The Year Package

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Sexual Betting

I play with the hem of my skirt as Lara rummages around my nether regions with a cotton swab.

"I'm guessing I still have a healthy vagina," I say. Lara pushes away on her chair, pulling her mask down; her face like the picturesque beauty it always should have been.

"It is, no wonder Mr Bitey enjoys you so much." She winks at me, pulling off her gloves.

"How did the court hearing go?" I swing my legs off the side, pulling on the knickers that I have in my hands.

"He got three years for my attack, other victims came forward, so at the end of it he might get more, and he's been blacklisted."

I hop off the chair, pulling my best friend into a huge hug.

"That's good news right, he can't hurt you or anyone else." I take my seat by her desk, exposing my arm.

"It is, but you know there's always that fear when you get those clients that just won't let things be."

I understand her entirely, it is the whole reason Magenta has clients name their chosen employee. Aside from medical issues, clients aren't even allowed to know our surnames or date of birth.

"Good, I hope he does, just to see Magenta's wrath first hand." I laugh, and so does Lara; it is good to see her smiling, last time I saw her, her eyes were dimmed, and she had shrunk into herself.

There is a knock at the door before it opens. Gretchin steps in, carrying a notebook in her arms; her hair a paling purple.

"What are you expecting us to buy now?" I ask, causing the faery to pull her hair in front of her eyes. One of these days Gretchin will have a new colour and hell will immediately freeze over.

"Staff party is tomorrow, bets on who makes the most on their portfolio," she says, taking a seat on the bed opposite.

"It's a scam that stupid game. The demons are at an unfair advantage, Fauna, Martel, Lilith, they are lust demons, this job was made for them, even Gweneth has an unfair advantage, one small tune and she's got a whole five-mile radius on their knees," Lara protested, Gretchin scoffs loudly.

"Says the elf, with your brief foresight when aroused," Gretchin counters, "you're practically gold dust, any stockbroker would die to have you."

Lara visibly shivers. There was a time when elves were enslaved, used as horny crystal balls for other creatures, and at one point humans included, they were such docile creatures due to their vast knowledge that it was inevitable. That was until Seraphine liberated them, sex shouldn't be caged and monitored, that's when pixies were born and finally, the fae and elf separation forbidding them to interbreed.

"That's rich Gretchin, everyone wants aerial sex. No one wants a human they can get off the street, feigned innocence is the only thing I've got going for me." I pout, my eyes going that little bit bigger for the girls.

"Well prove them wrong Mae, how much you betting?" Gretchin purrs, her hair deepening into a violet.

"Minimum cash in?" I didn't like to spend recklessly, not that I couldn't, but I worry about what I will do when this all ends. How long could I survive on this nest egg I am building?

"$20,000, about a month's pay if you're booked enough," Gretchin replies. I shrug my shoulders casually as Gretchin lays the pen and paper on my lap for me to sign away a months' work.

"I'll sign mine after I've done my checkups, I'll come find you Gretchin."

The faery nods, leaving the room, shutting the door behind her.

"Did Magenta say anything about my blood?" I ask suddenly, watching Lara play with the sealing bag.

"No, you know how she is when it comes with foresight, she won't even tell me."

Magenta is something of a unicorn, she is a witch, yes, but her powers extended further than the levels of a nature witch or even a lunar witch. Hers have developed, evolved into something beyond our imagination, and foresight through blood is just one skill she used, simply touching someone's blood gave her insight from a month up to a year of that person.

"But don't worry Mae, Magenta won't let harm come to her employees."

A.N. The annual staff party is approaching, and everyone is ready to make some schmoney. Also, a big little something dropped near the end. Did you guys see? This was a short chapter, do y'all want another one? Imma give you one anyway!
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