JUST IMAGINATION.   THANK YOU.   YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COPY/PLAGIARIZE/USE THIS IDEA OR CALL IT AS YOUR OWN!   ALSO, IF I SAW ANY RUDE COMMENT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT? IT WOULD BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY! HATE COMMENTS ON MY WORKS WON'T BE TOLERATED AT ALL AND WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY.

Romance / Erotica
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"The world is a beautiful place,
Filled with dangerous people."


"No! DON'T!" In a room so dark which almost looked like a dungeon, a woman with ropes surrounding her body, screamed her lungs out, along with a dim small light hanging above her head. The lady cried with tears filling like waterfall in her eyes, desperate to let their gang leader hear it as the men surrounding the lady pretended to be statues. "She's innocent! She's not worthy of any of your cruel intentions! I BEG YOU! LEAVE MY DAUGHTER!"

"I'll taste her out first and then decide, if your daughter's worth leaving." A manly voice rung her ears, worriedly making her lift her head up and darting her sight towards a tall figure who stood in the dark.

"No! She's too innocent for you. Please." The lady pleaded with tearful eyes when the consequences not so good for her daughter already rushed inside her mind.

"I didn't ask you." The tall man who stood in the dark, took steps towards the lady as he tsk to her in annoyance and hissed furthermore.

"Don't. Please don't. I beg you. Leave my daughter." The mother being worried for her soulful daughter, begged again for her life. But it was no use as the leader of their gang never owned sympathy towards anyone.

He turned and sighed in annoyance once again, now stepping towards a door and grabbed the knob and later that he uttered a threat after turning his head towards his men when he shot the words with a deep throaty voice towards the lady so worried and those words were enough for her to think about a dangerous thought afterwards when she started to shake after listening those words for her own daughter.

"No one disturbs me, while I'll be having my meal." After turning the knob, he entered inside another dark room and closed the door behind himself when he licked his lips as the man was ready to devour a new taste.



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