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Fatherly Advice


Another jacket flies out of the closet, landing on the growing pile on the chair.

"Mae, if you continue throwing things out, we won't be doing this again."

One more piece of clothing darts through the air and I stand up walking to the room to find her bent over surveying my shoes.

"Have you found something yet?" I ask, watching her look behind her, hair falling in front of her face.

"Patience is a virtue," Mae says, standing straight and turning to face me. Clothes draped over her shoulder while a pair of brogues are in her hand. "Besides, I only see you in the evening, I'd like to contribute to your morning."

"It'll be evening by the time I leave the house."

Mae rolls her eyes, pushing me out of the room and onto the bed. I watch her lay my clothes out, straightening them on the bed.

"I want you to compliment what I am wearing." Her words mirrored mine when I took her to work, and I smirk. We are rubbing off on each other.

"You're wearing all black, my dear, that won't be very difficult."

A thigh lengthed pencil skirt with the smallest slit on both sides, and a thin-strapped silk top that rippled in the centre. I didn't see how they paired with a white tailored shirt, grey trousers and black brogues.

"The grey matches my underwear." She lifted up her skirt, showing me a peek of the grey lacy fabric. "So you are, just no one will know." She smirks, taking the pile she created and going back into the walk-in wardrobe, allowing me time to finally get dressed.

The phone rings halfway through lacing up my shoes 'Mr Aldrek' on the screen, and I slide the button across.

"Father? Everything ok?" He tends to keep to himself, playing golf with friends, or going to visit Freya. Mum usually calls on his behalf.

"I'm outside." With that sentence he hangs up, Callahan Aldrek is a very to the point man. So when I hear the door being opened, I grab my coat, phone and keys and leave the room.

He is standing as dominant as ever by the large table near the front door—hands behind his back dressed in a tailored three-piece grey suit. I probably look even more like his son in my own grey suit trousers.

Father brushes his long hair behind his ear before stroking his full beard.

"Good morning, son." His baritone voice is as deep as ever, and if you pay close attention, it rumbles with every word.

"Good morning, Father, nice to see you again." I'm halfway down the stairs when my door closes again. I watch as father eyes dart slightly to my left, and his jaw tightens.

"Mr Aldrek." Mae's voice is sweeter than usual, I glance quickly over my shoulder to find her stood by my door; her hand still on the handle. "I was just tidying up Dominic's clothes, he allowed me to dress him today."

I can feel a rising heat tickle the tips of my ears, turning to look at my father's reaction.

"Then you must be psychic, Dominic knows I like a united front when we head into the office together." He grins at her, perfectly aligned teeth exposing themselves as a small warmth carries into his ashen-coloured eyes.

"Psychic powers would work well in my line, so maybe I am. You look very handsome today." Mae brushes past me, heading down the stairs, me on her tail as she speaks to my father.

"The suit, did Bernard do it?"

Callahan looks down mildly shocked at his suit before nodding his head to Mae.

"You know of Bernard's tailors?"

"Oh, yes." Mae takes his arm, lifting it up to inspect the cufflinks. "He has a thing for Greek cufflinks, did you know he designs them himself. Has his own metal man to make them for him somewhere in Athens." Mae gently removes her hold on my father's arm, yet her control over his attention is still prevalent.

I watch as Mae and my father exchange more compliments. My father is only warm to those who he believes deserve it and more times than not that is reserved for family only. However, this woman has got the man smiling in record time.

I shift my weight as I watch my girlfriend and my father smile and joke like life long buddies.

"As much as I love chatting with you Mr Aldrek I-"

"Callahan please Mae."

"Callahan, I fear Dominic may begin to root himself into the ground. I'm sure you didn't just come to talk about suits."

He smiles at her, clasping his hands together to finally address the actual person he came to see.

"Yes, I came to help finalise this year's charity. I want to see which cause we are focusing this year, and a look to see how the companies are going seeing the owner always boosts productivity. Mae, you should join us. I could use your womanly touch with some of the elements."

Mae sighs, smiling slightly.

"Unfortunately I can't I have a meeting with my boss, but I'm sure Dominic will do a fantastic job."

"If his decisions are anything like his woman we will do fantastically, right son?" They turn to me.

"You're in good hands, Father." Callahan nods his head, heading out the door to supposedly wait for me in the car. I look to Mae, taking her hand and pulling her towards me.

"How did you manage to do that?" I whisper, our faces a few inches apart.

"Your father isn't nearly as stoic as he makes himself to be, you both are very similar, and I know you all too well."

"Is there anyone who doesn't immediately fall in love with you?"

"Not to date." Mae holds my face in her hands, bringing my lips to hers. A slow and gentle kiss that causes my hands to wrap around her waist, stroking her back as the kiss deepens.

Mae pulls away, and my eyes flutter open.

"Have a good day at work Mr Aldrek, I'm taking one of the cars."

I smile at her, letting her body go.

"Don't destroy it, Miss Geoffries, or you'll be in trouble."

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

"If you're not careful it'll be both."

