The Year Package

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The Price for a Year


I watch Delilah eat slowly her mind was a mess, discussing with herself what she will do with the money, how she can survive a year here, where even here was.

I run my hand through my hair; she looks so innocent. Despite her trying to eat calmly, her heart was hammering through her chest, pumping that delicious blood circling that curvaceous body.

My trousers tighten at last night how she rocked against me in the shower. Or the audacity she had to try and pleasure herself not to say I wasn’t shocked and slightly more entranced by her.

A whole year. The things I would do to your body. I slide down into my chair, my trousers becoming unbearably tight. I clear my throat sitting up.

“Delilah.” She looks up at me, putting the knife and fork down side by side on the plate. “Do we have a deal?”

She smiles realising I was still paying for her time.

“That’s not for me to decide.”

My teeth clench together as she speaks, but I relax my jaw quickly.

“Then who decides?” I ask.

“My employer. Call them, they’ll discuss with you how to arrange such things.”

Sybil comes in a jug of water in hand; she takes the plate from Delilah ignoring her entire presence her grey eyes boring into mine.

I know she isn’t happy with Delilah being here, I know her opinion about the whole service. When she saw me walk up to the front door a sleeping Delilah in my arms, she shut off her thoughts so I wouldn’t hear the array of curses she had for me.


The ageing woman looks at me the wrinkles around her eyes seem to hiss.

“Take Delilah and give her something to wear, something black preferably.” Sybil pulls out Delilah’s chair, taking her bag from off the table and starts to walk away.

“Come along, dear.”

Delilah smiles at me, getting up from her seat and follows Sybil.

As the last of Delilah’s hair disappears from view, I unlock my phone. I pull out the business card from my inside jacket pocket, flipping over the black card to see the number. Hmm, the number has changed. I had memorised it in case I lost the card the last digits had changed from 208 to 481. No doubt that witch had something to do with it.

Nonetheless, I type the number in and hold it to my ear. There is a long monotonous drone before someone speaks.

“Mr Aldrek, is everything ok? I see here you still have another nine and a half hours before your time with Delilah ends.”

“Everything is fine; she is fine. I want to extend her time.”

There were a few taps of a keyboard before the lady on the other end speaks, “that is fine, how long are you looking to extend her time with you, sir?”

“I want to buy her for a year.”

The lady takes in a deep breath before a screech of a chair and the disappearing sound of heels clicking on the floor. I smirk, clearly, she’d never come across a request before. I doubt many could afford such a spend. The heels return, and the phone is picked up.

“Hi, Mr Aldrek, are you still there?”

“Thankfully,” I reply.

“For extensions over a week or costs incurring over $50,000 must be overseen by Magenta. Please may you and Delilah report to our Seattle branch this afternoon to draft a contract. Thank you.”

With that, she hangs up; it was not a discussion or a compromise I will have to meet this Magenta woman today.

I push up off the chair the force making it screech, I straighten out my jacket grabbing the coffee and the phone in one hand and head to Delilah’s room.

I don’t even bother to knock and open the door. Sybil had left a black dress and heels on her bed. Steam escapes from underneath the bathroom door, and I head towards it, opening it.

There she is hair tied up in a bun as she runs the soap over her body, her humming has stopped she has noticed my entrance but is ignoring me.

“What have I said about ignoring me?” I say, Delilah turns around soap running off her body. She has her hands covering her breast soap seeping through her fingertips.

“Don’t do it,” she replies in a small voice, I walk over to her, forcing her into a corner as the water drenches my clothes not that I cared.

“That is correct.” Are we going to have a repeat of last night? Her thoughts drift through my head as her eyes look up at me.

“No,” I reply. “They’ve asked that we head to their branch this afternoon to draft a contract.” Delilah nods.

“Ok, I will finish showering and me-”

“Did I say I was finished?” I growl her heart jumps as I cut her off.

My clothes are beginning to cling to my body, and I step closer, causing Delilah to rise on her feet with the little space I give her.

“No, Dominic.” She steadies her breathing, refusing to let her gaze tear away from mine. “Do you plan on showering with me?”

I smirk. She remembers confident, but not cocky.

I trace my hand over her neck feeling her pulsing heartbeat dance across my skin with the desire to squeeze it and relive last night. If you do that she’ll be asleep for another eight hours or worse. I drop my hand and a small sigh leaves her lips, making my cock twitch.

I step back out of the shower.

“No Delilah, meet me downstairs when you are ready,” With that, I turn on my heels and head out the room.

I place the cup on the table alongside my wet phone. I had carelessly brought them into the shower with me wholly engrossed in Delilah’s form.

More importantly, I have unnecessarily made myself wet and incredibly horny, if this contract had been done over the phone I could’ve easily bent Delilah over and...I can just see it. Her smooth back hunched over as her breasts smack against her wet body. Or even her legs wrapped around me as I fuck her on the bathroom sink. Biting down on her neck, tasting her blood as it slithers down my throat.

Stop it, Dominic, focus.

