The Year Package

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Family Reunion Part 2


Dominic's family had left sometime during my shower, discussing their not so sporadic problems across their empire. As I come out of the bathroom, my hair wrapped in a towel and another covering my body, the bedroom door opens. I stare at Dominic, who seems to be seething with anger.

With only the bed between us, I could see how his eyes had gotten darker around the rim.

"You're my brother's Dom?" He shuts the door behind him.

I fold my arms as I match his stance. "Lincoln tell you this?"

"Has he fucked you, Mae?"

"That's against compa-" I shriek loudly as Dominic slams both his hands on the wall either side of my head. Closing the distance between us in less than seconds.

"Don't," he whispers through gritted teeth, "I spoke to Lincoln now I'm asking you."

"No, that's not the arrangement we have," I blurted.

"Then what is it?"

"He just prefers to watch," I said finally looking him into his silvery eyes.

"Watch what?"

Must I spell it out to you? Dominic growled moving closer to me that I could feel his warm breath and thumping heart against my body.

"Lara and I have sex. He likes that Lara is a trans woman. It fulfils his attraction to both men and woman. Or it could be because she's an elf."


My confession seemed to appease him, and his high shoulders drop to their usual place.

"My brother likes elves? Has he fucked one?"

"I wouldn't know."

Dominic took a step back, finally allowing me to breath instead of suffocating on his second-hand air.

"I know my brother isn't picky, but an elf."

"Many people have that fantasy, Dominic. There's no need to add your little tidbit to it. Your brother likes being submissive, and that's exactly the fantasy that Seraphine provides him."

Dominic grabbed me by the waist before I could move away, pulling me against him.

"You may be his Dom, but you're my sub. Understood?" He rips my towel off, discarding it to a corner of the room, showcasing his dominance.

I somehow manage to pry his fingers off my waist the towel on my head becomes loose and drops to the floor. I have one hand on my chest and another covering my lower half.

"I preferred it when you were ill. This lust-driven arrangement is very unbecoming. Surprisingly, Dominic, there's more to me than a vagina. If you hadn't noticed."

I jump back suddenly as Dominic approaches me, his face has softened, and his strides aren't so aggressive, but my body is on high alert.

Noticing my discomfort, Dominic doesn't approach me further. My eyes watch him like a hawk for any sudden movements.

"I'm sorry," he says. Those two words cause my shoulders to drop from beside my ears. He lifts his hands slowly gesturing to me for him to come closer, and I nod my head.

"I said you were my escape, Mae." He tucks a strand of damp hair behind my ear snaking his hands around my waist, caressing the dips in my hips. "I don't like the thought of you being anyone else, I know this is your job, but it still hurts."

I let out a heavy sigh before I speak, "the arrangement that we have is exclusive. For the most part that has been maintained. I wouldn't tarnish that for a quickie in your library." Somehow I found the courage to look at Dominic who already had his eyes cast on me.

Something is stirring inside me whether that be the fact that Dominic, through jealous shows he cares for me. Further than our contract, or perhaps it was that his emotions have entirely led this conversation instead it being behind composed and calculated responses that he always seems to give me.

He hooks his hands up under my ass, lifting me up to wrap my legs around his waist. As our nose brush against each other Dominic leans in and kisses me, his mouth already open and his tongue pressing against my bottom lip.

Naturally, my mouth opens my tongue, caressing his own as Dominic laid me on the bed. The kiss deepens as we both took a small inhalation of breath, Dominic removing his top our lips immediately melding together the first chance it can get.

Beyond the sound of our kiss, Dominic had managed to discard his trousers. Placed between my legs, Dominic moves his mouth, trailing kisses down my face to my neck. As his soft lips press against my neck, I stiffen. Dominic pulls away.

"Does it scare you?" He asks. I open my eyes realising they are closed.

"Not as much as it did before," I whisper, immediately regretting my confession.

"I would never hurt you, Mae," Dominic replies gently. He trails his thumb over the puncture wounds staring at them intently before his gaze finds mine. "Trust me."

He leans in, and it took every urge for me not to tense; however, my heart has betrayed me and was firing quicker than it should. Dominic presses his lips again against the scars. Never once do I feel the sharp pain of his fangs penetrating my skin; instead, he continues to kiss the wounds waiting for my heart to return to an average speed.

He's telling me to trust him. To trust that he'd never hurt me.

As the kisses soften my nerves, they began to feel pleasurable every contact sending small sparks across my body. Sensing my calm Dominic leans towards my ear.

"Open up to me, Mae."

The way my name rolls off his tongue causes a sigh to leave my mouth. My body relaxes into the silk sheets, and my eyes slowly close, my mind removing the restrictions it had surrounding it.

My darkest fear and deepest desires roll out, filling Dominic's mind like a shaken bottle of cola exploding when you open the lid.

Dominic breathes out slowly, his hands holding my waist as he slides his erection into me the squelch of my own juices coating him as he pushes every inch deep and angled.

I subconsciously whimper as he touches my g-spot, immediately missing that warmth of pleasure. Noticing that he had hit the motherlode, Dominic prods the spot again with more conviction than before, and I reply with another whimper.

I can feel that he was smiling his lips stretched as he continues to kiss my neck, his strokes slow and meaningful. I open my eyes, his hair brushing against my nose.

"Look at me," I say quietly, Dominic lifts his head and as our eyes met, he hit my spot with more force causing me to arch my back.

I manage to keep my eyes open as his strokes gain speed. Dominic's lip was parted, and his hands balled into fists on either side of my head, but he maintains his gaze.

As he hit my spot again, I pull him to me, pressing my lips against him as I let out a moan which Dominic matches.

I gently bite onto his lip, pulling it just enough to cause him to growl and for his strokes to increase. I release his lips only to suck on them. I notice and taste a sliver of his blood coat the tip of my tongue.

Dominic pulls away briefly swiping his finger across his lip to see a small smear of blood, he looks at it confused for a moment before he looks at me his eyes dripping with lust and a smile spreading across his face.

I can't help but bite my lip at the sight a part of me wanting him to punish me at this moment and send me spiralling into an orgasm.

Hearing my thoughts, Dominic took ahold of my neck as he slammed himself into me. It feels like the wind has been knocked out of me. I breathe out loudly as he tightens his sexual grip around my neck.

His strokes turn from fast, to slow and powerful. Each hit like a quake that knocks my closer to the edge, my eyes try their best to remain open each thrust rocking me to my core, and the thought of tumbling over the edge has me arching my back.

As I feel the last of my sanity begin to shatter, my eyes open, and I hold his wrists staring deep into those silver eyes. As the final piece falls, my nails dig into his wrist, the pleasure of the orgasm, causing a scream to erupt deep within me, one that has been bubbling away.

I feel Dominic shudder slightly above me his hold on my neck, releasing as his own orgasm leaves him breathless.

He rolls over onto the bed, immediately pulling me close so that he can rest his chin onto my head. Both of us still soaked in sweat and cum Dominic pulls the sheet over us as he holds me in his arms.

A.N. Another sexy scene, this for me was a pinnacle moment in the story and Mae and Dominic's relationship, any guesses why? It's January in the story meaning we have ten more months left of The Year Package. Who is your favourite POV so far? Mae, Luna, Dominic or Conrad and Rebekah? Let me know what you think, and most importantly, thanks for reading.

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