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Girlfriend Material Part 3


The house has become quiet-- with only a few murmurs throughout from the family, we walk down the hallway to our room. The creaks of the wooden floor echoes across the empty space.When I first began staying here, we used to stay in his old bedroom, but as it was clear, I was here long term we redecorated it to suit an older Stephan and one with a girlfriend.

I sit down in a clear huff on the bed.

"Your stressed, aren't you?" Stephan has shut the door leaning on the wood.

"Yes. I'm just worried this won't go anywhere. That the moon won't approve of us."

Stephan walks over, pulling me up into a hug. He is doing the best he can to comfort me, but the problems were still there.

In werewolf culture, the family is everything. A female would leave her blood family when she found her mate. It incited loyalty; she would only know her husband's family. What's worse is even with a mate every full moon they would shift until all their firstborn had gone through their first transformation.

It is imperative to find your mate as the older you get, the more dangerous it is on the body when you shift. I had heard stories of wolves dying after a moon simply because their bodies could no longer handle it.

Ideally, by the age of 30, you should have had your first child by then. Parents would send their children away to travel the world in the hopes to find their soulmate. Their sons would return with a luna and the girls they hoped would not return at all.

But I am human. In the archaic times, I wouldn't bring anything to the pack. If the pack was under attack I couldn't fight, I couldn't heal as quickly, I wasn't particularly fast, and any children I had potentially could be just human, therefore, decreasing the strength of the pack. Logistically it wasn't practical having a human as a luna.

"Austin is right," I finally say. Stephan looks down at me. "What happens if I'm not approved. What usually happens?"

Stephan holds me at arm's length as he says, "I don't know, Luna. A mate is a mate, and usually, they are werewolves. Why do you think we are still participating in the chase? As archaic as it is, you have to prove yourself as a suitable woman to mother my children, and also bring something to the pack that'll increase our strength."

I want to cry. The chase is a horrendous a ritual two potential mates have to go through during a full moon. The male would chase the female in their wolven form, it is so each family could assess the two parts. Is the male strong enough to produce equally strong children? Could the female take over as leader should her husband die?

At times the chase is brutal-- the couple would fight each other testing their strength making sure the other knew how to fight. Knew how to protect the children if need be. If they weren't true soulmates either could easily die. It is a massive risk on both the families part, but the chance of success is worth it.

Stephan sits down, bringing me onto his lap, so I am straddling him.

"Oh, Luna, don't cry."

A tear drops onto my lap, and I wipe it away. Stephan holds my head running a thumb over my open palm.

"You know it's just Abuela who's very traditional, and she loves you too much to not have your part of the family. The whole family loves you."

"What about Marie's family?" Though Marie was no longer part of the family since marrying Charley, she still told me how strict they were. How hard they were on the pair during their own chase ceremony, and that immediately after they said 'I do' they caught the first flight back to Athens and never spoke to her again.

Usually, today's technology would keep people in contact even if they weren't supposed to be like Stephan's family. Theresa knew what her sisters were up to but never spoke to them just browsing on Instagram and Facebook, making sure they were still alive.

"You know how they are, they don't even know about Austin. You have nothing to worry about." Stephan kisses my wet cheeks, stroking my face. His lips gently find mine. His hands cupping my cheeks, deepening the kiss.

Our tongues roll out of our mouths tumbling over each other. Stephan's hand trails down my top, removing my cardigan while I unbutton his.

I pull my lips from his just to remove my shirt. Stephan takes the opportunity to pick me up and lie me on the bed. He throws off my shoes and pulls down jeans as he kneels in front of me.My body shivers as I watch Stephan remove his shirt, dropping it to the side as he crawls over my body to hover above me. He leans down to whisper in my ear.

"I'll make good on my promise now." He kisses my ear as his hand trails down my body snaking under my pants and rolls his thumb over my clit.

It has been too long since my body shook with pleasure and as Stephan kisses my neck another roll of his finger over my clit, I let out a small whimper.

My eyes close as his kisses began their descent. He sucks gently on my breast before nibbling on my nipple covered by my bra. As his kisses find their way to my naval my breath quickens, my thighs instinctively squeeze together making Stephan laugh a low rumble vibrating against my leg.

"You'd think you were a virgin, Luna." He kisses my inner thigh. "Relax."

I could feel his hot breath against me, revealing the dampness of my desire, his fingers hooked around my underwear, sliding them off, exposing me to his warm breath.

Stephan kisses my folds, a shudder going straight to my head. His tongue swipes across the slick opening a moan escaping from my open mouth.

His tongue went in again this time sliding inside, curving his tongue forcing my body to arch and a loud gasp come out. Stephan's hand goes to my breast, pulling it out of its confines, so I perch on top of my folded bra.

His tongue goes in again as he pinched my nipple before soothing it between his thumb and finger. His tongue licking gently against my clit, making my body shudder with pleasure."Don't make me come from this Stephan," I breathe out his tongue going for another dip. He gives my clit one last kiss before moving away, my body missing his warm air.

I sit up slightly watching as he removes his trousers pulling down his boxers, revealing the thick and throbbing penis. My legs open as if out of muscle memory and Stephan gets between my legs. He places both hands on either side of me.

I pull him down for a kiss my mouth open and my tongue wanting to wrestle with his.Stephan matches my intention opening his mouth, sliding himself inside both us moaning with pleasure. He places my legs over his shoulder, deepening the slow, pleasurable thrusts. I manage to open my eyes, noticing the blue that begun to grow in his irises.

He grabs my exposed breast pinching the nipple, knowing full well that was the one thing I crave. I placed my hands flat against the headboard, using it as momentum to push myself against him.

Stephan hangs his head back his hands had taken to my hips, bringing me down hard with every thrust.

"St-Stephan..." Saying his name alone causes him to smirk, he knows what I want. Knows what I crave. He pulls my legs off his shoulders, wrapping them around his waist, and his mouth went straight to my erect nipples.

He sucks on it. His other hand pulling the lonely right breast out of the bra and caresses it, pinching the nipple while he soothed the other.

My back arches forcing more into his mouth as my hands tug at his hair.

"I'm close." His mouth detaches from my nipple, moving to my ear.

"Will you come for me, Luna?" his hot breath fanned my ear as thrust deep inside me. I can't help but whimper my hip pushing with his thrusts. "Will you say my name as your body shudders. Riding that orgasm that's been denied to you."

He sucks on my nipple once more before going back to my ear.

"When's the last time you've come?"

The knots in my stomach bunching up close to unfurling. Stephan could hear my fast-beating heart and ups his speed holding my hips in place, so that feel him slide in and out as he sucks on my nipple.

"Stephan... St-Stephan..." My calls spur him on as my voice grows louder, repeating his name over and over again.

I hold on tight around his neck the knots reaching their limit. Stephan's breathes becoming rugged as he plummets into me.


"Fuck, Luna. Fuck." Stephan shouts. His hands on my waist becoming painfully tight.We both scream each other's name as our orgasms meld into one.

A.N. How long has it been since a sexy scene? Anyway, I wanted to give you guys some history/lore on the werewolves in this universe. Let me know what you think and most importantly, thanks for reading.

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