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Family Reunion Part 1


"Way to start the new year," I say, glancing up at the retreating sun falling behind Dominic's house. I hold my bag in my hands, my feet wiggling from inside my heels. The stomach flutters have returned, and you'd think this is my first time.

Having those small two weeks at my house threw me off my game. Sleeping in my own bed, being around my space, and then suddenly having to reintegrate back into someone else's home again was a lot harder than I imagined.

I sigh slowly heading to the front steps of the house, I open the door stepping into the warm house. There is a small temptation to call out for Sybil like a husband returning from work, but I suppress it.

"And who might you be?" I turn to purr like voice, facing the lady who has emerged from the library a martini glass in one hand and a fan in another.

"I am Mae," I reply politely. The lady takes a deep breath in, her eyes shutting close before opening them slowly. Her dark grey eyes staring at me intently.

"Dominic never said that he had hired a new maid." She tucks a small strand of chocolate brown hair behind her ear as she saunters closer.

"I'm not his maid," I manage to say, somehow my words struggling to leave my lips. The woman twirls her diamond necklace around her finger, her gaze glazing me over but simultaneously never leaving my own eyes.

"Then who are you, my dear?"

I hadn't noticed her hand caressing my arm softly moving up and down in small strokes. My body warms from the inside, and there is a strong desire to tell her all my darkest secrets. Confess every desire I ever had and ever will have all at the same time, but just as the warmth reached its peak and my tongue rolls in my mouth to tell her everything she needs the feeling flatlined. Falls off a steep cliff and leaves me extremely cold.

I step back much to the woman's shock and grip the handles of my bag tighter.

Did she just try and compel me? Female vampires had a stronger compulsion then their male counterparts, though it worked best on the opposite sex. Still, I didn't appreciate the invasion.

"I think that'll come better from Dominic," I reply, keeping an arm's length from the woman as I circle around her, heading to the stairs not even giving her a glance back.


I look to the top of the stairs, a shocked expression is etched onto Dominic's face. I turn back to the woman who continues to casually fan herself. Mother?

"Well hello eldest, you did say we'd meet up in the new year," His mother replies taking a small sip from her glass. Dominic walks down to stand by my side a possessive arm wrapping itself around my waist.

"I did, but I didn't expect you to come on the first day of the new year. Who let you in?"

"Sybil of course, me and your father, arrived a few hours ago and Freya not long after that."

"The whole family is here..."

"We are, and we are about to have dinner, why don't you and your..." She let the end of the sentence hang in the air briefly before Dominic speaks.

"My girlfriend, we will be down shortly." Dominic stares at his mother, waiting for her to begin her leave, but instead, she opens her arms.

"A hug for your mother before I go."

I watch as Dominic sighs and pads down the stairs. He pulls his mother into what appears to be a loving embrace, and I take it as my chance to escape.

I stare at the small bedroom extremely deflated, I already have my reservations on settling back into Dominic's house, but to suddenly be surrounded by similar people or at least more Aldreks was slightly suffocating.

I drop my bag on the floor, pulling my hair out from my hair tie and fluff it slightly.

"I'm sorry."

I turn around to face Dominic, he is pressed against the door.

"You don't need to apologise for your family," I mention, taking a seat on the bed.

"I just don't want you to feel like you've been blindsided. I am as shocked as you are."

"Don't worry. It's not the first time I've had to do a 'meet the family' situation."

Dominic holds out his hand before he speaks, "if you wouldn't mind having dinner with my family."

I take his hand as he opens the door, both of us following the smell of cooked food.

The idea is to appear united as Dominic, and I bound down the stairs. It was in this scenario that I wished there was a door. A small separation before we reached his family but the archway provided no such thing.

There sat his family-- his mother and three others.

"Well." The old man stood up, having taken the head of the table. "How are you, son?" Dominic's father walked towards us, his smile wide as his curled moustache wriggles.

Dominic allows his father to embrace him, his father's cold silver eyes staring intently at me never once leaving my gaze as they detach.

"Mae," Dominic began, "this is my father Callahan, you've met my mother, Ada. This." He placed a hand on the shoulder of the female who is sat on the left. She looks up from her phone brushing some of her honey blonde hair out of her face.

"This is my sister Freya, her husband, Christopher."

Christopher leans forward pushing his black-rimmed glasses further up his nose as he gives me a small nod.

"Where's Elsie?"

"She's asleep back at the house. I asked Constance to watch over her while we eat."

Dominic turns to me. "Elsie is Freya's and Christopher's daughter."

"Everyone, this is Mae." Dominic wraps an arm around my waist, leading me to the table, so we sit opposite Christopher and Freya.

Sybil walks in plates of food laid across her arm and served us all. I sit there, eating my food quietly, trying to disappear into the furniture.

"Right," Dominic's words cut through the silence. "Why are you in my house?"

Callahan dropped the napkin onto his empty plate before resting his elbows on the table linking his hands together so his chin could rest on them.

