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Rebekah stands outside the wooden door, rotating a cup of coffee in her hands as she contemplates whether to knock or to wait until someone takes note of her presence and opens the door for her. A part of her still shivers at the possibility of security charging down the hall, shouting at her not to take another step as they realize she had infiltrated the most important place in Seattle.

"Miss Calambah?"

Rebekah turns to the voice, where Naomi comes bounding down the navy carpet. Her white heels not making a sound. The Asian woman raised her hand which Naomi gave a firm shake to before dropping it.

"You're here early, I'm Naomi Drynt." Naomi opened the door to the small conference room that was bare of any windows or natural light. The room was a beige square of overflowing boxes and paper. Rebekah stared horrified at the amount of paper that surrounded her which she was very sure wasn't in any efficient order.

Conrad's head snaps up when he hears the door open. He gives Rebekah a dry smile and a small nod to Naomi.

"Calambah, I expected you a bit earlier." Conrad says maneuvering his way around the stack of papers to approach the women.

"The FBI doesn't just let anyone in." Rebekah replies stepping into the room and placing her things on a seat that currently isn't being occupied by cardboard and paper. Naomi refusing to step foot into the stacked chaos holds the handle to the door instead.

"Conrad will get you up to speed Miss Calambah, it was nice meeting you and welcome to the team." With that Naomi shuts the door heading somewhere less claustrophobic.

Rebekah looks at the lid of one of the boxes where "Aldrek Pharmaceuticals" was written in permanent ink.

"We're back on the Aldrek's?" Rebekah asks.

"Not really, I doubt we will find anything useful in these boxes, not that we wouldn't have found when the task force was created. No, we are working on Mae and FolkWhore."

Conrad heads to a corner in the room where stacks of boxes seem to be separate from the rest of the mess.

"Here is anything related to Mae and or FolkWhore." Rebekah opens the first box containing pay slip and taxes, an IRS favorite thing to peruse through.

Mae was everything you'd expect of an average citizen, originally born in Seattle but later moved to England after the death of her father. She had a BA in Fashion Design from the University in Glasgow. Once that was completed she moved to the States where she was employed by FW.

Rebekah pulls out the death certificate of an Elijah B. Geoffries that died when she was three, resulting in her mother's move back to the UK. Mae's got two passports, she was a citizen of both the US and the UK. Rebekah tutted loudly before turning to Conrad.

"Mae being the middle man or not isn't the problem as we can't force deportation on her, and if this transaction is between Aldrek and the FW there's no way we can pressure her to speak," Rebekah comments.

"I know and although we have an extradition treaty with the UK, I doubt they'd send their own person over considering she's more British than American." Conrad huffs from his corner of the room, the wind lifting a few pages near Rebekah.

"We just need to keep looking." As Rebekah is about to put all Mae related documents aside, she sees a trial and sentence document for the crown court.

"Conrad, I have something very interesting in my hands." As she says this two large hands reach over and takes the sheet from her hands. Rebekah looks up as Conrad scans the document, a smile taking over his face as he reads it.

"This is a criminal case, it says here that there were two cases parallel to each other. Miss Geoffries was both the victim and the defendant."

"What? How is that possible, you can't be both?" Rebekah argues.

"Well it happened in this case, she was a victim of sexual assault but was also accused of manslaughter."

"She killed her attacker?" Rebekah asked the obvious question already knowing the answer.

"It appears so. I'm going to call Scotland police, they should be able to direct us to the officers in charge." Conrad leaves the room letting Rebekah ponder.

She didn't know Mae personally but she had to wonder as to how the girl ended up in this situation. Best case scenario, Mae is everything her employer said she is and was ignorant of the whole thing. If that isn't the case then she's going to be in a world of misfortune. Conrad comes back with a post-it note attached to his chest.

"What time is it?" Conrad asks.

"10:27." Conrad tuts sitting down in a chair and grabbing the corded phone from the table.

"It's nearly seven in the evening over there, let's hope this Detective Norton is a hard worker." Conrad presses a few buttons the sound filling the room. There is a drawn out silence before the dial tone begins to ring.

