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Cautionary Precautions

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"I thought we had given up on pursuing Aldrek," Rebekah hisses as she slows the car down towards the guard booth at the entrance of 'Dove Valley' a gated community which the Aldrek had built, and owns somewhere outside main Seattle.

"I had, then we got a ping off Miss Geoffries. Turns out she's gone to England using no other than." Conrad points sternly at the silver gates."This man's airline. So much for 'they liaison on her behalf bullshit'. That's why we are here."

Rebekah sighs heavily the car coming to a halt, she rolls down the window as the guard on the other side rises from his chair.

"Who have you come to see?" He practically growls, holding the edge of his booth with two tight fists.

"Mr Aldrek," Rebekah replies kindly, noticing the immediate strain and tension in the air. "I work for the IRS while this man over here is from the FBI."

Conrad leans over Rebekah lifting his badge to the man's eye level.

"So open the gate, so we don't storm this place like Fort Knox." Somewhat satisfied with the pairs contrasting responses, he presses a button, and the gates begin to rumble.

"Last house."

Rebekah smiles meekly at the man, telepathically apologising to him for Conrad's behaviour. She drives the car following the road past similarly built houses.

Detached three-storey red-bricked homes, a small front lawn, a car every now and again on the driveway, some had sprinklers at the front others had children perched on the grass.

"This place seems nice, I wonder how much they go for?" Rebekah voices absentmindedly.

"Don't worry yourself about that, you see any middle-class people here?" Conrad replies snarkily.

Rebekah gives him a sideways glance, something was pestering the FBI agent. He seemed fine when he called her to meet him by the coffee shop they now frequently went to and still fine when he told her he wanted her to drive somewhere. However, as they turned off the motorway, his mood dropped, and his aura soured.

I thought he wanted to come here?

"Of course he has the biggest house," Conrad mumbled, and Rebekah focused her attention on the large standing house at the end of the road, she stops the car putting it into 'park' before engaging the handbrake.

"What the hell is wrong with you today?" Rebekah asks, she turns to Conrad, who has already begun unbuckling his seatbelt. "And don't tell me nothing, you are snappy this morning."

"Sorry," Conrad breathed out, "I feel like we missed an opportunity when Mae flew to England, I mean I just about convinced Naomi to put a small hit on her name but if they had just put her on a no flights list like I asked we could've used that card to get her to talk. They don't think she'll try to run, neither do I to be honest, but I'm getting squeezed by every senior who has a stake in this investigation. They need some results. Otherwise, I'm going to be the scapegoat for explaining away the waste of FBI resources and staff."

Rebekah puts a caring hand on his shoulder, the best she can offer.

"We are going to get answers, but right now let's try and be approachable. Dominic might slip up if he doesn't see us as anymore more of a threat than we already are." Rebekah pushed open her door, Conrad, in tow as the pair walked up to the double mahogany doors.

Conrad presses the doorbell the tone being carried off inside the house, only to be replaced with the steps of approaching feet. The door swings open and there stands Sybil, she looks extremely deflated as she meets the pair, several hundred years older than she actually is.

"How may I help you?" she asks politely, her hands held together in front of her.

"We are looking for Mr Aldrek, we tried his businesses who said he wasn't in and hoped that he was at home," Rebekah replies.

"Unfortunately, Mr Aldrek is not here, he's away tending to business. I'd happily take a message and tell him you dropped by."

"Thank you, could you tell him that Agent Rebekah and Conrad stopped by hoping to talk? He has my business card," Conrad asks.

Sybil nods her head, her hands holding the edge of the door as it moves a little bit more closed.

"Will do, thank you for stopping by." Rebekah turns on her heels heading for the car while Conrad lingers a little more, staring into the house a bit more than necessary. He clears his throat before smiling slightly and taking his leave as well.

Rebekah sits in the car, playing around with the navigation so that they could get back home. The passenger side door slams shut, and Conrad slumps into the sleep.

"Sorry, that was a huge waste," he admits defeated.

"Not at all, yes another dead end but that just increases the chance of stumbling onto the ends that aren't dead."

"I just want to know where the fuck those two are."

A.N. It's been a while since we saw these two, so turns out they put a hit on Mae's name. I wonder where Dominic is? Let me know what you think and thanks for reading guys.

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