I roll my shoulders, removing the clinging fabric peeling it off my skin. I pulled a plastic bag from the empty bin by the table and shoved them in. Sybil will have a heart attack if I leave them there.

I head to the bathroom, grabbing a black towel and run it over my head. That was incredibly foolish of me, I was dressed and ready, and now I have to get dressed again.

I can’t help myself— the excitement of having her here to do what please with. No more skulking around shitty bars and social events looking for a quick release.

There was finally food and sex at home.

Lincoln is going to have a field day when he finds out.

I grind my teeth the thought of his smug face as he sees her, sees the branded ‘A’ underneath her left breast that’s just a beacon for all horny supernatural beings. Another one of that witch’s tricks. Free advertisement for her business.

I head to the closest— safe from my boxers. I have to find a whole new outfit.

I unhook the light grey sweater draping it over my arm before pulling out a white collared shirt and some denim jeans and putting them also over my arm. I kneel surveying the shoe collection and opt for the camel coloured Chelsea boots.

I fix the watch onto my wrist as a knock sounds from the door.

“Enter Sybil.”

Sybil walks in her face, sunken from what I could only assume was holding in her thoughts.

“Master Dominic, you can’t be serious.”

I sigh I motion to the door, and Sybil heads out, me close behind.

“Sybil, we’ve had this conversation already.”

“I know Master Dominic, but it’s dangerous.”

“For who?” I reply curtly heading past the first staircase and to the second one at the end of the hallway.

“For everyone involved. The girls have been talking,” Sybil began.

“The girls shouldn’t be talking.”

We headed down the stairs, the light thinning out before being transformed into a hazy blue.

“She can’t stay here for a year.”

“Do you have self-control, Sybil?” I ask.

I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head and spin around to Sybil. My eyes narrow to slits. Sybil in all her small glory didn’t back down and instead stood her ground. I smile, shaking my head.

“You best remember who you’re talking to Master Dominic, I taught you self control,” she argues with a wagging finger I’m sure if I look at her.

I continue walking arriving in the garage, I head to the noticeboard on the wall closest taking off a random key. I press the unlock button, and a white Audi beeps across the room.

“As long as you have self-control, the girls will follow suit.” I head to the car the white Audi r5 waiting patiently.

“What if they don’t?” Sybil replies as I open the door getting in.

“Well, then their job will be terminated effective immediately, and they can find somewhere else to live. Now open the garage door, and I will swing around to pick her up.”

Sybil nods and heads back to the noticeboard flicking one of the switches, and the garage door rumbles open.

I rev the car, sliding it out quickly as I emerge from underneath the house, bringing it around and park it in front of the house.

Sybil and I stand at the bottom of the stairs as I wait for Delilah. How long does it take for her to put on a fucking dress and heels? My shoulders relax from all the tensions of waiting as I hear the soft padding of Delilah’s approach. She bounds down the stairs the bottom half of her dress still visible under the red jumper she had worn this morning.

“Why are you wearing that jumper?” I ask. Delilah looks down at the jumper as if checking to see if it was on.

“Sybil mentioned it was cold, do you want me to take it off?” It’s 44 degrees out. I will get ill. I frown at her thought but sigh.

“No, we don’t want you getting ill.” I turn to Sybil.

“We will be back tonight.” I look at Delilah briefly. “Have dinner ready for us.”

Sybil nods, taking a glance to Delilah then heads for the kitchen.

“Let’s get this contract drafted.” I head to the door, but Delilah breaks my stride with a cough. “What is it?”

“I need to drive.”

I turn around smirking.

“Company policy,” she adds.

“What company policy?” I ask.

Delilah closes her eyes as she recited her next words. “No client should know the whereabouts of the branches, should a client require access to the branches a car will be sent to them, or an employee will drive them.” Delilah opens her eyes and stretches out her hand. “Please. It’s a lot easier than sending for a car.”

I grumble under my breath and slap the keys into her hand.

“Let’s go then.”

Delilah skips on ahead of me. She opens the car door sliding into the driver’s seat while I begrudgingly slide into the passenger seat.

She starts up the engine heading out of the driveway and off towards the highway to take us back into the city.

The journey is made in silence; my eyes are trained on the road ahead despite not being the one driving. We drive further into the city, and my mind wanders all the possible places the branch was located.

I know Seattle, and that knowledge is the reason I am where I am now. Where could Magenta have possibly put her business without me knowing?

Delilah takes a turning into a car park settling the car into a space on the ground floor.

“We walk from here.” she says switching off the engine and handing me the keys. Delilah steps out, shutting the door behind her, and I follow.

“How far do we have to walk?”

“Just around the corner,” she replies heading out of the car park, veering off to the left. Her hands have hidden inside her sleeves as she hugs her body, walking quickly.

Delilah pushes the door to a costume store open, letting out a heavy breath as her body is greeted with warm air.

I glance up gazing at the sign.


A.N. A meeting with Magenta at a store called FolkWhore. Anyone see what I did there eh, ehh? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I look forward to next week.

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