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Guest #3902 [part 2]


I head to the garden with the wave of guests, we all sit a couple of feet from the stone steps, in front of a runway at the bottom which extends cutting through the rows of chairs.

It is indeed like a runway.

"Welcome to our annual show and catalogue," Magenta begins, taking her stance at the top of the stone steps a microphone in hand. "I hope our employees meet up to your satisfaction, now let's begin the show."

The lights dip, only casting their beams on the path down the stairs and onto the runway. The first of the employees begin to stream through as the music starts.

"Our nature born," Magenta announces.

Fae, elves, pixies, kerchee, and water plights walk out. Their employee number has been painted on various exposed parts of their bodies, dripping a pulsating deep green. Their wings flutter as they hover above the ground.

"Or perhaps you desire something with a bit more darkness."

The next section is creatures of the night— female werewolves, their numbers a luminous blue. Vampires their number blood red and dripping. Sirens their mouths have been taped with their numbers written across it. Jinns, a range of incubi and succubi and Lerans.

A descendant of the infamous Phoenix, their skin is usually black and crumbly much like ash, but underneath they're dipped in gold and can emit the sun's heat, parts of their skin have been taken off in the shape of their number, it glimmers under the headlights.

The sky is lit up with scents from across the world filtering into the sky, like paint to a canvas.

"Maybe you prefer innocence." Magenta's words seem to whisper in my ear as though she is talking directly to me. I look to the stairs as a line of men and woman dressed in white descend.


There are about ten of them trailing through, their clothes untouched by everything around them, pristine white. Mae is at the back wearing a white dress that swayed at the knees, almost like a wedding dress.

Somehow managing to divert my eyes, I check her bidding, she has soared to just under $100,000, my fingers itch, hovering above the bidding tab. I could easily win if I add one more zero to that top bid, I would have her.

But I don't want to buy her, I don't want to be another client anymore.

I look up to Mae, who is reaching the end of the platform near where I'm sitting, our eyes connect briefly.


With that, she turns on her heels and follows the trail up the stairs and into the building.

She saw me out of a crowd of hundreds, she knew I'd be listening to her.

With the line up of employees coming to an end, the guests head back to do some more 'shopping'. I, however, hang around the outdoor pool, sipping on passing trays of alcohol as I wait for the party to draw to an end.

"Mr Aldrek?"

I lift my head from the whiskey in my hand to none other than Fauna, she has her glasses on, keeping her body in its human form.

An elegant jumpsuit coated in rose gold brought out the warmth in her light brown skin tone.

"Hello, Fauna."

"The event is coming to a close, would you like to come get Mae?"

I stand up from my seat as Fauna leads the way.

Instead of heading through the main event, we round the back of the house. I remember Mae mentioning that guests wouldn't be sampling the goods, so it made sense why Fauna is trying to take me to Mae discreetly.

She opens a side door revealing the bustling of a kitchen—cooks still preparing entrees and waiters refilling their trays before heading back out. We walk past the people at work to the back, another door that seems to lead to the employee's section.

A house this big of course it has live-in staff.

"I've only come across one other person who resisted their lust," Fauna says, as we walk through a narrow corridor.

She is referring to our first encounter, how her projection of Mae cracked and chipped away.

As we come to a single door at the end of the hallway, Fauna knocks on it gently.

"I just hope it's requited, Mr Aldrek." She smiles at me slightly before walking away.

The door swings open, revealing a tall, brown-skinned man. He isn't wearing any shirt, using his muscles to somewhat intimidate me. The burning 'A' has been stamped just under his left collarbone. He has a pair of similarly styled glasses like Fauna.

Ah, an incubus. This must be Martel.

I can see why he and Mae would be paired together, they would look good. His strong chiselled features would be a contrasting difference to Mae's softer ones. With narrow eyes that are like coal show dominance and temptation.

"You're here for Mae?" Martel looks over his shoulder. "Lara, he's here."

That name, the elf, the one who plays with Lincoln. What did this infamous Lara look like?

