The Year Package

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I walk out of the bathroom a towel around my waist and another in my hand. I glance at the time the clock hovering over the door frame. She will be here soon.

I hadn’t realised that every night I look forward to this and this only. To open the door to a naked Mae standing there, hands behind her back, waiting to be ravished. By me.

The phone on the bed vibrates, I frown. This is the fifth vibration in the space of ten minutes. If I check it, I’ll have to deal with it. Whatever it is someone else can sort it.

I chuck my small towel over it hoping the cover would stop the constant vibrations but still they persist. From a periodical buzz to a long drone, whoever texted me has taken to calling.

I hang my head back, knowing I’ll regret my decision and pick up the towel pulling the phone from underneath. ‘Lincoln’, I slide across the bar on the phone and press the phone to my ear.

“The club better be on fire for you to be calling me,” I hiss.

“Worse. The police are here.”

“What!” I head to the closest already deciding that my evening has been ruined. “Why are the police there?”

“I don’t know. They say they want to talk to the owner. I am the owner, but they’re not buying it saying they know you own the building.”

I put Lincoln on loudspeaker as I get dressed.

“And what do they want?” I ask as I pull on my jogging bottoms. There is a pause from the other line.

“Words Lincoln, I can’t hear fucking gestures.”

“I don’t know. Again they said they want to talk to you and if you don’t get here, they’ll have to close the club. Do you know how many we’ve got in here tonight, man?” I throw on a shirt before adding another layer. “Fucking 800 hundred tonight, 200 of those have bought a table or at least spending on one. Our bar tab is fucking hilarious.”

“I don’t fucking care about the capacity tonight. It’s 10 pm if the nightclub gets shut down now those people will go somewhere else to spend their fucking hilarious bar tab.”

“Well, I told them you were at home and would be here by one.”

I put on my trainers grabbing the phone off the black leather futon and head to the bedroom door.

“Great.” I hang up as I throw open the door revealing a naked Mae waiting to be ravished. She looks down at my casual clothing before looking down at her nude body slightly confused.

“Are we not on today?” She almost feels stupid when she says the words and her confused thoughts confirm it.

“Get a coat on we are going out.” I practically usher her towards her room.

“Clothes?” she asks.

“Don’t even think about it,” I remark, heading to the far staircase. I hear a loud groan as her bedroom door open.

You and me both.


I pull the car around the back, passing the waiting line as it snakes its way down three blocks.

The alleyway is lit up deterring horny club-goers and criminals. Illuminating the large dumpsters and the silver door on either side of me. I walk quickly around to the passenger side and open it up for Mae. She steps out wrapping the brown lapel coat tying the matching colour belt around her, covering her erect nipples as the cold nips at them.

I frown reminded of what I could’ve been doing instead of outside a nightclub dressed in sweats and palladium boots. I type in the keypad for the back door, and it buzzes. I open it, pulling Mae along with me. The door slams shut behind us as we walk quickly down the empty hallway past the security room and up the stairs to the office.

I open the door to the sleek black office the tinted window looking onto the dancing, and happy clubbers below as the lights strobe and the DJ plays.

“Stay here.”

Mae steps into the room, sitting down on the leather chair to the right.

“I’m not a dog Dominic,” she replies.

I let out a heavy sigh, running my hand through my hair.

“Mae...just...” Just seeing her sitting there had me pacing. How quick could I be? Five minutes. Ten tops I could let off some steam and then go to see the police. Fuck the police, God they’re not going to fucking wait, but neither can I. Argh. Fuck!

“Stay here!” I repeat louder than before and leave the room quickly before my erection gets this club closed.

I never understand why people queue outside a nightclub in any weather under the sun. If Crimson is open, they come flocking, and that’s what tonight was like.

Streams of people wait patiently under the painful wind. Woman grip their small coats and clench their exposed thighs as their hair flies freely in the sky.

The police are waiting off the side by the front entrance as I make my way around, making those that entered nervous and worried — they are running the mood, fucking idiots.

“Dominic Aldrek, I hear you want me,” I introduce.

The police turn around as I introduce myself, making sure their backs are to the entrance so my guests can feel at ease.

“I am police officer Hounders, and this is police officer Staines.”

Between the two, I couldn’t give a shit what their names are. I want to know why they were down here, standing and causing unrest.

“Nice to meet you officers, what brings you to the Crimson?”

“We believe you may be serving two underage children,” one of them say.

My eyebrows dip as I take in their words.

“I can assure you everyone is checked at the door.” I motion to the scanner placed by the door. The police turned as party-goers step forward handing their id to the bouncer before it slides under the machine and a green flash goes off.

“Fake IDs Mr Aldrek they aren’t hard to come by,” one of the officers say.

“Right, names of these so-called underage clubbers?” Officer Hounders pulls out his notepad from his breast pocket, flipping it open.

“Kara Baits and Lesley Fisher.”

“Thank you. We have a list of all our guests. I will go and collect these two and bring them out.”

“Please hurry Mr Aldrek we’ve wasted enough time waiting for you,” one of them remarks. I head back in the club before they can see my face.

