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The FolkWhore Designer

ℝ𝕖𝕓𝕖𝕜𝕒𝕙 & ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕣𝕒𝕕

Rebekah stands outside the golden storefront-- the name lined with fake greenery like weeds on an abandoned building snaking around to make the name.

FolkWhore, she smiles, understanding the pun that no doubt went over most heads.

Rebekah pushes the door open as the bell chimes. Her black brogues are sinking into the carpet fibres. Before she can even reach the front desk, Rebekah has to weave her way through rows of clothes on a rotating metal frame like something you’d see at a dry cleaner.

“Hello... hello,” Rebekah calls.

“Back her babe.” A small hand waves from a distance and Rebekah walks over. Finally, in a clearing, she comes face to face with Klaus.

He rolls a stick of gum between his fingers before putting it in his mouth, he looks her over, biting his soft pink lips as he surveys Rebekah’s whole existence.

Kawaii would be the best way to describe her face— pale skin like whipped cream with sprinkles of cinnamon, almond-shaped eyes that are always behind her golden thin-rimmed glasses that magnified the brown in them. Small plump pink lips that always pouting when she’s in deep thought. But Rebekah was from the Philippines, and when she speaks, she was anything but cute.

Rebekah stands awkwardly brushing her short raven hair behind one of her ears. Klaus’ eyes trails down her white blouse wrapped under her khaki trench coat, stopping just at the knees of her black cigarette trousers ending finally on the black brogues rising and falling with every breath.

“A nymph.” His eyes find their way to hers as he speaks.

“Excuse me,” Rebekah replies as Klaus runs a pink nailed hand through his golden hair.

“I’m usually good at guessing what a customer is looking for, and if not, I usually already have an answer for them.”

“I’m not a customer.” She places her coffee cup on the counter, taking out her notebook and wallet out of her beige bag before setting it on the ground.

Klaus looks horrified at the caffeine that has made an entrance on his glass countertop.

Rebekah flips open her wallet, showcasing the IRS badge and her picture on the other side. Klaus takes it surveying the badge as though he was assuming it was a fake, before handing it back to her disgusted as he was when she placed the coffee cup down.

“Well, agent Calamba what brings you down to FolkWhore?”

Rebekah opens up her notebook, sliding the pen off the page and clicks it.

“Does a Mae Geoffries work here?”

Klaus sighs, rubbing his chin. “I’m only the customer assistant I don’t really know the designers but Mae, I know her why?”

“I’m hoping to speak to her, I tried her home phone and mobile, but I couldn’t reach her through either.”

Klaus slips off the desk naturally towering over Rebekah. For a brief second, she thought he is about to attack, and in all honesty, there would be nothing she could do about it.

Instead, he reaches down under the desk and pulls out a large black leather book, dust covering the top of it forcing Klaus to brush the dust off I one felled swoop.

“It’s been a while since I had to bring out the diary. We do most of our stuff on the internet, but as I don’t have access to it, we keep an overview of jobs the guys are on in here.” He opens it up to November running his finger over the dates. “Here we go.”

Klaus turns the book around for Rebekah to see. He points at the handwritten note ‘Mae x Aldrek 10’ inside the box dated the 1st.

“Is that it?” Rebekah says disheartened. She looks to Klaus who shrugs his shoulders.

“That’s what it is, I couldn’t tell you more you’d have to speak to my boss, and she’s not in today. However...”

Rebekah’s ears perk up on the off chance of more information.

“It’s not uncommon for designers to go off the grid, no doubt Mae is working on costumes for this Aldrek person. The number 10 suggests the time.”

“Ten weeks? that’ll bring us to mid-February.”

“Oh, no baby girl. Ten months,” Klaus corrects.

“She’ll be off the grid for ten months!” Rebekah clarifies.

“Looks like it, it must be a massive project.”

Rebekah’s lips move to the side as she tucks away her notebook and pen, grabbing her coffee cup to Klaus’ relief. The investigation has hit a dead-end almost immediately if Grier doesn’t sideline her this investigative path will.


“Klaus,” he finishes. Rebekah takes out her business card and hands it to him.

“When your boss gets in, have her give me a call. I really need to speak to Miss Geoffries.”

“Will do agent.”

Rebekah leaves the store the cold air seeming more brutal then it did when she went in almost mocking her for the failed attempt of being an IRS agent.

Hopefully, Grier is doing better than I am. She thinks taking a long unhappy gulp of her now ice-cold coffee.

A.N. Rebekah is after Mae whilst Conrad is after Dominic who will reach the truth first? Let me know what you think and most importantly thanks for reading.

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