Martel heads back to whatever he was doing replaced with Lara. Her brown hair has been tied up, a single purple braid wraps around her neck loosely. She is dressed in a loose-fitting top, glitter sprinkled on her body and some equally loose-fitting silk trousers.

"She's sleeping, we asked one of the boys to bring your car around the back to be discreet. Come in." Lara opens the door wider, stepping aside to let me in,

I don't know what I expected of an escort business. I half-imagined all the employees to have one massive orgy, or rolling around in the money they've earnt. Nonetheless, I'm still pleasantly surprised.

The room is dimly lit, candles canvassing the perimeter and the ceiling lights turned down low. It is about one in the morning, and most of the employees are asleep, all posted in different corners of the room, some lay on folded out sofas, other in sleeping bags and a few in hammocks attached to the ceiling. Those that aren't sleeping are quietly indulging themselves in conversation or watching the large Tv at the back.

If you didn't know you'd think you walked into a company retreat, an end result of team building and good times. Lara leads me to a small sofa set up, a three-seater facing a two-seater. One is unoccupied while the other has Mae sleeping under the blanket.

Lara crouches down to Mae's level, stroking her face causing the woman to stir.

"Mae, sweetie, Mr Bitey has come to take you home."

Mae smiles, she places a hand on Lara's face.

"I'll meet you out back, ok?" she mumbles, her words slurring.

"Five minutes, otherwise, Nicole will drag you out," Lara says against Mae's skin, who in turn softly pushes her friend away, letting her hand lie limp on the floor.

Lara stands up, ushering me to follow her while Mae gets dressed.

We walk to the end of the room to another door, this one leading immediately to the pitch black outdoors. It is still warm for a June morning, and I step out with Lara heading down the stone path where the lights of the party illuminate above.

"I didn't know you and Lincoln were brothers," Lara confesses suddenly, stuffing her hands into her pockets, rocking on the balls of her feet as we stand next to a small back gate.

"Who my brother involves himself with is none of my business," I reply, eyeing Lara from the corners.

She isn't my brother's stereotypical type— men and woman alike. Elves are intelligent creatures, they are aroused by the mind and less on the body. Lincoln, he liked seeing naked people with little to no talking before, during and certainly after.

"I love your brother, I think he loves me. He wanted to tell you, but knows how you are with the whole service."

My jaw tenses slightly, not at what Lara said, but at the fact that Lincoln is seeking my approval.

He shouldn't care what I think.

"Next time you see my brother, tell him not to worry about mine or anyone else's opinion. His relationship with you is not a team-building exercise, you are the only two involved and therefore, the only two people that matter."

I turn to Lara and give her a smile, her eyes widen before she gives me one of her own, the tips of her ears going a shade of pink.

The car headlights catch my attention as the valet spins the car around, a man steps out a different one to the person I handed the keys to and pushes open a small entrance by the gate.

"Your car, sir." He hands me the keys, his Jinn blue eyes sparkling in the night before nodding his head at Lara and making his way to the staff entrance.

I follow his path catching Mae coming towards us, she is dressed in the same outfit she wore when I spent Christmas at her house— cream coloured fluffy leggings and a matching crop top. She has her hair tied up with the help of a scarf, her curls falling on her face.

"Hey," she says, holding her bag in front of her, I take it, before taking her hand.

"Hey," I say back.

I look to Lara who seems to be waiting for a good point to leave.

"It was lovely meeting you, Lara."

"And you Mr Aldrek, Mae." She looks at her friend. "See you soon, babe, love you."

"See you soon, Lara, love you too."

Lara takes her leave, heading back in. We watch the door close before we head to the car. I open the door for Mae as I place her bag on her lap, once she's seated I head to the driver's side.

I pull off the mask, dropping it onto the back seat. Mae yawns covering her mouth.

"Tired?" I ask, eyeing her.


"Get some rest, because once we get home, I'm sampling your goods."

Mae laughs as I smile, the sound of her voice tickling my ears and my heart.

A.N. Ooh, Dominic is beginning to come to terms with his feelings towards Mae. I hope she feels the same. Did you guys enjoy the insight into some different supernatural creatures? Let me know what you think, and most importantly, thanks for reading.
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