I storm through corridor-- gold reflected walls on either side as my shoes stamp along the red carpet. I forget how much I hate the interior. The winding of the path, making the guests feel disorientated, forcing them back inside where everything was straight, and alcohol was flowing freely. It makes me nauseous, and I was thankful when the path leads me to the open floor space.

The red continues through into the lighting— shades of it everywhere, you can always find it paired with black. I push past the crowds to the closest bar of six slamming my hands down to catch the bartender’s attention.

Recognising me, she hurries over dropping whatever drink she was just making to attend to me.

“Where is the guest list?” I shout, trying to be heard over the rumble of the bass and the chats of others. She looks around her hand, going for a shot glass. I slam my hand down again, making her jump nearly knocking the stack of glasses onto the floor.

She looks at me, her pale grey eyes frightened, and I beckon her forward with my finger so that I could speak directly into her ear.

“Where is the guest list?” I say.

The bartender pulls the tablet from under the till and hands it to me. I scroll through the list. Where there’s one, the other should be nearby. ‘Kara Baits’ I click on her name.

She was under a plus one at a table on the second floor behind the DJ. I hand the tablet back to her and head for the stairs.

Lincoln isn’t a bad designer I just hate nightclubs. Too many people and never enough space, to top it off you couldn’t have a decent conversation with someone without paying ridiculous amounts of money for your own booth. Despite all this, I had requested Mae to meet at one. Maybe because I had no intention of having a meaningful conversation with her.

As I walk onto the second floor, I head to the table.

I can see the girls from where I stand on top of the black rounded table, dancing as a fat man sits and enjoys it. I pull them both down the pair in shock as the caught sight of me seething with anger.

Their gold eyes sparkle as the giggle to themselves. I look to the man who’s face is sweltering under the lights, finding it difficult to contain his human features-- his nose already beginning to round and shape more like a pig.

“So, pixies and a Zhu Bajie.” I look over the trio the girls holding in this uncontrollable laughter. “The police are here. I need you to put on some years.”

The girls look to each other. If you didn’t know you’d think they were 18 but the moment I ask them to add some years it was in their nature to retract them.

Tricksters and immature ones at that. I should consider having their kind banned. It’s no surprise though their parents are elves and fae. Two opposites so it’s typical to have such troublesome children.

It’s a good thing interracial breeding between them is now forbidden.

I roll my eyes as the girls giggle their features softening out and losing the maturity they had previously. I drop on of them my hand going from her clothes to her neck.

“I said add some years otherwise I rip your throat out.” I bare my teeth the retractable fangs etching further down my mouth.

The pixie looks at me, her golden eyes dimming as she does as she is told. I wait patiently as she goes from 16 to a lovely legal age of 25. I drop her to the floor her equally age-appropriate friend holding her close.

“Thank you, ladies,” I smile as I speak. “Now let’s go see the police.”

The police look between me, the girls and the photo IDs that they have received.

“As you can see officers, there’s been a mistake. These girls are the legal age to enjoy my club,” I reassure them, hoping that the girls can contain themselves and hold on a bit longer.

I hear it’s very taxing being old for Pixies, despite them ageing mentally and through experience being physically old was too tiresome especially on their magic. Keeping a youthful appearance requires less work than ageing gracefully.

I was told once by my mother that when a Pixie dies it reverts back to its first day of life, and that their cemetery is filled with dead newborns, completely preserved.

I did not sleep that week.

The officers look between them, making sure these were the girls that were on their list.

“It would appear so, Mr Aldrek, have a good night.” They turn their backs to us, heading to their patrol car on the other side of the road. I face the girls who have already started to return to their preferred 16-year-old faces.

“The rules girl, keep the shifting indoors, I don’t need this hassle again.” They nod quickly running back into the club.

My shoulders relax as I can finally begin my evening. I head towards the alleyway finding it more comfortable to stomach the club when I wasn’t trapesing through it. I open the back door coming face to face with Lincoln.

“There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you. Did you sort out the issue?”

I push past him the door slamming shut from the wind.

“Why are the police coming to the club, Lincoln?” I glance behind me as he shrugs.

“It’s been like this on and off over the last two months. False reports from out of date club license to whoring out some of the staff. This, however, was the first time they’ve asked for you personally,” Lincoln explains.

“I can’t keep coming to the rescue every time you have a problem,” I reply.

“I didn’t ask for you to come, Dominic, they did if you just put my name on the owner-”

“We’ve talked about this, Lincoln. You’re not going on the paperwork,” I interject.

“Fuck sake, Dominic you really want to do everything yourself don’t you?”

There was a reason why I hadn’t put Crimson under his name. He simply wasn’t ready for such responsibility. Not only did Lincoln dress like a young adult, but he also acted like one. He had such child-like mannerisms to him despite being 26.

You can’t tell that he was a manger from the way he dressed—black and white vans with a v neck grey shirt. He could easily be one of the bartenders, and not to mention Lincoln’s inability to separate work and his personal life continually making moves to the female and male bartenders whenever a small opportunity presents itself.

