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Tailored to Your Needs [Part 3]


"You piece of shit."

I laugh into the pillow, before throwing the sheets off my body and grabbing my trousers.

I head out of the bedroom stretching, I can see above me Mae is sat at her sewing machine trying to tackle the bastard tweed fabric. I ruffle my hair shaking the ends as they tickled my ear.

"How long have you been up?" I ask as I ascend the stairs.

There is a large bowl on her drawing table next to a steamy cup of light brown liquid.

"Since the crack of dawn. However, I've only been tackling this little bastard for...time?" I pull out my phone from my pocket, the black screen stares at me.

"Battery's dead, sorry." I put it back in my pocket, writing a mental note to charge it at one point.

"Well, I'm going to say 16 'you piece of shits' ago." I sit down, taking a piece of fruit out of her bowl.

"And how much have you completed?" Mae took a pencil from behind her ear and chucks to her left, hitting a partially dressed mannequin.

"I've done the jacket, but you'll need to put it on so I can see if it needs adjustments and whatnot. Argh, you piece of shit." 17 'you piece of shits' .

Trying to be as helpful as I can I lift the jacket off the mannequin and carry it to the platform. I pull it on, Mae is still missing the cufflinks and buttons, but the overall fit is damn near perfect.

The fabric is soft like wool, but I didn't feel weighed down by the tweed. The material will definitely need a sticky roll taken to it to get rid of the fluff, but that is to be expected—an emerald, silk-like lining with an inside pocket—the right height for my arm in without resistant in the arm.

I pull the two ends together as though there is a button to see whether the front is the right shape and fit.

"Well..." Mae is biting her bottom lip as she peers around me to see my reflection in the mirror.

"I think after this you'll have to become my tailor." She smiles, taking a quick tour of the suit flattening it down against my body.

"I haven't made a suit in...well, actually not since uni."

"So only a few months ago." I smile.

"I wish I'm 26 years old this year so four years ago. But I'm surprised I still go it." Mae helps me out the suit jacket and puts it back on the mannequin before getting the fabric that is sat beside the sewing machine and places it against my waist.

"Seems like I got the length right, hopefully by lunch, I'll be able to get the trousers on you and then I should technically be done by dinner." Mae grabs her phone. "It's just gone nine, I don't want to annoy Bonnie by showing up late on a Sunday. You free to come with me now?"

"As your sweetener?"

"Well, of course, Bonnie doesn't just open the shop for anyone."

"I guess I can lend a hand." Mae grins and skips ahead of me downstairs to put some clothes on.

I sit on one of the chairs as I wait for Mae to get dressed, twirling my phone on the marble tabletop.

"Ready." I glance up and see her.

Dressed in a mid-length khaki jumper with a puffy turtle neck and flared sleeves. She had a plaid green hairband holding her hair back at the bottom of her long legs ankle length Chelsea boots. She looks absolutely stunning. I feel underdressed looking at her with me in nothing but some sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

"Dominic?" Mae's head is tilted as she watches me gawk at her, I jump to my feet.


Mae follows behind me as we leave her place, she pulls the iron door shut, locking it away and placing the key back in her inconspicuous slot in the door.

She takes my hand, our fingers interlink, and she rubs her finger in between my knuckles as we step out into the February cold air.

Bonnie's shop is nothing exciting—sandwiched between a small Starbucks and a laundromat the italic, white cursive writing fits across the top, there are bars across the window, and the lights weren't on.

"Are you sure it's open?" I ask.

"It's open for us, sound familiar?" Mae wiggled her eyebrows as I roll my eyes. She rings the doorbell, and a piercing buzz vibrates through the small shop.

Mae rocked on her heels as we wait. A light in the back switches on and begins crawling towards the front until the whole shop is illuminated. A small hunched over woman emerges from somewhere in the back. Her little hands clasp together as she shuffles towards us. She seems tired, but as she lifts up her head and sees us on the other side of the glass, her movements were bit more purposeful.

Bonnie is mumbling something as she unlocks the door, opening it up to us.

