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Mae is a prostitute... Mae is an escort... Delilah was hired by... Luna was bought by... *sigh* I am whoever you want me to be. -- Mae works for a company that focuses on the pleasure and privacy for the supernatural. As one of the few humans that work all areas, she is highly sorted after. What happens when a one-night blood letting turns into a year long arrangement with a man who has the means to afford it? Will her biggest problem be the man who bought her, the men who'll go without, or the 800 thousand dollars sitting in her bank account gathering prying eyes? -- Graphic sexual and mature scenes throughout Readers caution advised Updates every Tuesday 1st Draft

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Author’s Note

Hi all, thank you for stumbling across my book. This is a mature story so young adults, those aged under 18 read with caution.

There are graphic scenes both sexual and violent with mature language throughout.

This is a first draft one which is present tense. There will be occasions where there's a tense shift. I'm so used to writing in past tense so please bare with me as I edit.

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