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Shared Showers and Superstition


A large hand glides over my body to lay across me, heavy and full of warmth. My eyes open lazily, and I roll over, my nose bumping against Dominic's ear. The sun is sneaking through gaps in the blinds and rest on his head like an imaginary halo.

I stroke his head, trailing my finger from the top of his head down to his nape, causing the man to stir awake, his eyes slightly opening the silver shimmering as his pupil contracts.

"Surveying the goods are we?" he mumbles into the pillow before rolling onto his back.

"Seeing what all the fuss is about," I whisper, causing Dominic to smile, he props himself up on his elbow, leaning in close as my hands cup his face placing a soft kiss on his lips.

"Good morning," I whisper against his lips.

"Good morning, breakfast?" he asks.

"It must be my birthday or something."

"Well it will be at one point, but seeing as the staff have the day off, if you don't make breakfast I'll have to."

I tap my chin and nod.

"Breakfast would be great."

Dominic pecks my lips before sliding out the bed and heads out the room.

I lean back into the bed before rolling out and doing my morning stretches. This thing between Dominic and I has developed. Since New Year's Eve, the lust and animal urges have subsided, and something else is pushing through. More times than not, we sleep in the same room either mine or his, and most nights we have sex he didn't even feed off me.

To be fair, he's an adult vampire he probably only needs a cupful a month to keep going.

I hold the bannister as I descend the stairs, hearing the sizzling of oil from the kitchen, I get a whiff of bacon well before I see them frying in a pan while Dominic pours batter into a waffle machine.

"Well, you have been busy, Mr Aldrek, is this how you treat all your females?"

Dominic turns around smirking.

"Only my most favourite one." He opens the fridge door after tending to the waffles and pulls out some juice from the door and placing it on the table.

I take a seat on one of the stools running my feet along the cold metal as I fill two glasses with juice.

"Any plans today?" he asks me, and the question takes me aback.

" I guess, I mean what are my options? What are you doing today?" I reply with my own array of questions.

Dominic laughs, turning off the cooker and placing two glistening pairs of bacon on plates. I watch him scrape the waffles from the machine and lay them next to the bacon, before placing the plates in front of me and rounding the island to sit beside me.

"It's the weekend, I refuse to answer any business-related queries, and the girls are out for the day. We are both completely untethered."

I cut into the soft waffle before taking a piece to my mouth as I think what to do with my weekend.

"Well, it's June, and my Christmas tree is still up, it's getting to the point where if I leave it any longer it might as well stay up for this Christmas."

"You know it's bad luck to leave your Christmas tree up after a certain time," Dominic comments taking a gulp of his juice.

"Then I am in for the worst luck of my life." I laugh, and it's enough to cause Dominic to chuckle to himself.


I fold the last artificial branch and lay it on top of the others.

"Finished on your side?" I ask, glancing behind me as Dominic places the star in the plastic box before sealing it shut with the lid.

"Yup, done to your very particular instructions," he says, smiling at me, picking up the box and hooking his arm under it.

I close the lid of the tree box, and I stand the box up, pushing it into the storage cupboard by the front door. Dominic hands the box of decorations, and I place it on top before shutting the door with a heavy sigh.

"You look like Max when you sigh, I didn't notice it before, but meeting them last month you all have similar features." I smile slightly at the thought.

"You think so?"

"Yeah, I know we pretty much headed back after the dance recital but in the time between the recital finishing and you getting ready to leave at their house, I noticed it. Especially Kenzo, he looks just like his father, frown and all."

I laugh, pushing up off the door.

"Kenny is adopted, mum and Max wanted another child. A few years after they married and just before I moved to the states, the agency found Kenny. We are not sure what his heritage is, but we think his father at least was from the Polynesian islands, Max is from Samoa and he says Kenzo looks a lot like him when he was young, and his mother thinks so too."

I open the front door holding out my hand for him.

"Ready to go home?"

Dominic takes it, and I walk out of the apartment with him closing it shut and heading to the car park.

We both get into the car sitting in the dimly lit interior, I feel Dominic's hand slide over my hand, squeezing it slightly.

"You've gone awfully quiet Mae," he says, he rubs my knuckles waiting for a response.

