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Take Your Whore To Work Day


I roll over onto my back as I hear some scuttering behind me. I sit up my head down, and my eyes still close.

“Sybil, I can dress myself.”

A haul of clothes falls on top of me, and I groan pulling it off. Dominic strolls out the walk-in closest more clothes draped over his shoulder and a pair of heels in his hand.

“I’m sure you can. You’re coming to work with me,” Dominic says.

I look at Dominic as he takes a seat on the swivel chair in front of me clothes surrounding me in a mound.

“Why?” I ask, tired.

“Because our meeting at night doesn’t work. As a contingency, you will be by my side.”

“Easy access,” I say simply.

“Easy access,” Dominic repeats. I look down at the clothes nothing black for as far as I could see, I lift the camel coloured skirt.

“Where did these come from?”

Dominic is too busy staring at his phone to pay attention. I roll my eyes sliding out of bed, on route to the bathroom stepping into the shower. I lean into the corner letting the water hit the sore puncture wound on my neck. When I had checked it in the mirror, it looked far worse than any other time.

I hold my neck the water droplets starting to sting as though they weigh far more than they should. I hold my hand out, expecting to see it coated deep red but nothing. I felt sick; there was a weird churning in my stomach that did not make me feel good.

With my body soaking wet, I tiptoe to the sink and pull out a plaster sticking it across my neck. From afar, you wouldn’t have noticed the slight shade change or the fact that there was a red border around the wound — a pulsating warning from my body to me.

I step out of the room, drying my body before letting the towel drop to the floor. Sensing that I am naked, Dominic looks up rubbing his chin as he took in my form.

“Mae.” Dominic stands up. “I’ve got to get to work.” His eyes narrow as he scrutinises my body. “Is there something you can do about that?” He points to nowhere in particular.


“The branding, I don’t need others seeing it.”

I look down before running my hand over the raised ‘A’ under my breast. Magenta told me just before stamped it on my skin that it’s only visible to supernatural beings and continuously on show. It not only serves as advertisement but also security, anyone that tried anything without an arrangement was at risk of Magenta’s wrath. I turn my gaze to Dominic.

“You have to lick it.”

Dominic eyes narrow, not to say he was angry, but the temptation for a small lick to go further created an enormous dilemma. He walks towards me and crouches down. He cups my breast lifting it, exposing the branding and trails his tongue over it — my body shudders, goosebumps coating every inch of my skin.

“Wear something that would complement what I am wearing.” He drops me far too quickly, and I stumble slightly.

I gave Dominic a glance over-- a beige jumper, a white tailored shirt poking from underneath, and slim black trousers with some black suede derby shoes. It wouldn’t be too difficult as it seemed is was in an abundance of autumnal colours.

I stand in the elevator twirling the loose strand just beside my ear. I can hear Dominic grumbling behind me.

“Get over it Dominic, the boots complement what you’re wearing, and you did ask me to compliment you didn’t you?” I flattened out the woollen beige longline jumper touching the midsection of my thighs followed by black suede boots with a wedged heel that went over the knee.

“Doesn’t mean that I like it, I’m sure I mentioned specifically that nothing that covers your legs should be in the closest.” He mumbles. I roll my eyes fluffing the low hanging ponytail before standing by his side, hooking my arm through his.

“Take it up with Sybil,” I retort.

“If anyone asks, you’re my girlfriend,” he says.

I nod my head. The elevator doors swing open to the small bustle of people going between offices. Parting them like the red sea, I can hear the whispers as people gape, seeing a woman on Dominic’s arm, a woman that none of the newspapers has mentioned.

We stroll across the salt and pepper carpeted floor to the end of the hallway ‘Dominic Aldrek’ displayed in gold lettering on the brown cedarwood door. Unlike all the other offices Dominic’s has blinds across the floor to ceiling window hiding anything that went on inside.

I walk in, dropping my near to empty bag and sit down on one of the sued chairs. Dominic removes his long brown coat and drapes it over the white desk chair before taking a seat.

