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Swimming in Our Feelings


"It's time you tried Voyager. It's hands down my favourite place to trade and buy cryptocurrency. It's 100% free co-."

I take out the earphones, placing them in the cup holder attached to the treadmill as I brought it down to a gradual light jogging speed.

I wipe my face, leaning my arms on either side as the belt slowed to a walk. The sunlight is streaming into the room, even with the windows open and the air con on, sweat rolls down my neck.

My eyes catch her figure immediately. Mae is swaying to the music coming out of the headphones I had given her for Christmas, twirling and rolling her wrists to whatever she is listening to.

She drops her towel at the edge of the pool, revealing the orange and black tie-dye bikini. A woman in a bikini is no different than underwear, yet somehow Mae looks more alluring.

Could it be the tight fabric that was disappearing in between the roundness of both of her cheeks? Or that she'll be dripping wet with water when she got out? Either way, I have the urge to finish my workout with a swim in a pool I haven't touched in years.

This woman never ceases to turn me on. What is worse is that more times than not, it isn't intentional. It is just Mae being Mae.

I went to my room, changing my gym wear to swimming shorts and pull a towel from the bathroom hurrying to the garden.

By the time I make it to the pool, Mae is swimming back forth, her hair covering most of her as she makes small splashes on the water surface. I kneel down as she reaches the far end, she rolls over in the water kicking off the wall to propel her forward.

Mae slows down, emerging out of the water. Her hair laying flat against her face.

"You also swim?" I ask, dipping my feet into the cold water.

"It's a good skill, besides it makes the body work harder." She lays her arms on the edge of the pool looking up at me, her chocolate brown eyes peering through the streaks of her hair. "Do you swim?"

"Not enough to really own a pool." I laugh, discarding my towel and slipping into the pool beside her. Mae bobs up and down in the water, causing little ripples to stretch away from her.

"Do you trust me?" she asks suddenly, gliding towards me, her body practically cutting the water in half.


"Lie down and float."

I didn't expect this to take that turn, but I turn around, lowering myself further into the water. I feel Mae's small hands cup around my head as I lift my head, taking in the clear blue sky as tiny clouds float by.

"What's th-"


I can see that Mae has closed her eyes leading me around the pool. I follow her lead, closing my eyes and allowing my body to relax in the water and her hands.

"Have you ever been in an insolation tank?" Her voice is soft, trying not to pull me to close to reality she wanted to preserve the serene.


"It's the same temperature as the human body, and you feel as though you're floating. No idea when the water ends, and your body begins. That kind of connection and infinity gives you time to think."

It's silent, with my eyes still closed and the feeling of weightlessness entering I speak, "when Lincoln told me about FolkWhore and how much fun it brought him I was sceptical. I didn't quite understand how paying someone would ever make you feel more than just lied to. However, having you here, I wish I never signed up in the first place."

"Why is that?" Mae asks, I sigh the realisation weighing me down into the water.

"Because I would have rather met you outside of this."

"And who says you still can't" Mae whispers. I feel her hands travel from my head down to my sides before her hair brushes against my forearm.

I open my eyes, noticing she is laying next to me, flowing by my side. She turns to me, smiling as she interlocks her fingers with mine.

We both turn to the sky, watching the clouds roll above us slowly, floating in a pool of water and also our feelings.

A.N. Did Dominic just indirectly...Oooh interesting. Let me know what you guys think, most importantly thanks for reading!

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