"Hello. Glasgow police station, how can I help?"

"Hi, this is Agent Grier from the FBI Seattle branch. I'd like to speak to one of your detectives, is Mr. Norton there?" The line momentarily goes silent and the pair thought that the lady had hung up when the line comes back to life with loud coughing and spluttering.

"Detective Norton speaking, what yer want Agent Grier?"

"I wanted to know about a case you worked on in 2012, the case of Mae Geoffries." There's a loud sigh on the other end as Detective Norton seemed to be annoyed by the enquiry.

"Ey, of course you're calling about that one. What do you want to know?"

"Everything, what really happened?"

"We weren't made aware of the crime till the next morning, Miss Geoffries handed herself over to a local police station in Inverness. It was then we received a call from a jogger who had found the body. I would like to say that it was a simple case but when Miss Geoffries said that she was attacked and had no intention of killing the man, shit hit the fan."

"What was the story?" Rebekah asks.

"Who is that lass? I thought I was speaking to an Agent Grier?"

"That's my partner, she works for the IRS. Please Mr. Norton, could you give us the witness's statement?" A chair screeches from the other end of the line accompanied by stomping feet. Conrad leans into his chair waiting for the man to return.

"Still there?" Norton asks.

"Still here detective," Rebekah replies.

"Mae had finished her shift from a nightclub in Glasgow and was on her way home. Four other guys were on the train and had noticed her. From the train's CCTV, we saw the group of men repeatedly try to get her attention and on one occasion, the deceased attempted to sit next to her and strike up conversation. We had witnesses from the carriage and the Inverness station report that the men were clearly drunk and that Miss Geoffrey was uncomfortable. The CCTV showed all participants getting off and heading out the station. There is one camera on the road by the station before everything else is based off all parties' testimonies."

"What was Miss Geoffries' testimony?" Conrad asks.

"If I remember correctly, there's an alleyway that cuts behind the station which Miss Geoffrey uses to shorten her walk home. The men followed and continued their advances, when she continued to ignore them the deceased made physical contact by trapping her against the wall. Miss Geoffries fought back and that's when the other participants restrained and held her to the ground. Forensic showed that Mae had a bruise around her neck where the deceased had put his knee. There was also more on her abdomen and upper thighs where the group struggled to get her pants off. Miss Geoffries explained that in her panic to get the man off her, she had grabbed a broken bottle which had cut her hands before using it to stab her attacker in the neck. The others confirmed that once the deceased was stabbed, Miss Geoffries used the momentary shock to escape. They also left the deceased and ran back to their respective homes.

I told my superiors that I didn't want a circus show of the whole thing. BBC News would be all over the story and that would bring unnecessary attention to the town. Luckily a psychiatrist agreed that it would not benefit Mae and her family to be scrutinized by the press so even though the lass was 18 the judge made a special ruling that her privacy would be treated as though she was underage but still trialed as an adult. The accused and the deceased did not receive the same courtesy.

Mae was acquitted for the manslaughter charge. Not only was she defending herself, but the jury found that because she turned herself in immediately, she had no intention of killing the man that night."

"Any mention of a company named FolkWhore?" Conrad asks and there's a pause on the line as Detective Norton contemplates it.

"Ey, there was. They paid her legal fees when she won."

"That's it?"

"Yes that's it. Anything else you'd like to know?" The pair could tell that Norton was tired and irritated and that his question was rhetorical.

"No, thank you Detective Norton."

"No problem. That Mae girl was a good kid when I met her, clearly shaken up about everything but was ready for a life sentence if it was handed to her. Whatever she's gotten into I don't believe it's on her, have a good night Agent Grier and to you too IRS lass." With that the phone call ends and Conrad leans back in his chair.

"Do you believe what he said about Mae being a good kid and that she just might be the middle-man," Conrad asks looking to Rebekah. Rebekah thought from both an IRS and a person's perspective.

"I think we'll have to speak to her ourselves but conveniently enough she's gone into hiding."

A.N. It's been a while since we've seen these two. We also found out what happened to young Mae, and who was murdered. Let me know what you think. Most importantly, thanks for reading.

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