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Girlfriend Material Part 1


I pull my suitcase along moving with the sea of people as we head out of the arrival gate. I am nervous, how long has it been since I’ve seen him?

My thighs ache from sitting on the plane in tight jeans, and my ears are still ringing from the descent. Above everything else, my heart keeps leaping with every step I take towards the double doors.

I emerge out into the open, searching the hall for those eyes and that big smile. A hand is stretched above the rest, and my steps hurry towards it. The hand soon turns into a body as he steps out from the crowd.

I drop my suitcase running to him and leaping into his arms, pressing my lips onto his as he wraps his hands underneath me.

Just kissing him alone sends waves to my underwear, and I have to resist the urge to rub against his toned body.

I pull away smiling wildly, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I guess you’ve missed me, Luna.”

“Of course I’ve missed you, Stephan. Not seeing you for several months is painful, you know.”

Stephan laughs, placing me down on the ground and picking up my fallen baggage that is causing problems for others. He slings my duffle over his shoulder, grabbing the handle of the suitcase in one hand and grabbing my hand in another.

“I booked a hotel across the airport just so I could make it on time.”

“But you were still late.”

Stephan looks at me his smile wide.

“No, I wasn’t.” I pull at his arm, forcing Stephan to spin around.

“Stephan, I know your gym wear when I see it. You went to the gym and got carried away, didn’t you?” I tug on his ribbed grey shirt before wrapping a finger around his hoddie strings.

Stephan put his hands around my waist, bringing me close. I gaze into his emerald coloured eyes, knowing that he can’t lie to me when I do. Stephan matches my gaze his finger running circles across my back.

“What does it matter if I was late.”

I slap his chest playfully moving out of his grasp.

“So, you were late.”

Stephan rolls his eyes, taking my hand and leading me out the airport.

“I was on time for you, Luna, I made sure of it. Booked an apartment in the hotel next door made things easier.”

“For who?” I enquire.

“For you, I know how much you hate planes, and it means I can get you behind a door even quicker.” He glances down at me, winking, causing ripples in my stomach. “Let’s get you back to the hotel.”

Stephan has been efficient directly next door is the hotel. It is still morning, so everyone walking around have either just touched down or ready to take off.

Despite it only being a short walk, I find myself squashed against Stephan as we walk the few feet to the hotel doors.

He pushes the golden rimmed doors for me, and I step in sighing in relief as the warm air cradles my body. I take his hand, allowing him to lead me to the elevator of the hotel.

He gives the receptionist a small nod who in turn looks at me dismissively. I smile at her to irritate the situation. Stephan was handsome I’m sure I’d be pissed too if I saw him return with a woman.

A gorgeous one at that. I tried to reassure myself.

“What floor are we on?”

“The twelfth,” Stephan replies. We are alone in the elevator, and as the doors shut, I grab at him. Tugging on his sweats.

Stephan looks at me his eyes dark with temptation as I slide my hands down his trousers running a nail over his once flaccid penis.

“Luna.” His warning tone contradicted the flutter of his eyes, his head leaning on the back mirror of the elevator.

I stand in front of him using my free hand to cup his cheek. Forcing him to look at me. I feel him twitch in my hand as our eyes connect.

“Don’t. You know I’ll stop the lift.”

I grin at Stephan, wrapping all five fingers along his length.

“But we had so much fun when you did.” I bite my lip as memories of Stephan and me rushing to fix our clothes as the fire brigade pried the doors open.

“Can I at least have a kiss?” I batter my eyelashes at Stephan, who in turn leans his head down, pressing his lips softly against mine. I open my mouth for him, but as the doors open, he pulls away.

“We are here.”

Stephan gently removes my hand from out of his pants, holding it in his own, and leads me out the elevator and to down the hallway.

He opens the door allowing me in first, no doubt getting an eye of my form as he did. Stephan shuts the door behind him, leaning my things by the wall.

I kick off my shoes, tucking them away into the small closest.

Stephan always did a great job of booking a hotel. He always seemed to know whether I was in the mood for self-catering or full board.

