The Year Package

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What an obscene sign. I don’t allow myself to get too distracted by it and follow Delilah as she walks through the aisles of costumes to the assistant at the back.

“Hello stranger, didn’t see you last night,” the man behind the counter says, he catches sight of me his golden eyes glazing me over.

“Hi Klaus, Magenta is expecting us.” She leans in close to his ear. “He’s the year package.”

Klaus’s eyes widen as he looks at me before putting a manicured hand over his mouth and turns to Delilah.

He smacks her ass, causing her to shriek and me to stiffen up my teeth clench.

“Well go on in, don’t forget me when you become rich.”

Delilah laughs, the sound tingling my ears as she walks past him and through the green curtains.

I eye Klaus suspiciously, noticing the iridescent wings attached to his back fluttering against the light. Fucking faery.

Liberal polyamorous little creatures with an equally liberal mother— Seraphine Queen of the Fae.

I descend the stairs behind Delilah the light stopping abruptly and being replaced by the warm glow of candles.

There was another curtain which we push through revealing the ambient office space— rows of hallways and closed doors paraded in front of us just behind another faery at a desk with burnt orange hair.

“Gretchin,” Delilah says catching her attention as she types furiously.

“Magenta wants you and Mr Aldrek in her room.”

Delilah nods and glances over her shoulder at me for me to follow. She heads down the frosted hallway glass and wooden doors on either side of us to the black metal staircase at the end.

I follow closely behind Delilah watching her thighs move as she ascended the stairs, all that skin just made me excited of what would happen when we returned home.

Delilah opens the door to the office, stepping aside for me to step through ahead of her.

I walk into the brightly lit room— Magenta has orchestrated something where it felt like the sun was beaming down in her office despite us being under the storefront.

Magenta is in a light grey chair behind a white marbled desk held up by four thin golden legs. Her hands were running over a stack of paper no doubt the contract that I was here to sign.

She lifts her head— firey red hair tumbling over her shoulders strands of it laying on the desk, she was breathtaking. Porcelain skin with a bit of flush around the cheeks and those deep amethyst eyes stare at me.

“Please, Mr Aldrek take a seat,” her silky voice wrapping itself around me.

I sit down my eyes still lingering on hers. Delilah stands beside me, her jasmine scent pulls my eyes away from Magenta’s and onto the paper.

“I have come to sign the contract.”

Magenta slides the paper to me.

“This is a big read.” She looks to Delilah who was waiting patiently. “Delilah this may take a while, I see you’ve already eaten and had a shower. Go see a medic for that wound of yours, and when we are done I’ll send someone to collect you.”

“Yes, Magenta.” Delilah turned on her heels, going out the door and closing it gently. Magenta’s gaze returns to me.

“If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.” She pulls her laptop close, opening it and begins her work while I am left to read.

I flip the last page of the contract before turning the sheets and letting them drop on the table with a loud thud. Magenta raises her head from the computer closing the lid.

“Do you have any questions, Mr Aldrek?” Magenta asks, getting comfortable in her office chair.

I lean back in mine.

“I do, indeed. As I am paying for a year how will the payment work?”

“You will pay the standard 24-hour fee of $2,400 across the year making your total...”

“$876,000,” I finish for her, Magenta licks her lips at the thought of all that money,

“Yes Mr Aldrek, you and Delilah using our FW app will add any extras that should incur every month.”

I scoff loudly. “So the extras don’t come free?”

“Oh no Mr Aldrek, things such as bloodletting are extra.” This is looking like a more significant spend.

“What insurance do I have? This is a lot of money. How can you guarantee me an excellent service for the whole duration?”

“Well know my girls go to each job with 110%, should anything happen to the agreement whether Delilah should come to severe harm or even death that would be on you Mr Aldrek.”

“Fine, where do I sign?” Magenta puts her hand on the paper.

“There are some things you must know before we sign the contract,”

I sit back in the chair my shoulders aching from all the hunching over and the reading.

“Delilah is human meaning she requires you to look after her. Depending on the arrangement you have with her she may rely on you to feed her and take care of any human problems she may approach.”

“Besides food and transport, I don’t expect she’d need much,” I say.

“Whatever you do with Delilah is your business Mr Aldrek. As Delilah will be in your care for a long duration, we will require her to have bi-monthly visits with our medic team.”

“I have my own doctors.”

“With all due respect Mr Aldrek, we’ve known clients to keep underlying problems hidden from us during these types of arrangements this is non-negotiable.”

“Fine, but it will be at a neutral ground, and my doctors will work alongside yours.”

“That is fine Mr Aldrek. Delilah has a safe place which she submitted when she joined, we will do it there.”

“Anything else?”

“Delilah has been booked for December and also in April and August. She will be gone for 1-2 weeks,” Magenta informed me, her hands clasp around each other.

I frown feeling the dips in my brows.

“So I’m not even guaranteed her for the whole year.”

“Please understand Mr Aldrek this booking was made in advance by a subscribing and very loyal client who only requests Delilah. From August Delilah will be solely yours meaning we will have to decline this subscribing client or suggest another employee,” Magenta explained.

“What has this got to do with me?” I ask.

“Everything, after this agreement, Delilah will still be required to work, and her connections with returning customers must be kept intact.”

“Then I would like a deduction of that time she is away,” I announce.

“Rightly so. As you are paying for the year during the monthly overview for any extras the deduction will be added, should you move into credit it will roll over to the next month.”

“May I sign now?” My words are impatient and strained.

“I have a few questions Mr Aldrek to understand that we are both on the same page.”

I sigh, running my hand through my hair.

“You are a vampire correct?”


“Will you be bloodletting regularly?”

“I may do.”

“You have Delilah’s blood type should the worst happen. In the time that Delilah is with you will anyone else be involved in any of your activities?”

“They better not be.” Magenta looks at me, unimpressed with my response. I glare at her. “No.”

“Excellent, you are free to create your own contract with Delilah providing that it does not conflict with our arrangement. Delilah will have her character pack on her which you can go through when you get home.” Magenta flips to the last page and points at the sign page.

She hands me a silver pen where I sign my name and date it. Magenta took the pen signing it underneath.

November 1st. My year package begins.

“Right, I will go and send for Delilah, and we can focus on the payment.” Magneta presses a button on the phone at the edge of the table.

“What is her name?” I ask. I had chosen the name Delilah, a spur of the moment thing, but if she’d be here for a year I want to know.

“Her name is, Mae, Mr Aldrek.” She turned to the phone. “Could you go retrieve Mae for me please.”

A.N. What did you guys think of Magenta, the boss of the company? And I wonder where the name Delilah came from? Let me know what you think. Most importantly thanks for reading.

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