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Luna and her Wolf


"We can't get married," Stephan says, setting his coffee cup down on the table.

I lean into the chair holding the chai latte close to my nose as I peer out the window. April had begun and with it the warmer months, fewer clothes and more time spent outdoors. I'm going to have to change this to an iced chai.

"Luna," Stephan begins. I finally turn my attention to him. "Did you hear me?" I sigh slowly setting my own cup down on the table.

"Yes, I know. These chases will end up killing me. Magenta can only fix the scars so many times, she says I'm at my limit of magic consumption, three more heals that's all she can do."

Magenta had become Luna's witch best friend, a fill in her story to explain why she never had any scarring. A mysterious witch who shared a flat with her, a witch who had set a restriction on this arrangement. Magenta really did think of everything.

"We can't simply break up, I wish you were my mate I really do b-" Stephan clasps his hands together and hold them across the table. They are shaking. He is scared.

"I know, but we knew what we'd be getting into when we thought we'd give it a chance." If I was Stephan's mate the moment I told him my full name his wolf would've told him, his heart would've told him.

"I have an idea, it would require a lot from you, Luna." Stephan lifts his head to gaze at me, the moment our eyes connect, he returns them to his drink. "We should run away."

I let go of his hand, putting them on my lap. What he is proposing is insane, to completely abandon his family for a human. Worse yet a human that wasn't his mate. Stephan would turn his back on his tradition, his morals, and when he found his mate he'd have to kill me to rejoin his family, and he would because that's what his mate would ask of him.

"'re giving me a death wish," I whisper, his love for me will ultimately kill us both. My stomach churns at the density of our relationship.

"Not if I never leave the house, if I only see you. I can't possibly find my mate if I'm a hermit." Stephan dryly chuckles at the last bit.

"You understand the physical and mental repercussions of that right, that's solitary confinement. I don't want to be some sort of warden over you."

"It's voluntary confinement."

"And kids, are we just abandoning that idea as well. You realise that if we have kids, not only would they be destined to never find their other half out of the goddesses spite for true love, but it would mean you'd all die. You'd all die by 40, constant changing at the full moon would break you in half over time." I settle into my seat, noticing how I hold the arms of the chair and the occasional glances from other people.

This is their coffee shop—a small little place tucked away. The exposed light bulb buzzes along with the lo-fi hip hop playing in the background. This is where they first met, where Luna was born. Call me sentimental, but I had grown connected to her, at first I wanted to challenge myself and be someone slightly different than myself, then Mae. However, over the years we melded into the same person— light and dark shade but still the same colour.

"I know Luna. I'm willing to have all the babies in the world with you, I'm willing to have none at all and die early, but I don't want to be with anyone else. Trust me to know that I couldn't love anyone more than you."

I bite my lip, hoping the damn thing would start bleeding and realign this pain I'm feeling in my chest.

"Don't answer now, I don't expect you to have an answer for me, but at least think about it."

I stand up, and so does Stephan, I fall into his arms, taking in his cologne. Holding his body close to mine as I feel the rhythm of his heart. Stephan holds me tightly in his arms stroking the bottom of my hair, his chin resting on the lie that was the white chunk of hair.

"I'll think about it, Stephan. I love you." But I worry what it might make us do.

"I love you too, Luna. Would you like me to walk you to the station?"

"Don't worry, I have a meeting upstate. I'm going to get a cab." I look up to Stephan, peering into those sad, green orbs and pull him into a kiss, a deep one, one that expressed more words than the ones we'd said.

Luna and Stephan loved each other, and they were both ready to risk it all.

I stand somewhere up the road from the coffee shop, waiting for the car to arrive when my phone rang. I plucked it from my bag. 'Dominic' I slide the button along.

"Miss me already birthday boy?" I smile into the phone as he chuckles on the other end the black car pulling up to the curb.

A.N. What did you guys think about the werewolf lore? You'll find throughout this book some new aspects to supernatural creatures, that I believe to be quite unique.

Thanks so much for sticking with the book so far, let me know what you think.

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