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The Vampire and the Escort


I place my key on the board carrying the duffle bag in one hand and my coat in the other as I round the front yard letting myself in through the front of the door. As I open it, Sybil approaches me, taking the duffle and coat from my hand.

“How she been Sybil?” I ask.

“She did most of her chores. Aside from the dusting, but the chores she did do, she did well. When I went to scold her, I found her asleep in the bathtub. Luckily the plug had come loose otherwise she would’ve drowned.” Sybil tuts loudly as though Mae’s death would’ve been an inconvenience. “I forget how simple humans are. I may have worked her too hard, Master Dominic.”

I wave my hand.

“Nonsense, I’m sure you did fine. Take the bag and distribute it among the community. Don’t forget to save some for you and the girls.”

Sybil nods her head before heading to the kitchen. I head to my room ready to discard the smart casual outfit I had put together this morning; however, I find myself gravitating to Mae’s room. I open it peering in and there she is in all her naked glory.

The curtains have been drawn, and Mae has lit several candles to illuminate the room, creating a soft glow causing her shadow to dance across the walls.

“...low lunge. Exhale...pivot towards the front of your mat...” The New Zealand accent floats throughout the room, instantly reminding me of Constance.

Mae does as the voice instructs her body, moving into a lunge.

“...push through your hands round your spine. Try to lift your knee towards your chest and feel your core engage. Take a breath in...” I can hear her take a large breath in her back, raising. “And exhale.”

“You do yoga naked?”

Mae glances at me before standing to her feet and switching off the Bluetooth speaker.

“It’s very freeing,” she replies, grabbing a silk robe from off her bed covering her body from me. I groan in response, catching her off guard making her smirk.

“There’s no need to cover up on my accord.”

“No offence Dominic but you kind of disturbed my Vinyasa. Besides dinner will be ready soon and I should get dressed.” If I could have it my way, you wouldn’t wear any clothing around the house. My head lulls backwards as my mind envisions Mae parading around the house with nothing but heels on. My jaw clench and my pants tighten.

I lean my back on the door as Mae walks past me, heading to the closet.

“Sybil said you didn’t complete your chores.”

Her body seems to stiffen as if she’s been frozen before relaxing and removing the typically coloured black dress from the hanger.

“I forgot to dust. I hardly think the world should end because of it.” She drops her robe, exposing her back to me before glancing over her shoulder. “Don’t you think?” She’s teasing me... and it’s working.

Mae pulls the dress on the spaghetti straps hanging delicately on her shoulders as she pulls out a pair of black wedged peep-toe heels.

She is dressed for summer and luckily for her, she isn’t leaving for the rest of the night so her body could afford to be so revealed. She doesn’t bother to wear any underwear leaving small little points near the top of the dress. Instinctively I lick my lips.

Mae approaches me her jasmine scent encasing me, making me undeniably horny and regrettably lustful. She eyes me, and my lower half jumps at the thought of what she’d do next.

“Should we go have some dinner, Dominic?” Her eyes shift to the door I was blocking. I open it, allowing her to pass giving me time to adjust the throbbing erection she has just given me.

I take a sip of my wine as I watch Mae put another forkful into her mouth her pink tongue darting from left to right sandwiched between her lips as she cleans the tomato sauce off it. She takes a small sip of her water.

“I researched you.” I raise my brow at Mae as she speaks, patting her lips before laying the napkin on the empty plate. “I’m not really supposed to till... well, I could, I just choose not to.”

“What did you find?” I ask.

One of the downsides of being a very wealthy man was that I was also rich in scandals, fake news and every tabloid speculating whether I’m gay. Dissecting the clothes I wear, whether it makes me a democrat or a republican and whether I funded Trump in his win... I did not.

“Besides the females on your arm, I notice that your businesses have come under a lot of issues. Only small things like the medical scandal with the young boy.” My eyes flutter shut as I am reminded again of Sean. “I’m sorry to hear about what happened.”

I feel her hand rest on my forearm and open my eyes to look at her.

“You seem like a good person... well, you haven’t shown yourself to be a bad person.”

“You think so?” I ask her.

“You take some warming up. You are not nearly as big of a dick as you were the first night we met.”

I watch her smile grow and my own face frowns. Sex brought out a meaner side, a more vampiric side that at times worked wonders at stimulating me keeping me sharp and focus.

However, I don’t tend to make a habit of having sex with the same woman more than once. So I can afford to be that fleeting jerk who knows how to fuck. But here Mae was having to see both sides of me daily. I had forgotten my manners.

I look down at her hand on my arm before going back to her. Mae pushes back in her chair and so did I instinctively almost parroting her, under her spell.

“Thank you for dinner. I’ll be outside your door in an hour.” She takes my plate and hers stacking it and her glass of water before walking out of the room.

Being on my feet already, I follow her. Mae is in the dark. Without my hunter like eyes adjusting to the poor lighting, I would’ve never made out her silhouette scraping the last of the food in the bin.

“Why a-”

She screams, dropping the plate, and it hit the floor, shattering into far too many pieces.

“Don’t do that!” She spins around, facing no one, and I switch on the light.

“Why are you in the dark?”

Hearing my voice, Mae is able to direct her next words at me instead of the stairs. “Because I’m only washing the dishes, there’s no need to turn the light on. It’s a waste of electricity.”

My lips curve into a smile, and I just about stifle a laugh. She catches my cover-up glaring at me.

“Don’t be silly Mae, a few minutes in the light to wash dishes won’t kill you, besides I have a dishwasher.”

“A what!” she shouts, perhaps a little too loudly. “Sorry, Sybil gave me the impression that everything was done by hand.”

“Most times but there are times when it’s just me home so...”

Mae goes to the corner, taking out the dustpan and broom before kneeling and begins sweeping the pieces of china that have scattered across the kitchen.

I watch her shuffling around her knees to her chest as she sweeps the pieces, but soon she begins to pick up the pieces up.

“Shit!” she shouts, and I’m across the kitchen to her side in third strides, lifting her by her elbows.


Mae has her index finger in her mouth, and I pull it out. A line of saliva mixed with blood trails out. I narrow my eyes as the red blood oozed out of her finger and instinctively, I put it in my mouth.

Mae stares at me for a second before casting her eyes to the ceiling, almost embarrassed by the whole thing. I continue sucking until the flow slows before giving her finger back to her.

“Done?” she asks she places her finger back in her mouth despite it not bleeding anymore, and my blood rushes to my growing erection.

“Not in the slightest.” I pull her finger out her mouth and replace it with my lips. Mae is just as shocked as I am when I kissed her the action entirely alien for me.

A.N. Merry Christmas guys!!! Dominic is doing things he doesn’t usually hmm... let me know what you think. Most importantly thanks for reading!

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