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The Chase


I eye Stephan who was laying on the bed watching me intently as I pull my hair into a ponytail.

"Yes, Stephan."

He slides off the bed. The only thing containing him is a pair of black boxers.

"Even though I know the repercussions of tonight. It's a huge turn-on seeing you get dressed." He leans his head on my shoulder, staring at me through the mirror.

I pull at the nude coloured shorts. From afar, I look practically naked. It is the closest I could be to a werewolf equivalent—minus the fur.

There is a knock at the door, and Stephan gives me a lingering kiss on my temple. He cuddles me one last time before letting go and allowing me to open the door.

Verna stands in front of me her gloved hands cupping a ball of wolfsbane. I take it from her holding it by the small roped link at the top.

"Nervous Luna?" She places a hand on my lower back and guides me down the stairs.

"Always Verna. You'd think I didn't know what I was doing."

We head out of the house through the front door and stand in the darkness. Without the illumination from the porch light and other lights from the neighbouring houses, there is nothing. I am completely and utterly out of my element.

Verna takes my arms so I can look at her.

"Don't forget Luna, not until the first scratch. Otherwise, you'll just upset him," she reminds me.

I nod.

When it was decided that Stephan and I would participate in the chase, I was fortunate enough to be given a few handicaps. I had a longer head start, and I also had wolfbane to increase the overall event without it I would be caught in less than a minute, and that didn't bare well in terms of our suitability.

I take a deep breath, my nerves starting to build. Verna gives me a small squeeze before heading back in the house.

I know I can't stand there and watch her retreating figure. I grip the wolfbane in my hands and begin to jog into the dark, dense forest.

I leap over a fallen tree making sure to land with my knees bent. The last thing I need is a sprained ankle.

Several howls echo through the forest, and my heart sinks to the bottom of my stomach.

The howl was first then the thumping of feet- I shake my head. I can't get distracted, not here of all places. I continue running being careful not to catch myself on hanging branches.

A growl erupts around me, and my body shiver. It is dark, below freezing and I have to balance being both fast but also alert. I can't see well, and that is a considerable disadvantage.

Several twigs snap behind me, and I know what will happen. I pluck the turquoise stone from my bracelet crushing the gem and sprinkling the dust over my head. Protection. Oh god!

A stabbing like pressure hit my back, causing me to fall forward. I manage to roll over picking myself up quickly, but I am caught, another stab of tension across my lower back.

I spin around throwing the wolfsbane in a guessed direction my eyes still dizzy. A puff of dust explodes, and I cover my mouth with the crook of my arm.

The dust settles coating the large wolf in a greenish-yellow colour. Its eyes shot open the blue irises bloodshot from the pain. Teeth bared it lunges recklessly at me. I dart to the right, but another swipe of its claws catch my forearm knocking me into a tree while the wolf itself hit its own tree.

I hold my arm to my chest running off. Without the turquoise crystal, I probably would've been paralysed with the shock of being slashed several times.

Another howl echoes through the dense forest, and I switch directions. Heading with no clear destination, the sounds of hard breaths was either mine or the wolves.

The wolf's substantial body drops on top of me, causing me to land with a hard, painful thump on the ground. I scream my back arching as twigs dug into the exposed flesh.

The gem only nulled the pain, split the connection from the brain to rest of the body, but sometimes pain transcended that.

Through cloudy eyes covered in tears, I stare at the wolf. It looks up at the sky howling one last time. I roll over onto my side the effects of the crystal beginning to dim and the real force of pain seeps in.

The wolf curls up next to me, licking the wound on my arm. I wince, crying as blood escapes from my body, pooling onto the floor and coating the muddy surface. If the injuries didn't kill me, infection would.

My body moves again against my will and my eyes nearly roll back into oblivion. I choke slightly on the sick that was filling my throat. I can't move, and when I do, I am electrocuted with pain and fire.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Stephan whispers as he picks me up. I can't see, my eyes are open, but they are covered with blood and tears. I feel my body move again, as I am positioned to face the floor. The bile slithers out pathetically, and I faintly hear myself coughing.

It is like an out of body experience but not enough to escape the sporadic waves of pain that have transcended with me.

Two giant wolves approach us standing just a few feet away, their colours masked by the dark atmosphere. Verna emerges from in between them a small candlelit lamp illuminating the small space around her.

"Abuela," Stephan says quietly. Verna looks at her grandson and shakes her head. As the last bit of protection magic evaporated, so does my consciousness.

The wolves take to the moon howling in pain.

A.N. Ooh, poor Mae, the things we do for money. I was inspired by the song 'Good girl by Tiffany Gouché' I remember listening to it in December and writing it in January. Let me know what you think, and most importantly, thanks for reading.

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