"Hola, Mae."

"Hola, Bonnie."

"And who..." she lowered her thick spectacles to get a look at me. "Is this?"

"Dominic, the man I told you about."

"Oh, the boyfriend." She pulls open the door to let us in. Mae takes my hand and leads the way, Bonnie closes the door behind and shuffles forward.

"You left quite quickly, Mija. I did not know it was for a lechón." I didn't know much of other languages aside from the basic greetings, but I had heard 'vampire' enough through various languages to pick up the familiar tone of disdain.

I narrow my eyes at the elderly woman. She had an earthy brown surrounding her, one I have not seen before.

"Ah, mama." Mae has adopted this Spanish accent as she speaks, "so perceptive, Dominic is not like most vampires." She turns to me and smiles. "He's kind. Bonnie here is a ball-dòrain." I raise a brow at the word.

"Don't confuse him with technical language." I step back as Bonnie moves towards me. "I'm a mole. We are rare and few."

"Why did you move to Seattle?" I ask gently worried that any louder her race may go extinct.

"It's cold and dark." Bonnie claps her hands. "Now, Mija, I'd like to go back to bed. Remember what you needed?"

"Yes, buttons and zippers."

"Come, come then."

Mae drops my hand and hurries behind the shuffling woman. I decide it is the wisest decision to sit on the small chair by the counter while the women worked, placing the plastic bag filled with last night's dinner on the table.

I can hear the low voices of them from the other side of the room somewhere near the cufflinks and zippers.

Who would've thought I'd spend my February at someone else's' house? I try to rack my brain of why I insisted on accompanying Mae to her house.

Besides the measurements and the fitting which could all be done in one night, there was no need for me to be here, and yet I'm here in downtown Seattle letting a ball-dòrain supply my suit.

I am so used to high quality and expensive suit, yet Mae's suit will be the best suit I've owned. I trail my finger over the dust coating the table and rubbed it between my fingers staring at the texture of the grey dust.

"Mija, you bought me food?" I turn as Mae and Bonnie emerge from the rows of fabric. Mae has a small brown bag filled with her treasures.

"I did not cook, but yes. We brought you food." Bonnie rounds the counter, opening the bag and smiles at us. She reached over, grabbing my cheeks, pinching them delicately.

"What a kind little boy you are." I rub my cheeks, feeling the warmth grow on the tips of my ears.

"Mae said you don't usually open on a Sunday."

"Well, Mae is the owner of the shop. I just run maintenance and look after the occasional customer. She's kind enough to let me live downstairs." I turn to Mae, who was trying her best to not feel embarrassed.

"I think it's a fair trade, Bonnie." Mae fishes into her small bag, pulling out a few notes and handing them to Bonnie.

"And on the rare occasions, she does pay she pays way too much." Bonnie took the three 100 dollar bills and opens the cash register.

"It's a balance, is it not Bonnie?" Mae goes around the counter and hugs the small woman nestling her hair into Bonnie's greying waves.

Bonnie smiles, holding Mae's arm before turning around and holding Mae's face between her hands and kissing each cheek.

"Take care Mija."

"You too, mama." The two let go, and Mae comes to my side, holding my hand and leading us out the door.

"You take care of my Mija." I glance over my shoulder to Bonnie, who has a stern but soft gaze on me.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Bonnie."

With the door shut to the fabric store, I take the bag off Mae and carry it in one hand while the other holds her hand running my finger over the back of her hand.

"I didn't know you own the store," I say as we head up the street.

"Bonnie is just exaggerating, she's the only fabric store for miles. I just have a share in her business to make sure it stays open. I encourage the other designers to buy from her when we can, and luckily I get a discount from the suppliers we use at work."

Stepping back into the loft is a welcoming sight, winters are always cold in a Seattle, this one seems like an unusually cold one.

Mae is quick to undress, heading straight to her sewing room using most of the sun for the next few hours.

I pick up my phone, that is connected to one of the electrical points on the kitchen island and turn it on. I think I will make some breakfast.

