The Year Package

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“I’ll be back Mae.”

She waves me off plopping back into the chair one covered leg crosses over the other. I shut the door behind me.

Delilah has already reached the conference room six doors down. All the rooms were the same floor to ceiling windows one large oval polished wooden table that sat 12.

I open the door and all the similarly dressed board members stand up their chatter silent. I place my folders on the table and sit down the board members following shortly after.

“I didn’t expect to be having a meeting so soon, is the development of the community near Fauntleroy park exceeding my expectations?”

Immediately the board erupts-- one speaking over the other, some stand up flapping their sheets of papers at me, others sit quietly trying to not draw attention to themselves.

I raise my hand.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. My assistant can’t minute-take if you are all shouting.”

The noise quietens down, and the board members take their seats.

One man leans forward his bald head catching the rays of the morning sun off the top as he grabs my attention. He straightens his red tie clearing his throat before he speaks.

“We are nowhere near completion Mr Aldrek, in fact, construction hasn’t even begun.”

“And why is that?” I ask.

The man leans back another, taking his place. He runs his hand through his oily thinning grey hair, sweat beads resting on his forehead.

“There seem to be problems on every avenue Mr Aldrek. If it isn’t the contracts with the suppliers, it’s with the land, if it isn’t the land then it’s inspections. All of a sudden Mr Aldrek it would seem everyone is making business with you complicated, even worse Mr Aldrek up-” A knock came from the door interrupting the nervous man as he speaks.

He slinks back into his chair, and I turn my head to the door. Chrissy steps in. She has a scowl on her face uncommon for her as she always smiles whatever the weather. She rolls her eyes at me clearly something has bothered her and interrupting me was both an inconvenience to her and me.

She shuts the door pushing a braid behind her shoulder, settling with the others that rested by her hips. Chrissy walks up to me and leans in so she can whisper in my ear. “A detective Grier is here to speak to you.”

She leans back to gauge my reaction, and my frown matches hers, she nods her head as if to say “I know”. I stand up quickly.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, I will be back shortly.” I follow Chrissy out the room shutting the door behind me.

Detective Grier is standing by the reception desk his hands inside his light grey trousers another spinning his badge between his index finger and his thumb.

“Detective Grier, is it?” I ask. He lifts his head, and his lip gives a slight upturn the closest to a smile. I outstretch my hand to him, which he shakes.

We both stand there shaking each other’s hand for perhaps too long, I’m the first one to drop the handshake.

“Please, come into my office we can talk better there.” I lead the way hoping that Mae wouldn’t be in there. I open the door to find it vacant and sigh, stepping back to let the detective inside.

He sits down on the chair in front of the desk, and I take the one behind.

“So detective, how can I help you today?” I watch the detective pull out a small notebook and a pen from his inside jacket pocket and flips it open.

“It has come to the IRS’ attention that a transaction of just under nine hundred thousand went from your account to a Mae Geoffries, on the 1st of November.”

“Yes, it did, is that problem?”

“It is. That is a substantial amount, care to tell me. What exactly did you pay for?”

“Mae Geoffries is a costume designer. I’m sure you know she is affiliated with FolkWhore, a luxury costume store.”

“I am aware Mr Aldrek.”

“I have a function in the new year, a ball of sorts. I employed Miss Geoffries to make the outfits for all my guests and me.”

“How many guests are expected to attend?”

“I sent out about 500 invitations, all with the ability to bring a plus one.”

“You’re expecting Miss Geoffries to make 1,000 different costumes?” I watch the detective stifle a laugh making my jaw clench.

“I’ve paid miss Geoffries just under nine hundred thousand dollars. She could easily hire out help, but I do expect the order to be completed. So yes, I do expect her to make 1,000 different costumes.” I stand up. “If that’s all detective Grier I have a meeting to finish.”

Grier stands up, but his notebook was still in his hand.

“One more question, is there any way I can reach Miss Geoffries?”

“Unfortunately, no detective, I don’t speak to Mae directly her company liaisons for her.”

Grier makes a face disappointed. He folds his notebook fixing his aviator jacket collar before sliding the items inside.

“Thank you, Mr Aldrek, for your time If you do happen to see Miss Geoffries or speak to her please.” He pulls out a card, placing it on the table. “give me a call. I’ll see myself out.”

I watch Grier leave the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. I pick up the card staring at the small rectangle, hoping it would shoot up in flames.

As if my day couldn’t get even more complicated now I have the IRS and the FBI snooping around.

It was hard to concentrate on the meeting and all the others that followed. After the impromptu disruption from Detective Grier. I have always been on the FBI’s radar. This is not the first time they have come into my building, requesting a meeting.

However, this is different; the legalities surrounding my business are ironclad. FolkWhore, however, is not my business and therefore, a liability. It didn’t matter if I withdrew my arrangement with Magenta the money had caught their attention. If anything, a refund would only prove that the FBI has rattled me.

What’s worse is that I have put myself in this position. I was so concerned with getting the contract signed and Mae home I hadn’t even considered that a deposit of that amount would surely bring attention. Prostitution is illegal in all states in America and other countries. If by some chance Grier found out who Mae really was my business troubles would be the least of my problems.

I stand up from my desk and head to the window looking out onto midtown Seattle. I pull out my phone scrolling to find the number I had given Mae.

‘Where are you?’

A.N. Oh goodness when two alpha males collide. Dominic is beginning to feel the authorities looming. Let me know what you think. Most importantly thanks for reading.

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