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Purging of One's Sins


It is the weekend again. With the problems that are going on with the development of a new community. I had been called out to once again to escort an inspector around the site, to reconfirm that there were no leaky gas pipes and there were no creatures that needed protecting.

I shut the car door, dropping the keys on one of the pins on the noticeboard before walking up the stairs. As I round the corner, I see Mae at the other end. She catches my eyes and heads in my direction.

She doesn’t have her heels on, so when she is an arm’s length away, I can fully appreciate how much shorter she was to me. Reaching my shoulders, I look down slightly at her.

“I have to go see Magenta.”

Instantly I scowl, this is not something I want to hear right about now. I rub my eyes.

“Why?” I ask.

“My other event is coming up soon, and I need to...well...rid myself of you.”

I open my eyes, narrowing them at her.

“What do you mean rid yourself of me?” I say through a tightly clamped jaw.

“Don’t take it personally usually this is something I would do at the end of our arrangement but because both events overlap, I have to do it now.”


“It’s a deep cleanse resets my body before you came, figuratively and literally. Gets rid of any scars and blemishes.”

“Can you not do it here?”

“I can b-”

“Great, you do it here. I had forgotten you had that other event.”

“Fine. If I do it now, I will have to leave straight away,” Mae explains. Which was the lesser evil—Mae leaves to go to Magenta, or she does what she needs to do now and then leaves. Either way, I was annoyed.

A grumble vibrates in the back of my throat, I sigh heavily.

“Ok, let’s go and do it.”

Mae almost looks a bit taken aback by my suggestion to join, but deciding not to take it further she turns around and heads to her room me close on her heels.

I shut the door behind us. Watching Mae remove her clothes annoys me for some reason. I am peeved that her clothes are hitting the floor in piles, not for me, and worst of everything for another person.

Mae sits on the edge of the bath, twiddling her thumbs as the water fills.

“Busy day at work?” She asks, trying to fill the silence.

“Please don’t Mae. You don’t have to fill the silence. I’m not happy, but this is your job at the end of the day.”

Mae turns off the tap throwing her legs over into the water. I edge forward, leaning on the sink overlooking the bath and watch her slip into the water.

Mae gives a lasting look before she plucks a smoky coloured crystal from her bracelet. She crushes the gem; the dust dropping into the water. Before it can settle to the bottom, she plucks out another this one a cloudy looking colour speckled with blue as though a summer sky.

Mae crushes the gem and sprinkles it over her face, she turns to me.

“Please don’t worry about me.” She yawned. “I’ll be fine.” She lays her head on her hands.

I didn’t think much of her lasting comment until she begins to slink into the water. It isn’t until it reaches her eyebrows that I hurry over. As the last of Mae becomes submerged the ripples created by her breathing stops.

Everything around her seems to be frozen-- you can see the oxygen bubbles frozen mid float. Another glimpse into Magenta’s magic. I have been regularly told that I have control issues, but Magenta was a whole different ball game.

As I watch Mae frozen inside the water, the black liquid begins to dance through the stillness; snaking around her body and settling on the surface. I am not sure what exactly is happening-- why Mae is leaking out this black liquid, and why it is the only thing on the move against the frozen state of everything else.

It was then I noticed her bite mark sizzling, the bite itself falling off her skin and transformed into the similar black liquid that was surrounding her body settling just under the surface creating a thick layer of black. This is what she meant about ridding herself of me.

What I’m staring at is a month’s worth of me touching her, fucking her with no protection and overall being in her presence. Magenta is stripping it all, and the worst part of it all is this is just the beginning, every few months Mae will rid herself of me. Magenta would expect her to go to her next client without even my scent on her skin.

My phone vibrates, and I pull it out, turning my back on the sleeping Mae. ‘Freya’, I unlock the phone answering the call.

“Please tell me the police aren’t at your door.”

“What? No, but you need to come to Spain now.”

I turn to face Mae the black liquid has completely covered her sleeping figure, not even an outline could be seen.

“Sure, that works fine.” I reach out a hand but immediately retract it, heading out the bathroom straight to my own room.

A.N. A deep cleanse is always necessary when you go from one client to another. The next chapter is going to be a big one, so get ready for next week.

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