I open the door to the office to Mae. She has discarded her lapel coat and was peering at the things at the back of the office. As the sound of the door creaks, Mae turns around, and I can hear Lincoln’s mouth hang open.

“Well, Dominic,” he begins, throwing his hands down on my shoulders with considerable force. “Who is this?”

Mae sits on the edge of the desk, her arms and legs folded.

“Adding him.” She points to Lincoln. “Will cost extra.”

“He’s not joining.” I turn around to Lincoln, who was smiling his devilish grey eyes never leaving Mae. I push him out the office shutting the door so his focus can return to me.

“A FolkWhore, Dominic, I gave you that calling card on a whim. I didn’t think you’d go ahead with it,” Lincoln laughs. I roll my eyes as my brother continues to smile at me. “How long have you got her for?”

“A year,” I reply.

“A what?”

“I said a year.”

Lincoln eyebrows merge as he takes in my words.

“And you say you worry about me spending recklessly, this...this...that’s...” in the first time in my life Lincoln is left speechless his mouth opening and closing like a suffocating fish as he tries to create a sentence.

“Go manage the club, Lincoln,” I advise.

“Are you using protection?” he asks suddenly. I make a face taken aback by Lincoln’s concern. I’m sure the guy wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a condom wrapper and a seasoning packet.


“Come on, Dominic, are you keeping it wrapped up?” Lincoln persists.

“She’s clean, Lincoln. I’m clean,” I answer, equally curious and annoyed he’s asking me such personal questions.

“Catching something is not what I am concerned about, I’m talking about getting her pregnant.”

I scoff loudly as I turn Lincoln around facing the stairs.

“Just remain vigilant. Magenta is an opportunist if I’ve ever seen one,” Lincoln advises as he walks down the stairs.

“You know as well as I do, I’m not getting her pregnant. She wouldn’t go through the process of being suitable, and I’m not getting a prostitute pregnant imagine the PR on that,” I laugh.

He glances over his shoulder before he speaks again. “Good, just making sure. It must be lonely in that big house of yours on top of the hill.”

“Why do you think I bought her for the year. I’m fucking bored.”

Lincoln waves goodbye heading down the corridor to do his job. I head back into the room-- Mae is still perched on the desk, and I was back to the state I was an hour ago. My hands are by her waist in four strides.

“Oh, are you free now?” I can hear the wit in her words as she leans back onto her hands.

“I see you’ve developed an attitude since last night,” I mention.

“You raised my pedestal when you kissed me.” Mae smirks her brow raise as she purses her lips.

“Is kissing the whore that monumental?” I question.

Mae trails her hands down my top pulling at the strings to my sweats, letting them fall dramatically as she pulls them out of their tie.

“You’re not supposed to,” she whispers. Her eyes hold mine— a light brown swirl sucking me in. Her warm hands are pulling me out of my sweats and holding me attentively. I want to see what she is doing want to see as strokes it running her finger over the head.

“And why is that?” I ask.

Mae knew as well I did the precum that smears her finger. Holding my gaze, I can see her place her finger in her mouth, her other hand taking hold of me and sliding it between her open legs in one long glorious motion.

“It’s dangerous,” she moans.

If I was not experienced, I would climax right there and then. The feel of Mae wrapped tight around me, clenching. The urge I feel in my stomach rumbles, and my hold on her waist tightens.

I bite into her neck with no warning. I want to taste her as I thrust with stiff and hard stokes. The sweet metallic taste that coats my tongue and slithers down my throat was something that I can’t get over.

The feel of her heartbeat quicken as it works faster to pump the blood around her body as I sucked it out through her neck. Her breath is fanning my ear as I move back and forth inside her driving myself deeper, and bringing her closer.

The screech of the desk as I draw nearer rocking and pushing it towards the wall. My vision is becoming hazy as I can feel myself expand inside of her, feel the clenching of Mae around me that only spurs me on until I come.

I groan into her neck, aware that Mae has become silent. Two rounds my fucking ass. I lick the side of her neck to stop the bleeding. Somehow, I manage to hold her close as I pull up my trousers. I look at the coat on the floor and then an unconscious Mae.

I pick her up carrying her bridal style and hook my foot under her coat, chucking it upwards to fall on top of her. Her head hangs back as we headed out of the club. I place her on the passenger side tilting the chair back so she won’t flop forward.

I shut the door heading to the boot. This is why I do this at home. I pop open the boot unzipping the cube-like freezer bag revealing the stacks of blood. I pull out one of the B positive bags and take it with me to the driver’s side, hanging the packet to the hook on the top of the door frame. I place the needle into her arm, wrapping the elasticated thick black band around her arm.

I lean back in my chair sitting in the darkness of the car staring at the sleeping Mae-- her heartbeat the only indication that I didn’t go overboard tonight.

I tuck the coat around her body and start up the engine heading home.

A.N. Introducing Lincoln, Dominic’s younger brother, and the guy who indirectly set him and Mae up. Let me know what you think, and most importantly thanks for reading.

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