The small studio apartment was like two hotel rooms in one. As you entered, you had the bathroom on the left and the closest on the right either side of a slim walkway. Ahead of us was the living area a kitchen behind it then on the furthest wall beside the bathroom the double bed. Decorated neatly with grey bedding and a matching throw.

Stephan wraps his hands around my waist, kissing the side of the neck. My heart leaps instinctively forgetting who was breathing on me.

Stephan would never bite me.

“You hungry babe?”

I nod my head holding onto his strong arms as I breathe out in comfort.

“Are you going to cook or room service?” I ask.

“You know we have the most fun when we cook together. Besides after we can shower and head to my parents.” I smile snuggling up to him. I pull off my jumper, draping it over the sofa, followed by my jeans.

Stephan opens the fridge bringing out the eggs and sausages laying them on the salt and pepper marble top. I head to the cupboards looking for a frying pan.

“Mum has been asking after you.”

I pull out the frying pan, placing it on the induction cooker.

“I haven’t been ignoring her calls I promise you. You know how I am with work. This project has really taken up my time.” I explain.

Stephan laughs, catching my eyes from the corner of his.

“I know, you’re lucky she isn’t your mother. On a day to day basis, my mother calls ten times. You’d hate the family group chat. It’s basically my parents having their own conversation for everyone to see.”

I let out a small chuckle, I went to my jacket, pulling out my phone.

“That is annoyingly cute.” I open Spotify pressing the ‘shuffle’ button. “Maybe we can be like that when we have our kids.”

“I think we’d be a lot more technologically savvy by that time.” Stephan bumps his hip against mine as he cracks the egg into the frying pan.

We sit opposite each other eating the breakfast that Stephan cooked, and I oversaw. Enjoying the silence and relishing in each other’s presence. Alongside our playlist shuffling through both our favourites as we ate.

With Stephan, I don’t feel the need to continually fill the silence. Sitting opposite him in our small apartment feels right. I always feel right with him. You have been dating for almost three years. I lean my head on my hands as I look at him.

His dark brown hair lifts slightly at the front, and from the sides, he cut it recently. Probably because he was seeing me. I can’t help but smile. His tanned skin always looks as though he’d just returned from the tropics complimenting his green eyes that remind me of the fields in Scotland. The blades of grass soaking up the sun. I love the way his face always curves into a smile regardless of what he was doing. It was one of the many things that I love about him.

Sensing I was staring at him. He looks up and smiles.

“What is it?”

I shake my head embarrassed that he’d caught me staring at him and look down. Stephan leans over the table, lifting me head up to look at him. He brushes the ice-blonde chunk of hair behind my ear.

“I... I just missed you,” I whisper. I hate how warm he makes me feel. How even a simple touch makes my stomach swirl and my heart burst.

Stephan leans in kissing me softly, opening his mouth this time allowing our tongues to stroke alongside one another, rolling around both our mouths. I could happily stay in this moment-- our lips welded together as our bodies warm from the inside.

I was the first to pull away.

“I love you, Luna.”

“I love you too.” I got out from under the table heading to the suitcase. Being so near to Stephan caused flutters in my stomach like it always does. “How long are we staying at your parents?”

Stephan had collected the plates placing them in the sink, running some water over them before shutting off the tap.

“The apartment is ours till we leave. If my mum sees you with a suitcase, she’d think you’re here to stay for a while.”

“Duffle it is,” I reply.

“Duffle it is,” Stephan repeats.

I grab my stuff heading into the bedroom. Stephan has already made it his own, his suitcase in a corner and the covers clearly slept in.

I don’t have much in my duffle just the things that I could bring on the plane. It is a four-hour journey from Seattle to Colorado, so my laptop and phone did me just fine.

I pull out the few things in the large black leather duffle bag, before lifting my suitcase on the bed.

My suitcase, on the other hand, is not for two weeks.

It is so cold in Colorado, and Stephan’s parents live in a cottage-like house surrounded by forest. They’ll hike at one point I just know they will. So, I had no choice but to pack everything but the kitchen sink.