Mae giggles and I give her one last smile before heading out of the door. Father sits in the driver's seat of his Porsche tapping the wheel as he stares through the passenger window. I hitch my trousers up as I climb in.

The car pulls out, heading out of the community.

About halfway into the journey and as the tall buildings begin to eclipse us, Callahan clears his throat.

"I like Mae," he begins simply, "she seems suitable."

"Suitable for what?" I have an incline of where he is taking this conversation. Children.

"She would bare great children."

"I couldn't ask of that from her father, she's human; it's not even as simple as it is if she isn't. I could really hurt her."

I could end up killing her. To be specific, the child could. Being born a vampire is no small feat even for a female vampire. Those nine months are agony, the excessive and almost addictive feeding habits was just one of the things females had to consider. With Mae, if she didn't consume blood, the baby would consume her's, leech its own human mother unbeknownst of the damage it would ultimately do to itself.

"We've only been seeing each other for six months. It might not even last," I add.

And we only have six months left.

The impending sound of sand hitting the bottom of a timer is echoing in my head, and I slink slightly in my chair.

"You have my blessing if you decide to," he replies, pulling under the tall building of the company, refusing to engage anymore of the matter as we have arrived at a place of business.

Callahan Aldrek liked surprising people, he preferred to see people's true nature regularly to remind himself who to keep close and who to distance from, so entering the building with no warning was like dropping shark into a fishing pond. There could be blood, and there could be panic.

I didn't bother to text anyone, I had faith that my workforce would be presentable enough when my father arrived, a reflection of my leadership through their conduct.

As the elevator doors slide open everyone on the floor don't even notice, they all continue on with their work as we saunter through, heading straight for my office at the end of the hallway. I shut the door behind us as Father takes the seat behind the desk.

"Tell me about the cause we'd be focusing on?" he says, running his hands over my desk.

Probably to check for dust.

"My PA has drawn up a few, may I?" I motion to the phone on his right, Callahan pushes back in the chair, giving me space to reach for the phone. I dial Delilah's room phone. I don't need to speak to her on the phone, the simple flash, and caller ID would have her turning up at my door.

I put the phone down, waiting for the knock of her presence which occurs a minute after.

"Come in," we both say in unison. Delilah steps in, folder in hand as she smiles at the both of us.

"Good morning Mr Aldrek and Mr Aldrek Senior."

"Delilah, my father would like to see the potential charities we will be fundraising this year."

"Also the guest list, potential venues, I want the event to be near the end of the year one of the colder months. I'm tired of the hot weather," Father says. Delilah nods her head and lays a few files down on the desk all a different colour with a small title on the tabs.

"Last year our charity was more on international awareness, lack of water in Kenya, improving medical services in Brazil, child brides in Southeast Asia. I thought this year could be more in-house, with the mishap of the Citalopram recently, I thought we could focus our efforts of the youth—homelessness, poverty, lack of opportunities, mental health. They are the future and will one day be the contributors to the country's economy.

"I like that, long term we'd need those people on our side."

Deliah pulls the purple folder and lays it on the top of the pile.

"I have a few venues here. In terms of staff, I recommend we strive for the younger crowd, the same type of children we hope to raise awareness for, with the incentive that they would get standard pay as any other employed staff member providing that they train and pass drug and criminal vetting. Perhaps keep them on for future events at least then we don't look like we are doing it as a publicity stunt. All I need to know is the date."

"October," Father answers quickly, "Perhaps near the end of the month."

"The 31st would be good, a theme of mystery and anonymity, we could supply masks to guest and staff have a silent bid for the items we are selling. A classy black-tie event," Delilah suggests.

"Halloween isn't that a bit high school?" I point out, trying to appear casual and merely floating out opinions.

"Yes," Father begins, "if we were to have everyone dress up and decorate the venue with cobwebs and tombstones, but like Delilah said black tie, masks are the extent of the Halloween theme."

"We could still do that mid-October?" I counter.

Father turns to me in the chair before speaking, "give us a moment."

Delilah takes the folders off the desk and leaves the room.

"Why are you arguing with me?" he asks.

"I just think that we shouldn't use Halloween as a crutch for our charity." This is true of a kind. I just didn't want the last 24h with Mae to be spent working. I didn't know what I wanted to do on the last day with her, but it is certainly not this. He stands up from the chair, straightening his suit jacket.

I had outgrown him by the time I was 21, however, that didn't mean when his eyes fixed on me every inch of his presence screams to be respected.

"The event will be held on the 31st of October, now if you continue being counterproductive or playing devil's advocate, I'm sure there are other things that need your attention."

I keep my mouth shut, what can I possibly say other than the truth? I can't exactly tell him that I have six months left on my contract with her, which expires on the 1st of November. The sound of the sand became even louder as a grain hits the bottom.

Father moves to open the door, revealing Delilah who is studying her folders.

"Now Delilah, let's work out the finer details."

A.N. Poor Dominic, to be working on the last day with Mae. Did you guys enjoy the little vampire lore I added? What did you think of Callahan? Let me know what you think, most importantly, thanks for reading.

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