Making is a bit of an understatement as I pull the bread out of the bread bin and place two slices in the toaster.

I lean down as I survey her coffee machine, it is the same brand as the one at home but seems to be a newer version. Using my knowledge from the one at home, I attempted to make a white americano.

The toast jumps from the toaster, and I place it on my plate pasting butter on both slices and cutting it in half. I take the plate and cup of steaming coffee upstairs completely forgetting my phone on the kitchen island.

Mae is sitting at the table one foot on the stool as she sews a button onto the front of the jacket, I place my things next to hers near the wall so if it did spill it wouldn't ruin all her hard work.

"What did you think of Bonnie?" Mae asks her eyes glued to the movements of the needle as it went in and out of each hole.

"She kind of reminds me of Sybil."

"Really?" The shock and scepticism are evident in both Mae's voice and her face as she looks at me.

"Yes, Sybil isn't nearly as steely as you'd think. She just needs to warm up to you."

"I've been in your house for four months, and I am convinced that all of them are avoiding me. I mean, she doesn't even give me chores anymore. I end up doing everything myself."

"Well, Sybil isn't exactly pleased you are here, she's also close to retiring. I eased up her responsibilities aside from the kitchen duties; it's just us in the house."

"Like we live together? Like that house is ours?"

"I guess in a way, yes." I ta ea sip of my coffee, biting into my toast. Mae opens up the jacket fluffing it out before holding it up.

There aren't any drastic changes just the additions of buttons on the arms and either side of the jacket so I can do it up.

"What's left to do?" I ask.

"One half of the leg, the vest, and then the pocket square."

"No tie?" Mae makes a face.

"No, I think black will be fine, and I'm sure you are already in an abundance of black ties." She plucks a slice of apple sandwiching it in between her lips before taking a bite. "May I ask you something, Dominic?"

I swallow a lump of food before saying, "sure."

"Am I your first girlfriend?" I cough slightly on the coffee before setting it down.

"Why would you assume that?"

Mae casually shrugs her shoulders before saying, "call it occupational insight. After a few years, you can tell who's new and who isn't."

"Well, then you would be wrong. I've had women who I keep a somewhat exclusive relationship with, but it doesn't last more than a few weeks."

"Why is that?"

"Aside from the fact I have to restrain myself from biting their neck every time we have sex, they are often looking for something more serious, and I don't want to think about more serious things."

"I'm sure your female equivalent would at least solve one of those problems."

"A female vampire, yes sex, would no longer be an internal battle, but that only makes children a higher risk."

A run a finger over the rim of the cup. I keep away from female vampires, not only did I have to worry about the reason they are with me but also the implications of every time we had sex.

"Having sex with a human, there is less of a risk of conceiving."

"Well, that's not true." Mae replies and I arch my brow at her.

"Please educate the vampire on vampires." I laugh.

"Well, to conceive a vampire would require the female to ingest the males' blood before or during the act of sex while he ingests her's. We already know that a vampires blood remains in a human a lot longer than a human's remain in a vampire's. Take us, for example, I could easily just bite you during a heated moment, and well we know your fetish already."

"Yes, we are a pretty good example, but what person bites another person. I can tell you that no woman has bitten me during a 'heated moment'."

"I did," Mae's sultry voice tickles my ears.

"Because you're a little minx who pushes boundaries." Mae laughs at my quick-fire response. She stands up, draping the jacket back over the mannequin before sitting down and bringing the bowl towards her.

"If I never pushed the boundaries, you would eventually grow bored of me," Mae retorts.

We sit in the basking light as we eat breakfast, every once and a while I nab a piece of unguarded fruit from Mae's bowl as she unsuccessfully attempts to sneak a sip of my coffee as hers is now 'terribly cold'.

I don't think I will ever get bored of you.

A.N. This, for me, was the cutest scene to write and that ending🥺. How are you guys finding the development of these twos relationship? Where do you think it'll lead to? Let me know what you think and most importantly, thanks for reading.

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