“I have some meetings to attend. Do what you please just don’t leave the building.” He rifles through his drawer before picking out something and chucks it at me. I just about caught it fumbling it in my hands before it falls onto my lap.

“A phone?” I ask.

“A phone,” Dominic repeats. “I need to be able to reach you if I’m going to leave you to your own devices.”

There is a knock on the door, and we both stand up the door opens slowly, and the first thing to peak around the corner was blonde hair. As more emerged, the young girl looked between Dominic and me, she shuts the door behind her almost embarrassed by both of our presence, forcing her to cast her green eyes to the floor.

“Delilah, what is it?”

I tried to keep my face straight as I looked at the slim woman who Dominic named me after.

Her hands are wrapped around a silver notebook matching her blazer that had been rolled at the sleeve, exposing her freshly tanned skin. Delilah drops her arms, revealing the white tailored shirt the button starting just above her cleavage.

“Your scheduled meeting for ten, the board members are here.”

Dominic rises rounding the desk to stand beside me his arms looping around my waist.

“Delilah this is Mae, Mae this is Delilah my PA.”

I outstretch my hand shaking Delilah’s hand.

“Such a pretty name.” Did you name me after your PA? Dominic pinches my hip lightly as a response to my thought.

For what feels like too long we all stand there basking in the awkwardness that only me and Dominic know about, I edge out of Dominic’s grasp.

“You said Dominic had a meeting.” I smile between the two, Delilah opens the door.

“It was lovely meeting you Mae.” Delilah walks out the door, leaving it open no doubt a message for Dominic to follow.

He grasps the handle before taking a long look at me.

“I’ll be back soon, Mae.”

I dismiss his sentiment waving my hand.

“Go do what you have to do.”


I think I prefer being at home, at least I had things to do. Somehow, I have made it past 12 and with directions to the café on the ground floor I’m sitting in a corner on a worn-out armchair watching the torrential rain outside.

I run my nail over the coffee cup watching pedestrians run this way and that trying to avoid the fat droplets of rain that hit the floor. I take a sip. The chai latte fills my mouth before flowing down my throat and settling in my stomach.

The phone on the table vibrates moving slightly across the wooden table. I set the cup down picking up the phone.

‘Where are you?’- Dominic

I stare at the message as though doing so would make Dominic materialise in front of me.

‘Having lunch.’ - Mae

‘Have you finished?’- Dominic

Something tells me this was less of an ‘I’m just curious as to what you’re up to’ and more ‘get here now’ type question.

Deciding that going to his office is more effective than replying to his text, I get up from my comfort, picking up the coffee cup and head to the elevator.

No one dares get into the elevator with me as though even being near me means some disrespect towards their boss Dominic Aldrek. I press the top floor leaning on the railing as the door slid shut the elevator gliding effortlessly up 12 levels.

The floor is quiet, everyone had headed to lunch in staggered groups, and all that is left is empty desks and offices. I open the door to Dominic’s office to find him staring out of the window overlooking midtown Seattle.

As the door closes, Dominic has made his way from the window to me his body pressing me up against the door. He pulls up my jumper and bundles the ends underneath my neck and rips my underwear clean off. The poor thin fabric falling to the floor in two pieces.

With the jangling from his buckle, Dominic pushes down his trousers. His hand around the back of my knee, holding it up and forcing me to stand on my toes.

Something is wrong. Dominic doesn’t even look at me as he pushes himself inside doesn’t even groan in satisfaction as he starts pumping away.

His head leans against my shoulder with my arms around his neck and legs around his thighs. Dominic had both his hands on either side of me, palms open as he works away.

I can only imagine what outside could hear, no grunts or pleasurable sounds just a THUMP, THUMP, THUMP — coming from the other side of the door.

It doesn’t work well with the whole ‘this is my girlfriend’ façade if anything it does the complete opposite and makes our relationship come across as something cheap and quick. I trail my finger down his neck as he fucks away.


A.N. I wonder what’s upset Dominic? And who would’ve thought he named her after his PA. Let me know what you think. More importantly thanks for reading.

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