"It's nothing." I turn to Dominic putting on my best smile, he observes me before turning his head to the window and pulls out of the car park heading home.


When we arrive home, the first thing I want is a shower. Without giving much time for Dominic to talk to me I race up the stairs to my room, stripping myself bare before I even reach the shower cubicle turning the heat to max and the steam covers the entire room.

My eyes are closed as I allow the water to fall on my face, even with the noise of the water I can hear the opening of the door, and the soft thuds of Dominic's feet on the carpet.

"You can join me, neither of us has had a shower today." I keep my face to the showerhead, picking up the delicate sounds of Dominic undressing.

His hands ran down my shoulders, and I lean my head onto his chest.

"It was your birthday last month." My heart stops momentarily. "I felt your sadness, Mae." My hands clench together, and I hold it to my chest, curse the tag he has on me. It was one thing him picking up my thoughts, but to feel what I was feeling was

"You miss them, don't you?" he whispers, Dominic's hands begin rubbing my shoulders, easing the built-up tension inside.

"I...I's hard...uh..." I rub my face, annoyed at the mess of my response.

I don't even know how to go about addressing that aspect of my life. I have spent so much time avoiding and shoving it to the back of my mind that whenever I see them, it all comes flooding back drowning me in my own repressed feelings.

Dominic moves my hand from my face, he turns me around, and I open my eyes to look at him. His silver eyes are soft, reminding me of a dense cloud.

"You're away from your family, and you're missing out." He runs his thumb down my cheek, and I sigh my eyes fall close to his touch. "I understand. You haven't properly addressed any of it have you?"

As he removes his hand from my face, I open my eyes slowly to find him pulling his band from his hair. His hands go for my own hair, holding it delicately pulling the band over it only to have it snap and bounce off the glass.

Dominic frowns, and the reaction causes a laugh to come out, he looks down at the band before laughing along with me, pulling me into a hug as both our hair gets wet by the shower.

"You make it a lot easier to communicate how I feel without having to say the words," I say against his chest.

"Sometimes it's not so bad being intimate with a vampire, I see your needs, and I hear them too."

"Are you showing me what I could have?" I look up as Dominic looks down at me, referencing the conversation we had on Christmas day.

"And what do you think?" he asks.

I think I like it.

Dominic smiles, his hands play with my hips as he leans down, kissing me. I place my hands around his neck, pulling him closer, my tongue pressing against his lips, forcing them open and stroking his tongue.

Dominic pulls away and turns me around, kissing my neck. I moan as he nibbles the spot, his hands gliding up my torso and cupping both breasts massaging them as he rubs his growing erection against me.

I place my hands on the glass pushing myself out, encouraging him to go further. Instead, one of his hands slides down my exposed body, rubbing a finger gently over my sensitive clit. The sparks that fly around my body at the sensual touch forces me to push myself out further.

"This isn't about me, it's about you," Dominic whispers, he pushes two fingers inside of me, I'm surprised I don't orgasm immediately.

With one hand sliding in and out of me with unprecedented ease another teasing my erected nipples, I am mewling with pleasure.

As my walls tighten around his fingers, Dominic removes them painstakingly slowly grinding my approaching orgasm to a halt. I whimper to the loss of his touch, my hands ball into fists as Dominic holds my waist, pushing his erection into me, stretching more than his fingers could ever do. Restoring that fast approaching feeling of an orgasm that has been hit with nitrogen.

I push against his rhythm, the crescendo of wet skin hitting against each other just made the shower steamier.

"Fuck, Mae," Dominic says, the glass side vibrates as he slams a hand onto it, his other hand gripping my waist as we both hit into each other, steamrolling to that orgasm. My hand manages to grab his butt, pushing him deeper, causing the man to curse louder, he holds my hand that is pressed against the glass, causing me walls to tighten and for my toes to curl.

My knees buckle, but Dominic manages to keep me held up as I reach euphoria. Dominic hugs me close as he reaches his own finishing line, kissing the underline of my jaw.

A.N. Who doesn't love some good ole shower sex? A bit of duality between this chapter and chapter one and some information on the Nikos. Let me know what you think and most importantly, thanks for reading.
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