The Year Package

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The Highs and Lows

"He fucking did what?" I shout. Lara lifts her head from between my legs, pulling off her mask, and revealing her swollen bottom lip.

"Jesus, Mae. Must you be so loud." She pulls out the small soft swab from my cervix and slips it into a sealable plastic vial.

"Well, sorry, Lara. People tend to get rilled up when they find out some prick used their best friend to come out, and if that was fucking sketchy as it is. When it inevitably backfired turned on them. He used you like a safety blanket, Lara. It was a win, win situation. If his colleagues support him, great. If they don't well he can take it out on you and play the whole 'I didn't know she was a dude' card. 'I feel so cheated'."

The elf drops the vial in a small plastic bag before pulling off her gloves and taking a seat in front of me.

Today is my bi-monthly check-up, luckily for me, it is being performed by Lara—the branch's chief doctor. However, unluckily for her is the day after a brutal attack from a still closeted little shit.

"Don't you think I realised that, Mae." She drops onto the stool, rotating it slowly. I take my legs down, pulling up my underwear before sitting in the chair next to her.

"Your vagina looks good, healthy."

"Don't change the subject, Lara." Lara looks at me her golden rimmed eyes sparkling like jewels in the night.

"Magenta had me report him to the police. She said she had her reservations to begin with when he approached her but thought a small office party wouldn't go so terribly wrong."

"He deserves to go to jail for what he did. I mean he's a fucking descendant of a minotaur, of course, he has a temper on him. It was a hate crime Lara. Plain and simple." I sigh. "Is that why she hasn't patched you up?" I stroke the lump above her eyebrow, the raised skin making my eyes water.

"Yeah, if this goes to court which it probably will, I need to keep the evidence." Lara pulls out a blood pressure gauge and lays it on the table.

I lay my arm on the table as she wraps the strap over my arm.

"Now can you relax for me so I can get a proper reading?" I inhale dramatically before exhaling, the strap tightens as it takes a reading.

"68 bpm, good. You took a urine sample before you came in." I tap the small little pot on the table labelled with my name and date of birth.

"Now, I have to ask. Is he hurting you?"

"Will you be telling Magenta?"

"You know the rules, Maebell."

"No, he is not Larissa." Lara pulls the strap off my arm putting it back into the drawer.

"Now, for your favourite bit." I roll up my sleeve, exposing the veiny skin. Lara gets up from her stool and heads to go get a blood test kit.

"What did the police say?" She takes out a plastic vial and a small needle wrapped in plastic.

"They say I'm for a good chance of conviction, he's been on their radar before, but those were circumstantial. Hopefully, with my evidence, more victims will step forward." She presses the needle to my arm, and the blood began to pour a steady stream into the vial.

I watch the blood crash to the bottom a slight roll of my stomach has me turning away. Before I know it, the needle is out and replaced with cotton wool and tape.

"I'll text you if I find anything concerning, which I doubt I will." I rolled down my sleeve, grabbing my jacket at on the back of the chair.

"Does that mean you're on holiday?" More times than not, Lara only handles the most severe cases, she hardly ever has time for follow-ups. The female elf nods her head.

"Yeah, until the trial is over I'm on doctor duty." I stand up, wrapping my arms around Lara's head softly and press her to my chest. I stroke the back of her hair, which has been braided running my finger down the parting. Lara sighs, wrapping her arms around my waist.

"You're gonna be okay." I pull away enough for the elf to look at me.

"Okay?" She has begun crying, her tears staining her rosy cheeks and my dress. "Oh, baby girl." I pull her in for another hug caressing her head as she sobbed, hushing her cries and stroking her head.

"Have you told Lincoln?" I whisper. Lara shakes her head from in between my breasts.

"He'll have a fit, most likely go to you for more information."That was very true, while Lincoln lusted over Seraphine, he was in love with Lara.

However, the two found it very difficult to not be swayed by other people and therefore never perused their feelings for one another outside their arrangement.

Lara pulls away, plucking a tissue out of the box and dabs her eyes before blowing her nose.

"I've been waiting for 24h for you to show up so I could have a good cry."

"I would've come sooner if you had told me." Lara waves off my argument.

"Work comes first." I roll my eyes before pulling her in for another hug, smothering the top of her head with kisses.

"You will keep me up to date," I say, straightening out my dress.

"Yes, of course. Now off you go I'm sure Mr Bitey is getting agitated waiting for you." I give Lara one last kiss on the temple, before throwing on my jacket and picking up my bag.

"See you soon, love you."

"Love you too, Mae."

Dominic is sitting on the hood of his sleek black BMW, one leg casually draped over the other with his arms folded.

"Everything in good shape."

"I've been told I have a healthy vagina." Dominic smirked slightly.

"I could've told you that." I can't help but smile at him as I open the car door, slipping into the passenger seat. The other side opened, and Dominic got in beside me.

"I have a request," I ask suddenly, Dominic turns his head to me to give me his full attention. "I'd like to see my family back in Scotland. I know it's not exactly work-related b-"

"That's fine with me. You can use one of my airlines, I think there's one scheduled for Gatwick tomorrow morning. Do you want me to drop you to your place to pack?"

"Uh..." I stare at Dominic. Not that I expected some drawn-out conversation where I gave him multiple psychological reasons why I need to send them, but I didn't expect this. That was easy.

"Yes, that'd be great."

A.N. Working in the escort business can sometimes get messy. Poor Lara, these are just some of the hardships lgbt+ people go through. Stay safe my lovelies. Let me know what you think, and most importantly thanks for reading.

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