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Scarred Wounds


I step out onto the plane's stairs the winter air slapping my face. I pull my scarf tighter around my neck. Picking up the small suitcase carrying it down the stairs and to the car parked in front. I take the keys from the chauffer popping open the boot and throwing my suitcase in.

My phone buzzes and I pull it out. It is from an unknown number, and I frown. I pull off my leather glove and unlock the phone.

"What!" It is mid-afternoon, and I am tired from spending two weeks with Freya fixing problems with our shipping containers and other paperwork. Because apparently having the Aldrek is more of a disadvantage than advantage these days.

"Sir," the voice on the other line begins, "there's been a problem." I listen carefully as the person on the other end explains. My hands tighten around the phone, and my teeth clench together that they were close to breaking.

Once the conversation finishes, I slam the boot shut, the force causing the car to shudder. I get into the car driving straight to Mae's safe location.

I fling open the plastic door to the supposed yoga studio. It is vacant at the front, but I can hear murmurs and cries from down the hall. I walk quickly down the hallway to the solitary white door, and the screams increase.

The smell of blood fills my nose.

Mae. She is bleeding and in immense proportions. A part of me salivated as I imagine her blood crashing to the floor, splattering across the white floor, but that feeling is replaced with searing hot rage.

She's bleeding, and it's not because of me.

I pull open the door, ripping it off his hinges and throw it behind me.

Several doctors rush in front of me their aprons covered in blood. I head towards the small cries and whimpers anger rises inside me the only driving force.

Mae's hair was the first thing I see. As the doctors disperse, I see her laying on her side her back to me.

Deep scratches stretch across her back. A doctor peels another cloth from her back, making Mae arch it in pain her body shuddering.

"What the FUCK is going on?" My voice echoes through the room, and everyone stops to look at me.

"Dominic, should you be here?" I spin around to look at Magenta who emerges from a corner. The tips of her fingers are coated red. From where I stand, I can see she has touched Mae.

"What do you mean should I be here? Why is she hurt?"

Magenta looks to Mae, who was still crying on the metal table before her gaze goes back to me. What angers me the most is how unphased she seems how unsympathetic she appears.

"Occupational hazard. This isn't the first time Mae has participated in a chase ritual."

"A what..." I look towards Mae making sense of the scratches on her back. Her loyal client was a werewolf, and if that wasn't bad enough, she allowed herself to partake in a suitability ritual.

"It's part of her job."

Those simple words sent me over the edge. I bound for Magenta. 'It's part of her job' my fucking ass.

A small doctor blocks my path, and I can't control my hands as they tear through her neck. You made her bleed.

I gouge and tear, blood splattering against my face. You made her hurt.

Blood drips down my forearms, ruining my clothes and the floor. And you made her cry.

I chuck the poorly decapitated head aside. Licking the back of my hand as I taste the salty blood of what I now know is a siren.

I will kill you for this.

Magenta doesn't seem phased as I squeeze her neck and without a second thought bit down on her neck, pulling and tearing at whatever artery and vein I can get my teeth on.

I step back wiping my mouth with the back of my sleeve as Magenta continues to remain unphased. She swipes at her neck. The blood stains her hands as though half her neck wasn't hanging out.

Magenta's amethyst eyes caught mine as she smirks.

My vision becomes blurry the image of Magenta split into two, then four, then eight. She is surrounding me as she folds her arms. I stumble back slipping on the pool of blood from the dead doctor on the floor.

I roll over onto my hands and knees coughing violently as black ink like liquid spews out of my mouth sizzling as it makes contact with the floor.

As the—what I believed—the last bit of ink left me. I suddenly feel very cold. I collapse onto my side shuddering as Magenta's heels enter my vision, and then I black out.

A.N. Welp, the events of the last chapter has not gone down too well with Dominic. What was coming out of his mouth? Why was Magenta so terrifyingly comfortable with the whole exchange and what will happen when he wakes up? Let me know what you think.

Most importantly, thanks for reading.

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