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A Midnight Realisation


I toss and turn under the sheets before throwing them off entirely with a loud huff. The clock numbers glow a dim 12:06, and I groan swinging my legs to land on the carpet.

Maybe she's awake as well.

I grab a shirt and trousers opening my room and heading to Mae's.

Maybe she'd be up for another round? Good sex always made me tired afterwards, and since Mae has been around more times than not, I slept like a baby. Not to say last night wasn't great, but there is a weight on my chest that made it damn near impossible to sleep.

I open her door slowly, her bed is bare, and there is no light coming from the bathroom, so she isn't in there either. I shut the door.

Where is she? Midnight snack?

The kitchen is a good guess, I head down the stairs seeing if I can pick up on her moving about in the kitchen, but there was silence. The weighted feeling got heavier, enough to force me to grab the side of the table.

This is her pain. Mae is experiencing a negative emotion, and my cursed vampirism is enhancing it tenfold.

With my vision slightly blurry, I rely on my sense of smell to guide me. I'm fortunate not to smell blood with the mix of jasmine, and the scent went through the wall closest to the garden.

I hurry out the room bumping into walls and furniture as I make my way to the front door, another wave of emotion washed over, and I nearly smack into the door. I pull it open wobbling my way to the garden her smell getting stronger as well did the crushing weight of her emotions.

Mae is sat with her back to me on one of the deck chairs overlooking the covered pool, her laptop is rested on her lap, and as I progress closer, I can see it is a video call, and my ears can pick up her singing.

"Happy Birthday dear Mae and Kenny, happy birthday to us." Mae blows at the screen as the candles on the cake dance before being snuffed out. Mae claps, laughing as more emotions invade my body.

"Happy birthday Kenny Benny."

"Happy Birthday Mae Mae."

"I need to go it's midnight where I am, and the birthday girl can't be tired. I love you guys."

"Love you too," they all shout, Mae blows them a kiss before disconnecting the call and shutting the laptop. She sighs, bringing her knees to her chest, as she wipes her eyes quickly as though she didn't even want them settling on her face.

I can't breathe.

It's sadness she's feeling.

And not a sadness that you get occasionally this is deep-rooted and festering inside her, and on rare occasions, the small container she had for it would crack, and some of it would seep out.

Mae gets up from her seat, and I'm grateful that she heads to the garage as opposed to using the front door, I don't think she'd want me to have seen her like this.

If she wanted me to know she would've said it was her birthday. As she shuts the door to the house, my legs buckle, and I'm finally able to collapse under the weight of her emotions.

A.N. Happy birthday Mae, did you guys enjoy this chapter? What did you think? Most importantly, thanks for reading.

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