I take out a few pairs of matching underwear, socks, shirts, knitted jumpers, trousers and two pairs of shoes including the trainers I had worn on the plane that made three. I zip up the duffle placing the now two stone heavier bag next to Stephan’s.

“Is it safe to enter?” Stephan says behind the door.

“You wondering whether I’m decent?” I ask. Stephan pokes his head around, his hand wet and soapy from the dishes.

“No, making sure this place hasn’t become a bomb site.”

I pick up the closest thing I can get my hands on and chuck it at him. Stephan catches it unbaling the item and revealing the purple hipster style knickers. Stephan wiggles his eyebrows.

“Sexually frustrated already?”

I roll my eyes at him. Marching towards him ad snatching the underwear from out his grasp.

“Extremely, but I’m a patient girl so I can wait.”

Stephan kisses my forehead stepping into the room.

“Did you manage to decide what you’ll take to the house?” He asks, running his hands down his trousers. I nod my head showcasing my excellent work with the duffle in the corner.

“I’m nearly as efficient as you. I’m going to have a bath, my neck aches.”

“I did offer to bump you up to first.”

“For four hours? I shake my head furiously “What a waste of money.”

“Well, who else would I spend it on, Luna.”

I point at him as I speak, “that is a good response.” I slide past him, heading to the bathroom.

I was surprised they managed to get both a bath and a shower cubicle in the clearly not so small bathroom. I switch on the light, and it streams in by the overhead ceiling lights.

I pull out my hair; with it straightened you could see it’s full length. I’ve been so used to curls laying on my shoulders that when it fell, it swayed delicately to the middle of my back.

I twirl the ice-blonde section at the front. Magenta agreed with me that it played well with Luna and would undoubtedly make me stand out. It doesn’t matter how often I put magic into my hair, I always marvel at how natural it looked. Even if I was to spend a whole year with Stephan that small section at the front of my hair would continue to grow ice-blonde.

I fill the tub emptying the hotel’s supplied soap, before dropping my clothes and getting into the bath.

The door opens, and Stephan walks in. He has also discarded his clothes and my stomach swirls at his naked body.

He strides to the shower cubical opening the glass door, taking a stance so we could watch each other.

“Is it decided then?” I ask. Stephan wipes the water off his face.

“Is what decided?”

“No sex until tonight.”

Stephan steps out of the shower body dripping wet, and I sit up. The swirls in my stomach have intensified, and I couldn’t control myself as I bite my lip.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Luna?” His low voice removes my own and I open my mouth senselessly.

Stephan holds my chin and tilts it up to look at him. I stand up, my eyes never leaving his. He pulls me close, so our bodies were a few centimetres apart.

“Turn you over and fuck you in this tub,” Stephan smirks. “Would you like that?” He has let go of my chin and instead flicks my right nipple.

My thighs clench-- being out of the warm water exposed my body to the cold and goosebumps begin to form.

I still can’t find my voice and Stephan grabs my waist, pressing me against him his erection rubbing against my wet and soapy skin.

“You have to give me an answer.” He flicks my nipple again before caressing it between his thumb and forefinger, increasing the pleasure that courses through my body and settles in my stomach.

“It’s been that long has it?” Stephan states. Both his hands went to my ass, lifting me up, and I wrap my legs around his waist.

“You’re only every speechless when it’s been longer than a month since you’ve come.” He kisses my neck, and my eyes close.

Stephan always knows how to get me worked up. Fuel a fire in my stomach that he knows could only be satisfied by him.

“But it is decided, Luna.”

“What!” I shout, a bit too loud and too quickly that Stephan flings his head back in laughter. He eases me back into the lukewarm water.

“We will sort you out later, but if we start this now, we will be late.”

I splash the water like a child. Shocked at my behaviour, I cover my face, but I can still hear Stephan’s laugh as he leaves the room.

A.N. Mae (or should I say Luna) is off to meet her mystery loyal client. I wonder why Magenta insisted that she uphold this arrangement and why is her name Luna for this one.

This chapter was originally 7,700 words long. But that is ridiculous to expect someone to sit a read for that long. So Girlfriend material is split into three parts (because two wasn’t enough).

Let me know what you think, and most importantly, thanks for reading.

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