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Coffee and Collusion

ℝ𝕖𝕓𝕖𝕜𝕒𝕙 & ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕣𝕒𝕕

Conrad sits down on one of the fabric armchairs placing a coffee cup on the short circular table. He slides it across to Rebekah who stacks it inside an empty one.

The pair had organised a meeting after their fruitless efforts trying to solve the mystery of the transaction. A small independent coffee shop near the subway--- it is hidden behind a small alleyway that most walk past daily. Unlike franchises this one is homely--- dimly lit exposed bulbs hang across the seating area filled with recycled and millennial furniture--- a ladder turned into a shelf and tyres used as tables.

"They are both lying," Conrad says, breaking the silence. Rebekah looks up from her laptop, closing it slightly, her attention still divided but not in a rude way.

"Well," Rebekah begins. "It's either this Mae woman doesn't exist, and something is going on between Aldrek and FolkWhore, or this costume designing is a façade for something else. Drugs perhaps?"

Conrad shakes his head before he speaks,"it wouldn't be drugs, Aldreck have pharmaceutical companies they wouldn't need to outsource drugs. They both had the same story--- Mae is a designer, and Aldrek has employed her."

Rebekah takes a sip of her coffee while Grier plays with his running his finger over the plastic lid.

"It would seem that despite us taking our own leads the results were the same," Conrad says, he runs his hand through his hair shaking the ends and he leans back staring outside the window.

He can tell the wind was howling just from how dangerously the trees bent from side to side-— pulling at pedestrians' hair trying to float them off the ground like a kite. Rebekah doesn't seem to care; she has her hands wrapped around her third coffee cup, playing with the frame of her glasses.

"We have no choice but to work together," she says, placing the coffee cup down. "Two heads are better than one, right?"

Conrad mumbles what could have been a 'yes' or an 'I guess so' either way Rebekah leans back in her chair.

"This Aldrek guy has really got under your skin."

Conrad stiffens as though the breeze has found its way into the small coffee shop, resting on his chest.

"The Aldreks have a lot of influence in Seattle and other places. You can't even shit without them playing a hand in it."

A.N. Two heads are better than one. Let's hope the pair working together won't get Dominic and Mae in trouble. Let me know what you think, and most importantly thanks for reading.

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