Love letters to a doctor ♡

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My thoughts about being separated from my loving boyfriend for two months

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Darling molamin

I wish i could turn the clock so i can convince my mother that you are not a bad guy. You are my darling doctor, and my love. I love with you all my DNA as i wanted nothing but to be with you, in your arms as you make loved be and bare a daughter named Love for you.

Molamin i missed you dearly and i was very angry at my mother for about three months as she complicated things like an infection. All the time i could have been with you. I tried forgetting you and pretend you did not exist wish was she emotional torture and psychological torture. I finally blew up with my mom and mental health counselor last Friday because i wanted to be with you and only you. Lovely i love you like i never loved anyone . Having to say that i am find when that was a fucking lie. Something i hate doing. Not that we are back ican honestly say i am fine with confidence .

Love with all my DNA


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