I can see where Dominic got his stern look from. Both of them had decided to let their hair grow, while Dominic's hair reached his jaw Callahan's was swaying gently against his shoulders the salt and pepper colour making his tanned skin seem even more tanned, with silver eyes that could kill if need be. Unlike Dominic, Callahan had grown out his facial hair matching the silvery look of his hair.

"Should we perhaps discuss this once your lady friend has gone to bed?" His eyes quickly shift to me before returning their gaze back on Dominic.

"That's not necessary, Mae is aware of everything. She knows I'm a vampire, and she knows that you all are too. She can sit in on this discussion."

"Be that as it may," Ada began, she pushed her plate aside, bringing her wine glass closer. "She's not family."

Dominic narrows his eyes at his mother, but before anything could come of it, Freya steps in subduing the tension.

"Dominic wants Mae to stay so she will stay. We are going off track here. Dominic, everything is falling apart."

"Your sister is right. The shipping and airline companies that Freya and Christopher manage are being hit by governmental policies. We had that stupid drug incident, your mother has told me that property development is hitting a wall."

"I know this father, I'm dealing with it."

"That's not the point all our companies are being disrupted this isn't just some coincidence someone is messing with us. Someone is deliberately messing with my money," Callahan all but shouted.

"And who could that possibly be?" Dominic asked smugly, "I mean we are the only people that look after vampires without us they'd have no place to feed, no place to live and no way to travel. No one would dare ruin that balance."

"Well, the Nazari family weren't shy of our destruction," Callahan pointed out.

Dominic sat back, sighing.

"I dealt with the Nazari family we have a deal. They look after the East, we look after the West that's always been the treaty."

I look between Callahan and Dominic before clearing my throat. All eyes find me, and I can feel the burns of it all.

"It was nice meeting you all." I push my chair back as I speak, raising to my feet. "I'm going to bed." I run a caring hand on Dominic's shoulder, which in turn kisses my hand.

"It was lovely meeting you, Mae, I just hope the next time will be in better circumstances," Freya says giving me a small smile. I leave the dining room heading for the staircase.

There is a knock at the door. Usually, I would leave this to Sybil but seeing as I am less than an arm's length away I go to the door myself.

I open the door, and there stands a man, he has his back to me.

"And you are?" I ask, getting the man's attention forcing him to turn around and address me.

The pair of grey eyes are the first thing I noticed, well I always did with Lincoln. Despite how cold they appear, there was a warmth and a sense of humility to them whenever he was on his hands and knees.

The moment Lincoln catches sight of me, he immediately falls onto his knees, kissing the toe of my heels. He caresses the shoe rubbing my lower leg as he does. I pull my foot away, making him gasp.

"Have I not earned that?"

"You know damn well you haven't," I hiss. I shake my head, forgetting who I am. "Get up, Lincoln."

He rushes to his feet, his head bowed. I pull him shutting the door and continue to pull him into the library, closing the door behind us.

"Seraphine wh-what," he stammers.

"Shut up, it's Mae," I correct. Lincoln spins me around, running his hands up under my dress and over my back.

"Your... your wings." His smooth, warm hands remove themselves, and I turn around fixing my clothes.

It took a lot for me not to push him away, to tell him to remember his place in the arrangement we have but that was Lincoln and Seraphine. Right now, I am Mae. But that didn't mean when Seraphine next saw him she wouldn't give him hell. Faery hell to be exact.

This situation could not be any more awkward. I've heard stories of clients knowing one another, but it usually ended up in a foursome.

This was not so steamy.

Lincoln and Dominic had very different requirements of me, and both equally shared the same entitled trait that seemed to be engrained since conception with those two.

While Lincoln is up for anything and didn't want me to know more than his first name-- not that our situation called for Seraphine to remember his name. She preferred to call him 'pet'.

Dominic is very particular in what he wants and articulates it very well. Naturally, I want to know more about him. I don't particularly like mysteries.

"I'm not a faery currently, Lincoln. I'm just me," I huff.

Lincoln grabs my wrist, bringing me close, so I have to tilt my head slightly to look him in the eye.

"Does Dominic...know?" Lincoln whispers.

"About Lara? No, I don't think that should come from me."

"My family already know about my sexuality. I doubt they'd care if I fuck a trans woman or not. I don't need them knowing that I like to fuck elves."

I yank my wrist from his grasp as the library door swings open. Lincoln instinctively taking a protective stance in front of me.

Dominic walks through his eyes narrowed as I'm sure he knew who was behind the door well before he opened it.

Having the two stand in front of me I notice the faint similarities— while Dominic looks more like his father. Lincoln and Freya have a closer resemblance to their mother— a darker shade of honey blonde.

How did I miss this?

"Lincoln, what are you doing with Mae?"

I move around Lincoln, walking away quickly, as I pass Dominic, he moves to grab my wrist, but I manoeuvre out of his reach and out the door.

Not even daring to look back at the two pairs of silver eyes that are watching my retreating figure.

A.N. Oh, I wonder who Seraphine is and her relationship with Lincoln? Another two parter, next chapter will reveal the questions from this week. Let me know what you think. Most importantly thanks for reading.

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